Saturday, August 8, 2009

Please Stop

I don't get it, the latter part of the NHL this decade is going to be known as the retro reunion? First it was Claude Lemieux's feeble attempt at returning to the NHL at the ripe old age 44. Now we are hearing that a sober Theo Fleury (age 41)might be attempting a comeback. I guess he had been playing in some senior league and has been sober for what we are told for 4 years. Please Theo is being sober for 4 years has finally cleared your head and has you thinking straight do all of us a favor go to your local state store, purchase the biggest bottle of your favorite booze and start chugging. We liked you better when you mind was a little bit distorted.

Bettman are you listening, NHL owners pay attention too, don't let this happen, save your cash for the ever pressing salary cap. Just a thought, nah never mind let us just wait to see who might be next.

See what Styx started......I must admit tho I did go see them on their retro, Lemieux and Fleury should be so good.

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