Thursday, November 26, 2009

PATP Trade Block

A new feature here at PATP, the Trade Block, will discuss Penguin players who could be sent away, and what they would bring in... We are not saying who should or will get traded, we are just trying to step back and take a look at the situation. Our goal is to just give general ideas of who the pens might trade, so if you are looking for crazy Staal for Kovulchuk trade proposals I suggest you hit up HFBoards

The first installment of this series will be discussing the great Kristopher "Silk" Letang. If I were Silky I would be afraid everytime the phone rings. I like Kris, I think he's a good player, I think he will be a very good player as he matures. With a career plagued with inconsistancy, the rise of players such as Gogo, The Great Martain Skoula and Ben Lovejoy, and his pending RFA status (with high asking price), Kris Letang's trade status is looking better than ever. The big thing with him is what he would bring in. I have a hard time seeing a 1 for 1 deal with him a la whitney for kunitz. I think the goal with moving him is we can't get any more of these borderline top-6 forwards. In order to get us somebody with that always important scoring touch, I think he would have to be packaged with a good draft pick (2nd or 3rd round), or a mid-top prospect/AHL player. With the injuries that have been plaguing the penguins I doubt we would sacrifice our defensive depth this early in the season, so I think with him it will be more of a wait and see type thing.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Move over Lady here comes Stamjoke..

There might be a new emerging star. Checkout this goal by Stamjoke. The lady would be envious.

And so it begins... (Also FUMY)

Much like the Germans marched across Europe during WWI & WWII the Russians answer to the NHL, the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), has begun their triumphant march. Yesterday they officially began their quest to swallow up Europe when they received a pledge from Swedish elite team AIK to join their league for the 2010-2011 season... Though most people do not see this as being a big deal, I on the other hand see this as the next step in them creating a league that can rival the NHL. If the KHL is able to unite Europe under one banner, the NHL will have to start worrying about losing players of all European ethnicity's to the new powerhouse league... Though I do have trouble taking a league that's goal leader is Marcel Hossa and can't spell Continental correct seriously...

Link to original article via KHL website

In other news, due to the success of last years campaign to get Mikey T fired, PATP has officially declared war on the architect of the Penguins powerplay Mikey Y...


Kevin's take:

Yo Yeo, listen up..what the hell is the problem, to many stars? not enough finishers? To many passes? Our pp is loaded with to many underachievers. Lets change up the Gonchar getting the puck fading to his left and passing back to Ugly, then Ugly will either one-time it or drop it to the Lip at the side of the net with no one in front. Look Lip isn't a finisher(0 goals in 16 games), pure and simple, so let him take the puck behind the net to do his damage passing. Make the other 4 attack the net. Hit the guy(s) in front, high slot or points. the points have options too, attack, back door(highly successful in the past) or blast from the point, with traffic in front of the goalie.

Just try something different, find the right combo even if it puts a star on the bench.

Yo Yeo, listen up just ask Mikey T what happened the last time we campaigned to have a coach fired..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kunitz out 2 weeks

In more injury news, the Pittsburgh Penguins have lost Chris Kunitz for 2 weeks... The Penguins recalled Mark Letestu, in the pre-game interview, Disco Dan stated that he has confidence in Letestu's ability to almost score, and he should be a good replacement for Kunitz during the next week, but also that other players need to step up and have near goals to make up for the absence of Kunitz...

Heee Shooots He Scores...

Thanks to one of our sources out of Finland here are some video recaps of Janne's first (of what will hopefully be many) hat trick in the KHL...

In other Janne news, it seems the curse of the Penguins has followed him across the seas as he sustained a mild injury that will keep him sidelined for 1-2 weeks... Best of luck recovering, Go Janne and Go Pens..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Janne Goes Down...

In the second round match up between Finland and Russia for the Karjala cup (conveniently advertised on the back of janne's sweater) Janne got hurt and left the game with an injury... This was actually like 10 days ago, but that might be why he didn't have that great of a showing...

Also i will not acknowledge the penguins until they score a goal...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Goose is Loose...

How good has the Goose been in his first full year with the Pens...Here are some numbers.

6- Tied for the lead in goals with Flames Pion me Enough amongst D-men..

7- assists good for 19th pos...

13- 4th place points

+14- tied for the lead in plus/minus w/ Cryers D-man Carle.

21 shots/ 28% (6-goals)...

Goose has been poised, plus has picked up big time in the loss of Sarge...should be interesting once we get get totally healthy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

If I had my way..

Last year I was calling for the Ugly(Malkin) trade to LA for Kopitar and Dustin Brown. We could have had a up and coming superstar center and a top power forward. Kopitar's speed really showed last night. The trade would have taken care of a winger for Lip Crosby, could you imagine the damage Brown and the Lip would do as linemates, plus we have still another superstar center who just turned 22. My motto is when trading 1 star for 2, I make that trade everytime.

Our winning streak would still be alive.

Final thought, not that Kopitar is a looker, but that overall image of the team improves.

Vince's Take: Man that was brutal last night... That line might be the scariest line in hockey... I know everybody is gonna jump on the Lady Alex - Backstrom and Semen line, but honestly, the way that line was able to forecheck, scores and move the puck was incredible... I would love to see a penguins line be able to do that... Not that our top two lines are not good, but I have never seen them bang like that... The Kopitar line basically has a combination of the Physicality and forechecking of our Staal-Cooke-Kennedy line, with elite scoring ability of a line with Malkin and Crosby, let's just be happy that the only possible way we'd ahve to see this team in the playoffs is if they make it through the west, and at that point they'd be so beat up they woulnd't be nearly as scary...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Janne turns 27...

Happy Birthday to Janne, who turned 27 today. Pessi has been on fire of late with 6 points in his last 2 games. Rumors are swirling that Pete Forsberg is asking for Janne permission to join AK Bars. We will have to wait and see.