Friday, January 30, 2009

Pens lose in OT

BREAKING NEWS: Janne and Connor James scored in a SO with the Hershey Bears and defeated them 4-3. Janne is a beast in shootouts.

While hanging on for dear life the Pens go down in defeat to the Devils 4-3 in OT.

The first period seen the Pens jump off to a 2-0 lead with Mad Max(6) and The Lip(19) scoring just 20 secs apart midway through the first. Devils Bobby Holik made it 2-1 Pens after 1. MAF was superb in the first as the Devils fired 19 shots.

The 2nd period saw the trap played to a "T" by both teams. no scoring  Devils with 7 shots Pens had 6.

The 3rd started out well and even after Ugly(20) scored a gift of a goal, with the Pens up 3-1 the Devils kept coming and coming til with around 8 mons left Brendon the Shanny brought the Devils back to 3-2.  The Pens were hanging on for dear life now, while being outshot 13-3 in the 3rd. Once again MAF was outstanding, til the 31 sec mark left in the 3rd when Langenbrunner buried a short cross ice pass.

OT showed more of the same with, while being outshot 4-0 it was Langenbrunner with the goal to win it for the Devils.

Though the Pens had a few chances and played a pretty good road game if it wasn't for MAF this game would have been out of hand early.

Oh well on to Toronto tomorrow....If you get a chance checkout the goal by the Lip, as nice as a backhand as you might ever see. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rangers and Pens

with a 3-0 shuout, just seemed like it was last week, the Pens host the Rangers in what is going to be the start of the fight of their lives to make the playoffs. It must start here tonight.

Minard Recalled...

Minard was recalled today, this is not much of a shot at Janne since Minard was called up to replace Cooke, and he has a more similar playstyle to cooke than janne...

Rumor has it that the Pens may bring up Luca Caputi to start developing him... If this happens, Janne's dreams of being a Penguin may be over this season...

I honestly have no idea what is going through the minds of Shero and Mikey T... These guys are complete jokes... As far as pesonen and the pens is concerned... NFL only has 1 week left... We say bring Tomlin in as interim coach for the rest of the season...

Frustation continues for the Pesonation

We at JanneNation are not the only ones frustrated with the way Janne has been handled when called upon the parent club. The media is starting to speak-up.

"The problem with how the Penguins have handled that this season is that the few skilled players who have been promoted from the Baby Penguins -- guys like Janne Pesonen and Chris Minard -- have almost invariably been cast in blue-collar roles that do not give them the opportunity to prove whether they can be productive offensively at this level. Just because a player puts up points in the minors doesn't mean he can do it in the NHL, of course, but when a team struggles to score goals, as the Penguins have at various times this season, those guys should be given a chance to show whether they can be part of the solution."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All-Star Break over...

Wow...that was not that exciting...anyways, both AHL and NHL all-star games are over, i watched parts of both of the games, they were ok...better than any other sports all-star game... I actually think the NHL should go back to the North America vs. The World style of all star game, cause it may actually make the players care alittle more about their team...

Anyways, i've been getting an email from a Janne hater basically telling us that we should give up on Janne... I spoke for the entire Pesonation when i said that we don't care that we are backed up against the wall, we will show determination and dedication... And seriously, could Janne be any worse than the rest of the Pens right now?

Kevin and I had an interesting conversation the other day on whether come trade deadline the Pens will be buyers or sellers... I said sellers, kevins said buyers... Who knows, one thing i know is that at this point i'd rather miss the playoffs than give up more draft picks... But then again, other than drafting the obvious (the lip and ugly), the Pens have not been drafting that well...

If you think back to the 2006 draft... the pens passed on Toews, Nicklas Backstom (we passed on him because of the Penguins dislike for anything from the Scandanavian Peninsula), Phil Kessel, we picked up Jordan Staal who is playing fine, but you cannot compare him to anybody else that was drafted the same year in the top.....

Anyways, it's crunch time for the Pens and Janne... I honestly don't expect Janne to come up to the pens the rest of the year, and next year is up in the air. But seeing that we do have a severe salary cap issue, brining him in as a cheap winger might not be a bad idea...

Anyways...stay tuned...go pens...go janne

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pens 1 Wolfpack 4

Letestu (13) scored very early on the PP, but that was all she wrote as the WolfPack defeated the Baby Pens 4-1, The Pack scored 2 PP along with an M T netter. The Pens did fire 33 shots but couldn't seem to finish them off. The Finnish Bad Ass was held without a shot and was a(-1), thou he was seen pummeling a man in a suit with a French accent and very bad English.

The Finnish Bad Ass vs Keith Aucoin

I know eveyone has been waiting for this, so here it is.  After years of being the Champion of The Finnish UFC, Janne or as we have come to know him now as the Finnish Bad Ass use  style and grace  to drop Aucoin. Keith consider yourself lucky he didn't decide to snap a limb or two. We know now when Janne comes to town heads will be on a swivel.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wbs 4 Hershey 3

BREAKING NEWS: Janne is now known as The Finnish Bad Ass.

Late in the second period Janne unleshed his fury on a poor Hershey recipicant with his first offical fight. It is rumored by others that Janne was mumbling "take that Mikey T." as he was lashing out.

Early in the second period Wbs 1 Hershey 1.

Janne has set-up Chris Minard(27) to tie the score.

Letestu(12) PP scored late in the period.

End of 2..Hershey 3 WBS 2.

Minard(28) has scored the Pens 3rd PP goal of the night to make it 3-3 in the 3rd.

regulation ends 3-3... in to OT.

now scoring in OT.. sounds to me like it Janne Time in the shootout.

Janne scores. yet another shootout goal.

Jean-Michel Daoust scored for the Pens after Curry made two save.. Pens win 4-3

What others are saying about Janne

One of our top bloggers(Damian) is making a little noise in JanneNation. Keep it going dude, we are fight for our Janne lives right now.

Molinari on Janne
"As for Goligoski, coach Michel Therrien's decision to sit him so frequently in the games leading up to the all-star break qualifies as one of the more baffling personnel moves of this season. (Right up there with never using Janne Pesonen in anything except a blue-collar role)".

Damian also found this article from Confession of a hockey Chick

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Swollen Lip

Damian dropped us a link on The Lip sitting out the All-Star game Sunday. The Lip will replaced by Tampa Bay's Martin St.louis

Dustin "FirstName" Jeffery demoted...

Dustin Jeffery was sent down to WBS. The Pens explain it because they want him to stay in game shape, but really they just don't want to pay him his NHL salary when he is just sitting on his ass. I expect him to get called up again once the ASB is over...sadly...FUMT

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Monarchs 1 WBS Pens 4

Mark Letestu (11) scored early in the 1st.... Pens 1-0.

John Curry is between the pipes.

Bill Thomas(6) has a 2nd period goal....Pens 2-0

Connor James has assisted on both goals.

Manchester scored late in the 2nd to cut the lead....Pens 2-1

Thomas scores his(7) in the 3rd and Connor James(11) just scored an ET netter. 4-1 Pens

Janne was shutout..

Bleacher Report critiques Janne

One of our readers (Damian) sends this link.

2. Janne Pesonen- Ninth round, 269th overall in 2004 by Anaheim, Karpat (FNL), Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (AHL)

Pesonen was signed as a free agent by Pittsburgh this past offseason, and the team expected big things from him. Unfortunately, Pesonen did not pan out in the NHL just yet, but he is doing just fine in the AHL thus far with 35 points in 32 games. Janne played six games with the NHL club this season, but failed to register a point, and only managed to put up a minus-3 rating.

Sportsnet states that Pesonen “is creative with the puck and capable of setting up his linemates with deft passes.” Scouts love his skating ability, which is usually a plus with European hockey players.

His downsides, however, are that he is not physical enough, and afraid to be physical, which shows in the offensive zone. One could easily expect that with Pesonen’s size at 5’11 185 pounds. Because of this, his defense suffers. Pesonen must get up the courage to play rough in the corners if he wants to play in the NHL, or he will be torn up like a piece of paper.

Verdict: Pesonen could be a second line wing, but he still has much to improve on.

Minard, BizShitty and Thomas Re-Assigned...

Minard, BizShitty and Thomas re-assigned, for some reason Dustin Jeffery sticks around...


Whalers 2 - Penguins 1

The Penguins put up a mediocre effort and came up short against Caveman Staal's team.... Here we come All-Star break, maybe after playing with more consistent players at the ASG The Lip and Ugly will turn things up.... Also I still don't understand how Janne is being passed up for DJ, Minard and Bill Thomas...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pens 3 Rangers 0

Led by a stout defense and timely goals by Minard(1), Pigman(8) and PeterGun(17). MAF posted his 2nd shutout of the season and has allowed 1 goal in his last 2 games. 

The Rangers haven't won at the Igloo in the past 12 games. 

Janne was a healthy scratch, this is not at good sign. (Jenna has reported Janne has been re-assigned to WBS)

As I had posted a few weeks back Big Daddy is out for the season after going under shoulder surgery.

Chris Minard also lead the Pens with SOG with 4.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Finnish Janne Site...

I just stumbled upon this Website that has some information and pictures of Janne...

New Finnish Janne Site (translated)

There are some pictures of young Janne, some pictures of Janne with a shaved head looking alittle like a skin head, and some pictures of Janne singing Karaoke... Check it out...

Pesonen survives first round of trades...

Sabu and Ryan Stone got shipped to Edmonton, supposedly there may be more trades in the works, one specifically surrounding Janne who the Oilers are big on... Not sure if there is any truth to that or what to expect, but hopefully the Pens are finally starting to see that Mr.Pesonen can be a contributing member to this hockey team...FUMT

Kevn's Edit:
Picking up Garon sounds like the Pens are looking for some veteran leadship between the pipes. I'm sure he won't be Ty Cocklin, still I like the move. I'm not crazy about another draft choice gone, I know, you will say it was only a fourth rounder,  last year was a total draft flop so I get alittle leary when thinking about the future. Stone was never going to be a contributor here, Good luck to you Sabu. F'n MT

Friday, January 16, 2009

Not bad...

Janne had some fairly good shifts in the 1st period, even got a nice shot off. In the second period he started off with a weak shift and his ice time seemed limited after that, he is currently just under 10 min of ice time, I think we can expect him to get around 13 min for the game...

He's Back...

Vince's Edit: Don't quote me on this, but expect to see Janne get some serious time tonight. With all the injuries the penguins cannot afford to have any player put up only 2 min of ice time. Also pay close attention to the Wilkes-Barre players, with undisclosed injuries to Crosby and Talbot, and with ShitTank being out for the next few weeks there is going to be some heavy competition to fill that void. Right now I would say that Dustin Jeffery is the favorite to stay up since they had him up earlier, with minard and pesonen tied for second (i give minard the edge because they are showing him more preference) with newly Called up Bill Thomas a long shot... If you can watch the game tonight as it will most likely be the biggest game Janne has played so far... We of the Pesonation wish Janne the best of luck...

Tonight, vs Anaheim, Janne is back...FUMT

UPDATE: It seems that Crosby, Talbot, and Dupuis are all out tonight... This could be huge for Janne, as his ice time is slowly getting larger and larger. I wouldn't mind seeing him replace crosby on that top line, Janne - Malkin - Cooke, it may give malkin and cooke somebody to pass to who wil actually shoot the puck... Other than that, Staal - Minard - Janne? I'll post the official lines once they come in...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rumors floating about Gogo

Take this for what it is worth, prolly nothing. The La. Kings want Alex Gogo and Satan in return Pens would get Alex Frolov and Kyle Calder. Umm not sure where this originated from. Frolov would be a welcome addition, Calder they can keep, we already have enough washed up underachievers, lets sweeten the pot and bring Dustin Brown to town. If you going to sacrifice some future lets get some future back. Brown plays it tough and can score. Give then Staal too. give us Frolov and Brown. Oh did I mention to fire F'n Mikey T.

Vince's Thoughts: I do think Gogo should be considered expendable, but sadly, other than Whitneys random goal he is the only member of our Defense who is putting up any points... Though I do like Frolov, if this trade happens, we need our offensive defenders to start looking at you letang...

Stay tuned, expecting big news...

With both Talbot Crosby and possibly Dupuis out for tomorrows game vs. the Ducks, stay tuned I am expecting to see a call up from WBS... Right now they will need to call up a winger and a center. I expect the center to be Taffe or Wallace, with a slight advantage towards Taffe. As for the Winger battle i expect either Caputi or Pesonen, who are 6G-14A-20P and 8G-11A-19A respectively. Right now the Penguins probably have more invested in Caputi as he is probably their #1 Prospect in the system. Some people suggested they were gonna bring him up for exposure like they did with Golgo last year. Judging from our current situation, it is not a time for experimentation, and with Jannes track record in Finland and his current produciton I expect him to get the call. This is a HUGE game for Janne. Unlike the other games in which he has been called up, with ShitTank out, there is a semi long-term position available. If he gets called up he will be going against the team who drafted him, so we should probably expect him to be on top of his game...

From the Penguins insider...

Speaking of Pesonen, a funny quote from him today when I asked him about closing in on Minard and Taffe for the team scoring lead. "I'd rather have a great game with no points than a (poor) game with two or three points." Except he didn't say "poor," of course. He said something that rhymes with city. Safe to say he has a good grasp of American slang by now.

Stay tuned people, more to come...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Capitals at Penguins...

I hate the capitals, somebody needs to put that piece of shit lady alex in his place...


Penguins had a big win... They switched up their system to focus more on a neutral zone trap and focus on using their amazing speed to create odd man rushes on the transition... Hmm sounds to me like Janne would work really well in that offense... I would not be surprised if within the 4-6 weeks ShitTank is out, if Minard keeps stinking up the joint we se Janne get the call... I may have to call up Joe Nameth to make a guaruntee soon... Anyways, the offer for BizShitty is still on the table, i'm not gonna recap the game cause there are like 40 recaps available in the internet...

Over at the penguins insisder they posted this little chart which doesn't make satan and shittank look that horrible

GP G-A Pts 08-09 cap hit
Marian Hossa, DET
42 21-21 42 $7.45 million
Michael Ryder, BOS
42 17-14 31 $4.0 million
Todd Bertuzzi, CAL
40 11-20 31 $1.95 million
Markus Naslund, NYR 44 14-14 28 $4.0 million
Miroslav Satan, PIT
43 12-14 26 $3.5 million
Kristian Huselius, CMB 39 12-13 25 $4.75 million
Ryan Malone, TB
33 12-11 23 $4.5 million
Pavol Demitra, VAN
34 12-11 23 $4.0 million
Niklas Hagman, TOR
38 11-11 22 $3.0 million
Andrew Brunette, MIN 41 10-11 21 $2.33 million
Ruslan Fedotenko, PIT 39 11-10 21 $2.25 million
Cory Stillman, FLA
26 9-10 19 $3.53 million
Jason Williams, ATL
41 7-11 18 $2.2 million
Owen Nolan, MIN
23 9-5 14 $2.75 million
Brian Rolston, NJ
24 7-3 10 $5.06 million
Darcy Tucker, COL
31 5-4 9 $2.25 million
Radim Vrbata, TB
18 3-3 6 $3.0 million


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Savran gives Janne Props

Quote the Savran

If you are looking for a scoring wing, maybe Janne Pesonen, maybe time to bring him up and let him play with players who can help him score


Does anybody else think this is getting ridiculous?

Kevin's Edit: 
        Janne's recent explosion has alot of people taking notice, I get a feeling if he continues he scoring he is almost going to force the hand of the Pens or  some other team is going to scoop him up, remember he only signed a 1 year contract.  The only team that i couldn't handle Janne going to is the Cryers or the Crapitols. There is a rumor Edmonton is looking hard. Were ever he goes we will still cover Pessi. FU!! Mikey T.

What a game plan...

To prepare for our hated rivals Mikey T put together an excellent game ready for this...seriously...brace yourself...are you sitting down? it is...Malkin AND Crosby...on the same line...ok take a deep breath...

Anyways, cooke got the promotion to play with them because Mikey T likes to "shake things up" in a manner that doesn't make sense to anybody...


Passed Up Again

The Pens called up BizShitty tonight for their game vs the Flyers instead of the scoring machine that is Janne Pesonen... Looking ahead the next two days this may be a good move with both the Philly game and the Washington game most likely being quite physical...

Due to this announcement, Pesonen and the Pens hereby declares that if BizShitty plays tomorrow against washington and gives lady alex what he has coming to him, we will officially refrain from referring to you as BizShitty...

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Fightin Alaskan Re-assigned

Tim "The Fightin Alaskan" Wallace was re-assigned to WBS today... Supposedly Frenchy LeBeard is almost back so i'm not sure if we should expect a call-up, but I wouldn't be surprised. Right now the only call up competition for Janne would be Luca Caputi who the pens deem as their #1 prospect, so they may be interested in getting him some NHL ice time... As with the rest of the season we will just have to wait...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Janne Q&A and some thoughts...

Special thanks to Brad from This is Getting Old for sending this over to me...

Click to enlarge

Also, with the current woes and with ShitTank out, the Pens are forced to draw from the WBS Penguins for some role players. Currently all WBS players up on the Pens are really contributing nothing, all the while Janne is tearing up the AHL... I would not be suprised to see them call Janne up if they get fed up with any of these players (most likely Minard)... Hopefully if he gets the call he will get some serious time with either the lip or ugly...

Oh and before i forgot...janne hit twine...we all know what that means...

Hot as a Firecracker

Breaking News: Janne and the Pens have defeated the Hershey Bears 6-2. Janne(13) and 3 assists and Nick Johnson scored 2 goals. Janne was also 2nd star.

Janne has 6 goals in his last 8 games, plus he is 4 of 6 in shootouts and a 1st and 3rd star in the last two game. Janne is now with 1 point of the team lead.

Blogroll disappeared

I've been getting emails and just for anybody who had their blog on our blogroll, for some reason it disappeared and i've had to start over and i don't remember everybody who used to be on it, so if you are missing just shoot me an email and i will re-add you. sorry about that

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crunch 4 at Wbs Pens 3

Vince's Edit: Ever since Janne got passed up it seems that he is really turning it up...sadly our office doesn't recognize talent when they see it...

The Crunch have scored with 5 secs to go tie the game at 3-3. 3rd star Janne(12) has a PP goal. Anyone who can add to this game post lets hear it.

Janne has drawn a penalty with 1:21 to go in OT.

OT is scoreless,

Shootout ...

Janne is 4 for 6 in shootouts...

Janne: scores!!!



York: saved








Kelly: scores

Insert criticism here....

I'm starting to lose faith here people...this team just doesn't have it. We are now in 10th place, showing very little potential. Our coach is a joke, our leadership is a joke...we are becoming the joke of the NHL... Remember when we used to make fun of the islanders and the lightning.... We better start biting our tongues...

Devils get Shanny Back

Just a quick report getting ready for Steelers playoff game ...

11th on the NHL  career goal list with 650.       

Forward Brendan Shanahan is heading back to the New Jersey Devils, the team he started his NHL career with more than 20 years ago. Ju

Pens 3 at Avs 5

Pens are 3-7 in their last 10 games, they are going to try to rebound after blowing a 3 zilch lead in Nashville. We need Ugly to tear it up today. Sabu is in the net today..We needs 20 guys coming together. you can't win with just 2 stars...Gogo and Eaton are healthy scratches

1st Period:
Avs draw first blood, very weak back check by Ugly and its 1-0 Avs                                                             
13:49 Avs (to many men on the ice) Pens PP.  Nice pass from  the Lip to..Goal!! Ugly(16) , who buries it. we are tied now at 1-1.

First goal in 11 for Ugly.

I think the Pens will take that period. they had a few chances and were basically outplayed by the Avs. Avs also held a 15-8 shot advantage.

2nd period:
 Avs had taken a 2-1 lead before Ugly and the GOAL Lip(17) hooked up again with a long cross ice pass.

Tied at 2-2

Well after 2 quick goals for the Avs. 

end of 2 its 4-2 Avs. Finish this blog yourselves. I'm done watching this game. maybe our luck would change.

3rd period:

Well I lied, I gave them a chance and they blew it. After a great individual effort by Engine(13) with a shorty on a Cookie Monster penalty making 4-3 with lots of game and life to go, it ended shortly after with a PP goal by the Avs making 5-3. The Avs looked like theywere on a jialbreak in our crease.

 We have not one D man who clears the box at all.

Will a real Goalie please stand up..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Classic

I know this is only a dream , with the winter snowfall and the lasting thought of this years WC in Chicago, wouldn't you like to see it played in this kind of venue. "CLICK" on the picture for full size photo

Nhl hits of the Week Jan 6th

Psycho and Engine are featured in Nhl Hits of the Week.

Janne says fuck you MT...

Wbs Pens 4  Binghamton 2
 Kevin Edit:

 *** 1st star Jaaaaanneeee Pesonen(11) and 2 A and 6 shots on goal... Janne lead the Pens with a PP goal and assist. But the Pittsburgh doesn't need that kind of help on the their PP, right?

Can't keep him down...

Fuck you Mikey T...

Minard got called up, that's fine, but apparently he will see time on the top two lines...if Janne got called up the only time he'd see would be in the pre-game skate...

All things about Janne aside... Mikey T has to go, we will never win a cup with him at the helm... Even if you like his system, he is like the hockey equivalent of Bill Cowher, even when things are going wrong he never adjusts, just keeps trucking ahead assuming that things will eventually work out...

Pens Effort or not

I'm not sure where to start with yet another collapse. Even a 3 spot last night caused me to feel alittle antsy. Being out shot 30-10 after 2 periods didn't sit well , MAF goaltending didn't sit well, The Pens D being cycled to death as they defended it with their sticks and not their bodies didn't sit well.  

Tell me why the Lip has another gear he shifts into some nights but most nights he lives on his skill alone.
Whitney is toast to me. Has F'n Mikey T lost this team? I hope so, lets get this over with. Now I say this with much reserve, I wish Ryan Malone was if front of the net, but not at the price he signed for. We need a power forawrd and a D-man who can clear the crease.  So how do you fix a problems that is from the Goal line out. To me the effort sucks and so like anything else you start at the top, so C-ya F'n Mikey T.. 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Owen has something to say...

Owen Hart has come back from the grave to tell the penguins organization something...

One win means shit...

Yeah we beat the thrashers but tonight we dogged a 3 goal lead to start a brand new streak.... Losing streak or do the pens suck? Hire Pat Quinn fire Mikey T....

Penguins Mid-Season Reviews...

The Penguins Experience posted a list of Mid-Season reviews from various Penguins related blogs on the read ours and others...

Pittsburgh Penguins Mid-season Reviews

Blogroll go bye bye

For whatever reason the Blogroll disappeared, so if we agreed to trade links or you used to be on the blogroll (or want to be on it), please send me a message and i will add you, i did not intentionally remove anybody...

Like it or not...

Jordache is not going anywhere. The Penguins agreed on a 4 year contract worth around $16 million... Not sure what I think of this, he shows potential every 20 or so games. I am worried, considering he was in a contract year and he wasn't performing that well. Hopefully the new vote of confidence will allow him to perform at a higher level...

Hmm PATP is breaking this before Inside Pittsburgh Sports...hmmm

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

66 contacts Pessination

Mario was so impressed with the Pens performace last in a 3-1 thrashing of  Atlanta, he decide to see what was up and upon further investigation he uncovered the real reason for the gritty game.

The usually tight lippped Lip let it slip thta the founding father of Pessination was at the game and made his way into the Pens locker room before the game.

Vinny drop a duce was flanked by his body guard Jimmy jam it up you ass. Reports are starting to surface that there was alot of head bashing and finger breaking going on. Bobblehead F'n Mikey T was no where to be found.  Vinny is known for his strong arm tactics  when trying to get someones  attention. If you think I'm kidding just ask Shittank, if you believe he might have broke his hand on Colby's nose think twice. I picture it like this, mensroom going in for his usual drop a duce, Vinny cross paths with the S-Tank, conflict starts, Vinny demands better play unlike F'n Mikey T, next thing the shittank feels is the wrath Vinny the duce and a toliet seat slamming down across the knunckles. There were alot of screaming and crying. I think maybe the rest of the team got the messege.

Long story short, The duce and jam it up your ass return to their seats with the final result being. a 3-1 victory, Hope F'n Mikey T is paying attention he could be next. 

66 won't have to go far to find his next coach and another trip to the SCFs with a different result.

Some Pictures from the game...

I think this guys sign sums up all of our the begining of the game the number on the left was a 0...I'm glad to say that by the end he filled it in with a 2...

We didn't get to see kids play hockey, we got to see kids to synchronized was a hoot...

Preparing for a face off...

After the first goal...i was confused, i forgot what it was like to be ahead, i didn't know what to do...

National Anthem...

Dude wearing a crosby blue jersey and a dallas cowboy hat...Jersey foul?

Midway point...

Who would have thought that come the middle of the season the penguins were not even in the playoffs, that's right, with a pitiful 44 points, the penguins are currently in 9th place. The idea of getting Home Field advantage is slowly fleeting as the capitals and the bruins are running in a 2 team race at 57 and 61 points respectively.

We beat atlanta, who the hell cares they suck, we play Nashville...don't get too excited. Next week is a big week, we play Tuesday and Wednesday against Philly and the Caps.... We need to take 2 points straight up in both of those contests...

Rumor has it that ShitTank and Dupuis are both hurt...don't hold your breath on a janne call up, i can see Taffe, Bissonette, Caputi and Minard getting called up before him unfortionatally...

I have some pictures from last nights game i'll post later...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pens are running a muck

The scratches were Giraffe, Gogo there was a third but I'm brain dead right now. As  f'n Mikey T stands behind the pens bench for the last week looking like the wooden indian in the cigar store he should be rippin assholes. The Rangers kicked our asses 4-0,  and I hate losing not only to the Cryers, but also the Rangers.

The next 2 weeks will decide our fate. Pens play seven games in the next two weeks the easiest game comes tonight against ATL.  Let see what excuse we can use next. we have blamed umm, playing to much and not being able to practice wrong! We have tried a players only meeting, that was a total bust. I'm thinking maybe the Lip and Ugly are already in all-star mode since that is all we hear about lately. Puck support has been horrendos. Satan goes from first line to 4th line, just cut him or sit him til he becomes interested in helping this team. 

Shittank has been the only glimmer of light in the Pens line-up, but your looking at a candle light being ready to be blown out.

Let once gain look at the wingers we have. Dupe and Pigman 3rd liners at best. Cookie Monster as much as I like him he is no better than a 3rd liner. Godard is only on this team for one reason and one reason only. let me see...who do we have left....Hmm...ah..Satan, I  have always felt on his very very very best day he might be a second line winger..NOT! Cut he rotten as now. Tim Wallace, whom I won't comment on only because it isn't fair for him. Peter Gun does nothing but shoot blanks, he is a pure powerplay specialist and judging of late, Peter and the PP are MIA.

Ugly is a -7 in the last 6 with 2 assists, ya man will be a starter in the all star game...please.
Lip in the last 9,  2/g 2/a (-5) another all-start starter...Now don't have a ka-nip-shit, I know they should be starter, just tired of hearing about when we lower than spit in the a gutter right now.

Lets look at the team... Not since Nov.1- Nov15 have we had consecutive wins, matter of fact we has 6 in a row.
Since December (17 games) we have scored 46 goals(2.70 per game) 29 of those goals came in the 5 wins(9 vs islanders and 6 vs the Thrashers) so in the other 12 games we scored 17 goals all loses. In those 17 games we have a 3.58 goals against(61 goals).

PP and Pk have been down right obscene. PP has sunk to 20th(16.5%) PK also 20th(80.4)

I dunno how you would do a massive overhaul at this point of the season without tanking the season. But unless in the next 2 weeks we have a complete 360 its going to get real Ugly (no pun tented) around here.

The defense to me has not one player that looks like he knows what to do or where to be on the ice. One thing I have noticed the opponents  are taking away the late trailing defenseman come late on the rush that are  trying to create some O since our forward position  has been suffering.

Goaltending is sumed up in two words. pure garbage. so what is the easiest solution to wake this team up. FIRE F'N Mikey T.   promote WBS Coach Dan Bylsma and bring up the Finnish Finsher JAAAANNE PESSSSOONENNNN!!!!

So bring on the Thrashers ,the Nhl second worse team. We have already lost to the Nhl's worse team.


Can the Pesonation bring the pens any luck?

The pens play Atlanta today. I will be in attendance, I am hoping for a win. Even if we do win, even if we win 8-1, don't read too much into it, Atlanta blows, we need this win to get going again, then we will need to get a W against a big name opponent... I'm starting to think we need a game against the Capitals or the Flyers to really get us rolling again... who knows... if i was going to a game next week and we were still losing i would have to bring a paper bag...

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Great Day for Hockey?

FSN has been jamming the kool aide (aka the great day for hockey commercials) down our throats all season long, and yet, in the last 21 games, has there been a good day for hockey? In Pittsburgh anyways. Today the Penguins suffered another in a series of losses falling 4-0 to the New York Rangers. The Pens, once again looked ok, put the puck on net, showed some promise, but failed to do anything. As these dog days of winter continue to pass us by, our casual annoyance of a slump is slowly turning ugly, as was have to either accept one of two things, we are in an unusually long slump, or we just aren't that good. The Penguins play Atlanta tomorrow, and as we have the last few games, we are all sitting here saying slump breaker time, and I do hope that is the case. If the Penguins are not able to pull out a win against Atlanta, we have to start accepting the possibility of the second conclusion. It is undeniable that the Penguins have their fair share of tallent this year, but as of right now, for whatever reason they are just not clicking like they need to in order for us to win games.

Here at Pesonen and the Pens we will be calling for Mikey T's job, but before you jump on us, we never really liked him and we are not just blaming this entire slump on him. We feel that the system that Mikey T runs is never going to bring us a Stanley Cup, and we are wasting talent by running it. Anyways, right now is the quiet before the storm...if we lose this next game against Atlanta, the Pens Blogosphere might get worse than the LA riots... I would not be suprised to see some call ups if we start really eatin shit here...

Funerals End Today...

Tonight the pens take on the Rangers... What we need is a big win here that we can rally off of. Since we need some extra motivation, I thought i would give Mikey T some help by compiling some of the great motivational scenes from hollywood...

I'm sure there are more, but that is what i have for now... Go Pens...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

How ugly is this..

Marc-Andre Fleury, Pit0-3-0, 4.15, .845 in last 3 GPI 
Last 303004.15.845

A. Goligoski, Pit6011-471 pts in last 6 GP

M. Satan, Pit (RW/LW)60114131 pts in last 6 GP

Celebrate what we got...

Forgot to post it... Janne continues to tear up the charts...

Meanwhile, from the rumors i have been reading it seems good ol Satan may be on the chopping block here. They are talking about trading for a winger that may be able to make an impact. I say before they do that they try some of these guys in WBS out... between minard, pesonen, and caputi we may have a good temporary asset sitting right under out noses. The other rumor is that Staal may be getting another shot at being a top winger... Streak breaker tomorrow in New York?


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh how the tides have started to change...

Going into today our poles showed a fairly strong showing that Mikey T should not be fired... Tonight they are slowly starting to shift towards yes... Could Mikey T be the next person to learn how quick the Pittsburgh Sports Team can turn on somebody? Maybe he should call good ol' #10 Kordell Stewart for some advice...

you have to find this one...

Vinces Edit: Wow...not only were those cheap shots after the fight was over and his opponent was defenseless on the ground, those really came down and could have really done some damage to him and looked as if he delivered them with the sole intention to hurt him... I understand fights are where people can get hurt, but hell this isn't UFC where you ground and pound...

Is it me or are the Capitals quickly becoming the new "Dirty" team of the NHL? If Cumshot and Lady Alex aren't careful somebody is gonna take them out...

Maybe there was something in the air today. The Lip decided against taking a faceoff and bitch slapped the Panther center Mclean. To me it was a chicken shit move by Cindy the Lip, Mclean had no ideal what Lippy Lepew was going to do.

In saying this I was watching the Crapitals game tonight when Alexander Semin defended himself in a fight where he looked Ralphie from the Christmas story. I was laughing my ass off. If anyone can find it on youtube please send us a post. 3 hours later I'm still laughing about it.

Man the pussies of the league were PMSing. I have more respect now than ever for all you brawlers of the NHL.

I found it..check it out.. to funny..

Houston 2 WBS 3

After a sluggish 1st period and falling behing 2-0 to the Areos, WBS has roared back to tie the game 2-2 in the 3rd period. Janne(10) has just tied the game with less then 7 mins to go. 

After a 1st period of 2 shots on goal the Pens are out shooting the Areos 26-12

OT is about to start Janne is in the hopper for a hooking call. 2-2 going into a shootout

Janne( his 3rd of the season) has just scored a shootout goal

Letestu just scored as the Pens lead 2-1 in the shootout.

Curry stops a Houston player for a 3-2 WBS win

Janne was 3rd star of the game.

Time to press it...

Here at PATP we are quite the dramatic bunch when it comes to pittsburgh sports... Some of it is out of jest, while some of it is the result of a combined 70+ years of pittsburgh sports fandom... Though in the past week some may have labeled our campaign to fire Mikey T and our criticisms of the current state of the Pens to be overly dramatic, at this point I think its' time that we can all press the Panic button... When we go into a game that has "slump buster" written all over it, and get crushed 6-1... Something extreme needs to happen, and I don't think Mikey T can fix it by dishing out a few healthy scratches... Should be interesting to see what happens down the line. I will be in attendance of the Tuesday night game, so maybe i can get upstairs and share a few words with ray ray and Mario...

Here at PATP we are about to give up on the normal Pens and only cover WBS...

Pigman is back and Thanks for the Panthers

Pigman returns to the line-up vs the Fla Panthers. Piggy should energize the line-up and maaybe he can wake the PP.  

Florida, who have lost 4 in a row limp into the igloo with pulling their goalie in 3 of the last 4 games. Lets make it 4 out of 5.

I look for their best effort since 1992 Stanley Cup Finals.

Pens have and early PP vs the Panthers..Result is no shots and no goals...

Mad Max makes a sweet move and doesn't shoot. Max needs to step it up. 

Don't let Dupe have the puck in front of the net with the puck. his spot to score is at the  top of faceoff dot and slapping it.

With Ugly and The Lip not scoring in recent games Stacky and Errey haven't had sex in awhile. Could this be the day? Stacky was spotted by condoms this morning.

first 7 mins Panther have 0 shots...

Satan need to go! away! like to another team.

Good kill by the Pens on the Gill penalty.

Flordia has just scored at the end of the penalty. 1-0 Panthers.

As the period goes on the Panthers are looking like they aren't going to go away.

Whitney pinches , gets caught, Florida scores. 2-0 Panthers.

Florida has 4 Shots and 2 Goals. one more and there might be a goalie pulled.

Dupe take a penalty, Pens must kill this one.

Pens outshot the Panthers 10-5..

Start of the 2nd..

guess what, MAF was pulled and Sabu is between the pipes.

pens did kill the Dupe penalty.

Florida's goalie Anderson was awrded an assist on the 2nd Florida goal.

Shittank(11) makes a quick shoot towards an flordia net and it a Goal. 2-1  Panthers

Florida goalie swats it out for a penalty. This could be big for the Pens PP. 

PP sucks again, 0-2 today

Quins penalty for roughing, hehehe imagine that.

Wow that was quick.  Florida goal. 3-1 Panthers

Ugly takes another penalty.

Florida PP goal, can anybody clear the front of the net. 4-1 Panthers

The Lip try to bitch slap a Panther as he fires up the Pens...

lets get back to the PP goal by the Panthers, both Psycho and the Giraffe weren't anywhere near the front of the net to clear anybody.
Ugly is playing like he looks.

Descent scrap by Mad Max and FLA campbell

The Lip loses his mind and just attacks McLean on the faceoff. 

slash against Florida evens it up.

Ugly has a great chance on the PK  result was zilch!

5-1 Forida.......

The castle is strating to crumble. Sabu is looking out of sorts.
the D is looking terrible, the forwards are looking for a Jim Jones type of figure to lead them.

It bad..real bad...

now the in between period interview is going to be a Panther.

Satrt of 3rd period:

Will we see MAF back in goal?

F'n Mikey T can't juggle anymore lines, so he has started to juggle goaltenders. Maybe the coaches should be next.

Stacky and Errey are now reaching for excuses.

Well guess what, your right 6-1 Florida

I'm done with this blog today.

Maybe we can find a positive being at rock bottom..

I'm outta here!