Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Janne Pesonen Picture of the Week

I figured since the boycot of Janne Pictures on the game recaps on the WBS website has ended i will bring back the Picture of the week...

Anyways as this year comes to a close we at Pesonen and the Pens want to wish everybody a Happy New Years and want to thank all of you for helping the Pesonation grow... I have a feeling that in the new year we can expect for our nation to grow exponentially... Anyways happy new years...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Player Meeting....

Supposedly the players had a meeting after the game to discuss their current outbreak of sucktitude... I'm sure the news will make a big deal of this, but we don't care, just a bunch of bitches bitching about how they are sucking... They'll say they don't have heart, they'll say it's not the coaches fault... It's not heart they need, unless a new system comes with a heart....

Some observations...

-Dupuis has a wicked Slapshot...maybe we should start shooting from outside instead of grinding it out....
-Should be interesting what happens when Silk comes back with the D...
-Our 3rd and 4th lines are garbage...
-We need BDZ

Ray Ray should shake things up a big... Sit ShitTank, Satan, somebody else, call up Taffe Minard Pesonen... I really have a hard time believing that either of those 3 would make us worse off than we are with those 2 on the ice... Plan B... Fuck the season, lose the rest of the games, come in last place, dump staal, satan, shittank... Draft tavares, sign (some of these guys) Kovalev, Colby Armstrong, Afinagenov, Bertuzzi...the list goes on... Anyways, that is obviously an extreme, but the main point with that statement is, I would rather not make the playoffs this year, then trade away our future again for a big name player to help us get a run that ends without a cup...

Tänä iltana ei tuu pakkeja

Janne does it again...pens suck...go WBS and Janne...

Jump on...

Dustin Jeffery got his first NHL point from an Assist on a Sykalledit goal...who is gonna be the first to jump on the bandwagon...i have my suspicions...


So... The Pens reassigned BizShitty back down the WBS...this is quite odd seeing that it has left an opening on our 4th line, with nobody expected to return that soon...right now our 4th line is only Wallace and Jeffery...I could see them calling Taffe up tomorrow, he has been playing well...

Though it is possible that BDZ could be on the return...

Monday, December 29, 2008


Interesting stats from ThePensBlog comparing last year at this point to this year...

Hmm...yeah i guess we could be jumping to conclusions...but I know me personally I would be calling for a coach and/or system change even if we were 1st in the east. I do not like this fast paced grinding system that us and oh so many teams in the east run (like the Crapitals)...I don't care if its high flying and fun to watch, it won't matter when we play San Jose and they control the puck for over 70% of the game.. Also I think we have a team that could run a European System like the Sharks... Anyways that i just my opinion...

EDIT: after discussing this with Kevin he brought up a good point. The problem isn't that we are just as good as last year, it is that every other team has gotten significantly while we have remained a constant, other teams have gone out and become alot better which may cause problems for us down the road. Also it is unclear if we will go out and get ourselves an all-star player at trade deadline to help us dominate in the post-season

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do I even need to say anything?

Anyways Janne Helped the baby Pens pull ahead 6-3 with a goal and 3 shots... The pens need to give him another chance...

In other news, last night Kevin and I had a discussion last night over a few beers and decided that at the first of the year, PATP is going to begin a campaign to fire MT...more to come on this...

Go Janne and FMT

The Engine that couldn't

What has ever become of Jordan"The Engine" Staal. This was going to be the breakout season. The Engine is not giving his agent much to work with as he plays for a new contract.

The Engine has stalled big time in his last 5 games. 0 goals and 1 assist = 1 point and (+/-)-6 with 4 shots on goal. 

You think his agent is scratching his head?

Engine is getting way to much ice time on the PP, 1 sec is to much, I hope our memory of this kid and his 2008/2009 season  doesn't go all they way back to Detroit. Remember 3 goals and 1 assist.

WBS defeats Binghamton

Binghamton 3 Pens 6

 3-1 Binghamton on a goals by Ryan Shannon,Mckenzie Denny Hamel. Janne is playing despite an ankle injury. Once again 3 games in 3 nights/days hasn't slowed down this  Pens team.

3-2 as GOAL! Janne(8) just scored, whocares about a sore ankle, Pessi kicks the puck up to his stick and the buries it. Ryan Stone(8) had cut the lead to 3-1.

Bill Thomas(3) has just scored on the PP to tie the game at 3-3 as WBS is dominating the 2nd period. Mark Letestu had 3 assists in the 2nd period.

Caputi(9) has just given the Pens a 4-3 lead early in the 3rd.
Letestu(5) scores with 1:48 left in the game making it 5-3 WBS..(Letestu has 1/G and3/A)
Chris Minard(25) empty netter... 6 straight games Minard has scored a goal in. 6-3

WBS outshot Binghamton 37-17

Both Pens in action last night

Well the Lip(15) responded to my calling out with a goal and assist in a 3-2 loss to Montreal @ the Igloo last night. The Pens wasted a 35-19 shot advantage. The also wasted 5-1 PP adavntage over the Habs too. Andrei Kostitsyn had the hat trick for Montreal. Dupe(8) scored the Pens first goal.

In AHL action, our baby Pens defeated Bridgeport 5-4 with form both Chris Minard(23,24) and Jeff Taffe(15,16). Janne had 1 assists in his first game back from a bruised foot.

Baby Pens host Binghamton @ 5:05pm today.

The New NHL promtes fighting

here is what could be fight of the year between Syracuse's Jon Mirasty and Binghamton's Jeremy Yablonski on Dec 19th, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wallace recalled...

Tim Wallace has been recalled by the Pens Asses for tonights games with Montreal.

Vince's Edit: What a surprise both of MT's personal Boy Toys (TFA and bizshitty) have been recalled before Janne...i have a feeling this is going to be the trend throughout the next few months unless Janne really starts to tear shit up...although even that might not get him more than 3 min or ice time...

The Lip Watch

2 games and counting...

1. Tampa Bay..0 shots
2. New Jersey.0 shots

3 shots in 5 games.. I'm calling your big lips out against the Habs..

and the Lip leads the all-star balloting.

My top 10 wishes for the New Year!

1. Just give Janne a chance.
2. MT would just go away, FOREVER!!!
3. Silk would just relax and play hockey.
4. MT would just go away forever and take his system with him.
5. Get the Lip a real winger.
6. Are there anymore Uglys out there, Thank the hockey god's he is wearing the black and gold.
7. give Eaton a chance at being our back-up G/tender
8. send all our centers to Big Daddy faceoff school.
9. More Mad Max porn commericals
10. Did I mention MT would go away forever(Mario do you have the balls?)

Lady Alex

whether you like him or not, nobody does it better.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Check out future Star John Tavaras's Goal

this is a sweet hand eye cordination goal in today's WJC 

Both Pens shutout foes

It was a double goose egg. Pens 1 Devils 0...
 Wbs Pens 4 Phantoms 0
Really only three words "MAF 37 saves" stole that game.
Shittank(9) has just given the P. Pens a 1-0 lead in New Jersey. Nice play and feed from Ugly. 

 MAF and Eaton have just made saves that would make any hi-light film. MAF has been outstanding tonight.

Devils look like the gang that couldn't shoot straight tonight. Out playing the Pens, but they can't seem to hit the  open net tonight.

Wasn't it such a great move to get Phillipe Boucher to shore up and lead this potent powerplay we have.

Minard (21,22) and Caputi (8), Stone(7)have goals as WBS Pens defeat Philly 4-0 . Curry had the SO. Jeff Taffe had 4 assists.

Penguins diss Janne again...

Kevin's Edit: 
I haven't heard Janne's named mention in the WBS game, Is he out with an injury?

BizShitty and Dustin Jefferys have both been recalled from WBS... Yeah keep trying to justify not playing Janne you jackass...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Pesonation...

We know there are some non believers out know who you are...but anyways, christmas isn't a time for fighting, it's a time for to everybody out there, member of the pesonation or not...

In other news I was working on a new logo... here is what i came up with, i figured as a christmas present i would share it with you...anyways in the end our current logo is way to awesome to replace but i'm hoping that i can find a nice secondary location for this one...

So if you haven't heard it from us enough the last few days (we are suckers for the holiday season) merry christmas...and feel free to comment on, use, or edit the logo above as you see fit, i am not a great artist....

In some sad news, we have had quite a long streak of over 100 unique visitors coming here going for quite a while...sadly that has ended, we came close, racking up 97...but the new year is coming and that is the time for new beginings, expect the Pesonation to become stronger than ever in 2009...

Also, just a thought, if janne is jesus, is today is birthday?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pesonen staying in the NHL...

Thanks to our Faithful Finish Follower Obelix for this...

This article was written in our local newspaper here in Finland 17th of December:

Pesonen will not return back to Europe during this season.

Janne Pesonen did not used the possibility in his NHL-contract to come back to Europe by 15th of December. Many European top teams - for example his previous team Oulun Kärpät - were interested in and asked Pesonen if he was willing to come back, but he didn't wanted to do it.

"Even though I have not yet received a permanent place in the NHL, there is no reason for defeatism" Janne says. "Janne knows that he is a NHL level player and he waits for his chance to prove it" says his player-agent Mr. Ilkka Larva.

Obe's comment: You can believe that there were some very exciting moments one week ago when we were waiting for his final decision here in Finland.
Good to hear that Janne isn't giving up... I would love to see him in a Pens uni for the long haul, and i still feel that it is a possibility... But I do think that he may be able to flourish on teams in the West that run a more European (aka superior) system...

In other news Taffe and Wallace got downgraded from 1st class to riding the bus again as they have been reassigned to the AHL... not sure what this means, could just be that all the injured players could be ready to get back after the holidays... I wouldn't expect another call up, but who knows, maybe Janne Claus may deliver a little late....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A team of grinders

No comment on the game...

but i have been pondering why we suck so much, and i've been trying to find a way to pin it on Mikey T... Basically i decided that MT wants a team of all grinders.... He forces everybody to play grind it hockey... This is why a guy like wallace and kennedy get shots playing up here but minard and janne do not... This is why guys like satan who are not too shabby from outside sniping are charging the net... also sadly this is why we will never be able to beat a puck controlling west team in a 7 game series... MT has his strengths, but i really just feel that our game plan needs to change... We are running a system built for shitty teams, meanwhile we have two of the best hockey players in the world... We need something new... I'm not saying throw MT out the door (yet atleast), but hopefully Janne claus leaves MT a new playbook under his tree (or a pink slip)...

Anyways...let us not think about all this shit right now... let us all be thankful for Janne and the Pens still being in pittsburgh... So here at Pesonen and the Pens we would like to wish a Merry Christmas to all of our readers all over the world... And we hope that Janne has a good christmas away from his homeland... I think christmas has come at the perfect time... with the failing economy, and worse the dying pesonation... we need alittle bit of joy and cheer...


THUD!!! 2-0 Lightning

Well, it was suppose to go all our way. Check it out!

Pittsburgh south was in da house.

Whitney's first game back.

The Lip, OH the almighty Lip has finally broke his careers longest goal drought.

IT was freakin 7 wins  Tampa Bay, come on every time during this so called  poor play lull we ahd the Thrashers or Islanders waiting to make everything right. So here they come Tampa "bottom of the  NHL barrel Bay". 

Thud!! Barry Melrose where the hell are you when we needed you. 2-0, yep thats right 2-0.

I'm embarrassed sitting in my own livingroom watching our beloved Stanley Cup Finalist being dished out a shutout . Now a whooping 15 shots on goal.  1 shot by our  defensive pairings and guess who took it, just don't guess GoGo,  Big Al did all his damage last night with 2 goals, so I guess he was getting ready for the Holidays. Ok ok i know the suspense is killing you, it was Pyscho(Orpik).

As for the Lip(0 shots) I don't know what is up with him, but he pretty much has looked like shit for quite a few games now. I think it is time that the face of the new Nhl starts to show the 2 dudes from Russia. 

Anyway, did I mention it was 2-0 and 15 shots,yeeeeeaaaa. MAF looked solid. I hope Vince doesn't decide to his ESPN rankings. I will see him Christmas night, I plan on smashing his keyboard.

 FU Mikey T. just felt like saying that since I haven't posted in a few days due to tons of commitments, just wish I has something planned for tonight. enough said for now, Santa is just around the corner, I'm hoping this team will be getting their shit together very soon or the playoffs might not be.

Happy Holidays to everyone, be safe!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Janne Claus eats his own reindeer...

There was an article about how Baby Pens players celebrated christmas... Janne...

If Pesonen was able to return to Finland for Christmas, chances are he would enjoy a nice reindeer feast. He said reindeer is tasty – better than moose, but he cautioned the ones that pull Santa’s sleigh are safe.

“It’s not Rudolph,” Pesonen said.

as per Christmas with the Pens article.... Anyways, judging from Janne's response i feel for dasher, dancer, prancer, vixen, comet, cupid, donner, and blitzen. Anyways, expect a cannibalistic photoshop of Janne Claus eating his own reindeer at some point...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Both Pens in action

RiverRats 3 WBS Pens 4 .... Mapleleafs 7 Pens 3  

has just scored his 7th goal to tie it 1-1 vs Albany Riverats, the Riverrats have just made it 2-1. 3 goals in the first 4 mins. Janne has just set-up Minard for his 20th goal late in the 2nd give WBS 3-2 lead. Janne was 3rd star tonight

Ugly(15) has scored the only goal or the Pens as Toronto totally dominated the 1st period. MAF has looked like cow shit so far. 3-1 Leafs and who outshot the Pens 16-5.

Leafs make it 4-1 as Ugly has made what could bonehead move of the year so far.  

How sick am I of the Lip making the spin move and the shot. It seems to be the move alot of players are trying. I saw someone from Chicago score on it so it does work every once in awhile.

Ok this is getting sickning Leafs PP goal makes it 5-1 as a result of a Leaf playing smart hockey to not fall for Godard's attempt to lure him into a fight, as a result Godard goes off and Leafs score..nice going. 

So Cookie Monster gets into a tiff. PP Pens.. late in the 2nd. 

We are getting smoked, The Leafs look like the Wings in the finals from last year.

Check this out, after 2 Leafs 33 shots and our Powerful Pens 13, can't blame this on Sabu.

I'm going to save ink,Sabu is in the net now.. I will comment no more on a 6-2 Leafs lead in the 3rd.

7-2 Leafs on a Lip penalty

7-3 final, I must have missed something, did the Islanders or the Thrashers relocate?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Top 10 weirdest goals

Found this on the NHL website.  Kinda of funny.

Mats, Max and Janne

The Brett Farve of the NHL finally made his triumphant return to the sport... Alot of people were expecting him to help raise the average age of the NY Rangers by a few years but instead he signed a 1 year deal with the Canucks for a pro-rated 10 mil... While many hockey sites are reporting this as big news... Here at PATP we could give a shit... He hasn't played in a while, so he'll be rusty at first, then he'll play well for 10 games, then he's old so he'll get tired and start to suck again... Who cares...

Max signed a 2 year extension... Thats good, I like max... I still say at this point to be cautious because he is probably our second best piece of trade bait (right behind Jordache)

Janne and the WBS Pens are supposed to play tonight, though there is speculation that the game is going to be canceled... So check their website if you are attending or listening or whatever...
Janne's game tonight has been cancelled

In other news the Pens laid the smackdown on another crappy opponent, hopefully they can produce when we play playoff teams...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An argument for Janne...

So not sure if anybody heard this but earlier today Taffe and Stone were called up from WBS. Right now things are not looking very good for Janne... But I myself refuse to give up hope... Even if he doesn't play one more minute for the big pens (he could get called up and not even play a minute with the way Mikey T runs things) this year, I think there is still hope for him in the future...

Consider this, here are all the forwards that will be free agents next year...

Staal (RFA)
Talbot (RFA)

In addition on the defensive side...

Hall Gill
Golgo (RFA)

The pens have alot of healing to do, and not much money to kick around next year when Sid, Malkin and Fleury's contracts start to hit hard... Looking at those forwards, I would like to see BDZ, Talbot and maybe Staal stick around... Sykora, we'll see... But we have a possible opening of 2-4 forward spots that will need filled by low cost producing forwards... This is an excellent chance for the likes of Janne and Minard (who are both UFAs) next year to jump up here and fill some roster spots...

Basically, I do not think it is over for Janne. I do believe that the Pens up top brought him over for a reason and are not gonna screw him over completely... Maybe we'll see another christmas miracle...

Tis the season...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sign Sean Avery...

That's right, Pesonen and the Pens endorses that the Pittsburgh Penguins take sloppy 5ths on Sean Avery... Here is what we say... Sign Avery as a threat, they won't get rid of the asshole until the Pens start playing well... That sounds like good motivation... Maybe he'll actually play well and we can keep him around... OOOO maybe he can be that mythical winger for sid... Or he can play with Ugly and Sycalledit and be like Ryan Malone on PCP... Alot of people around the pittsburgh blogosphere are denouncing the availability of Sean Avery. But here at PATP where we know talent when we see it we say sign Avery, at the very least it will give Crosby diving practice in practice...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Janne played

Sorry for those who were depending on us for a good picture of what the Baby Pens and Janne did today...they lost 2-1 and Janne did nothing, but Kevin and I were not really paying attention to the game due to the off the hook Steelers game which still has me shaking and thinking that it is never to early to have my heart checked out...

Pittsburgh Penguins Forward Power Rankings...

Hey everybody, this time we wanted to include everybody's feedback to make the Penguins forward power rankings... Click the link below to take the survey, if you have a blog post it, we want to get as much feedback as possible...


Janne Live at 5pm

Pens 1 Phantoms 2

The Ahl will promoting their AHL LIVE for free this coming Sunday. Janne and the Pens will be playing in Philly to face the Phantoms at 5:00pm. So it you get a chance tune in to watch Pessi in action.

Here is the link.

Well we got a chance to see a Janne game, but it turned into a sleepwalk. I don't know who comes up with these schedules but the Baby Pens played their 3rd game in 3 days and 4 in 5 days. The Phantoms won the ho hum game 2-1. But being tired is no excuse , these guys get paid to play hockey. Biznasty scored the lone WBS goal, it was his 3rd in 4 games. Curry was in net for the loss. Phantom have beaten the Pens 3 times in less than a month. 

Next game: Friday, Decmber 19th. @7:05 pm at home vs Hershey Bears

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Now that's a real fan...

This was at the Pens vs. Flyers game...Now that's a real fan...unless he happened to be in Finland those jerseys would cost around 140-160 minimum... Anyways...whoever you are....the Pesonation tips our collective hat to you

We missed a Janne goal

Vince and I must apologize for missing Pessi's 6th goal Friday night, I can't believe WBS is playing 3 games in 3 days. Janne was also the games #1 star. Janne has 2 assists tonight so far as baby Pens lead Portland 5-1 in the 3rd.

From what I have been seeing from the other AHL guys other than the Fightin Alaskin, we may see Janne back sooner than we thought...

UPDATE: James and Taffe have been re-assigned...

Pens take an ass kicking

Pens 3 Cryers 6

Not much to say about this game, We went into Killadelphia to get our ass kicked.

my observation:

Sabu needs to sit.

What he F is Silk doing on the ice when the Cryers on a PP, even tho he was a +2 for the game.
We need a T. Holstrom type of player to park his ass in fron of the net when the Pens are on the PP.

Tim Wallace has held his own while playing 10 mins and firing 3 shots at the Cryers netminder.
(this is starting to prove Vince's theory about Mikey the Dick not like Pessi)

Psycho is still playing like shit in his own zone.

Godard is willing participant no matter who wants to go.

As I said before, Thank God for the Islanders and next up Thrashers.

bet we will see MAF thursday.

man that was a lousy effort!!!!

James Called up from WBS

The big club called up Connor James today from WBS. James currently has 10/G and 7/a for 17 pts.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Consol Energy Arena?

This kind of upsets me.... Heinz Field, Mellon Arena, PNC park...something about them just rings Pittsburgh... Consol Energy Arena... That just doesn't do it for me. Due to this attrocity I am going to make some suggestions for alternative names that I expect Mario & co. to push for...

Post-Gazette Place
Don Farr Moving Company Arena
Permanti's Ice Garden
The Iron City Civic Center
IC Light Civic Center
Penn Brewery Icoplex and Beer Garden
Club Erotica Center
PennDOT Palace
Joe Dinardo Icerink at WPXI Center
Janne's House of Pain
Club Matrix Civic Center and Dance club
Pizza Outlet Center
Lemieux Manor
The Ruddy Duck Arena
Tech Beer Center
Kennywood Entertainment Complex
Idlewild Entertainment Complex
Sandcastle Entertainment Complex

Anybody have any other ideas?


I can't believe i forgot this one...

Eat n' Park Gardens
Ground Round Gardens (Fuck you Madison Square Gardens)

Take that Minard...

Today Curry and Minard have both been re-assigned to WBS Penguins... It is unclear what is going to happen with Taffe and "The Fightin' Alaskin" Tim Wallace since Talbot and BDZ are expected back soon...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The longest streak in the nhl comes to an end...

Tonight Sycalledit brought his streak of no hat tricks has come to an end... On the pens website it says that it is the longest active streak in the nhl, and i'm not going to explain it or counter it. The pens dominatied 9-2...i ask...why did we give up 2 goals...i hope the boys are able rally around this game and turn it into several wins and not a one hit wonder...

Anyways...Minard, Wallace and Taffe had over 7 min... Either tomorrow or saturday Pesonen and the Pens is going to start our FMT campaign... There is a conspiracy against janne...we blame MT...and we will say FMT...stay tuned

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Errery is afraid....

If anyone caught the comment during the second period tonight by Bob Errey acting surprised that Silk and Pyscho weren't paired together. 

Now I'm a really big fan of both players and if anyone else has seen what I have the last couple games is the D-pair have been sucking hine tit. Now, we all know that the guys infront of the camera sure see, know and are told more than we will ever know front our couches and/or bar stools. C'omon Bob lets call the kettle black here, don't act so surprised. 

I promise the Pens won't fire you or send you to the AHL booth, wait they did replace Lange with you two, so maybe your job isn't that safe.

It's the first period and...

Breaking Janne News: Our beloved Pessi has 3 assists in the 1st period as WBS leads Norfolk 4-0
Vinces Take: Hmm what a surprise...he puts up more than 1 min a period and he makes something happen... Interesting...

Janne ended up 3rd star in tonights' 7-3 victory over Norfolk with 3 assists 3 shots.

Taffe, Wallace and Minard all have more minutes than Janne did the last few games... I say conspiracy...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lovejoy staying, Taffe and Wallace coming

It is being reported Hal Gill will be out 2-4 weeks with a shoulder injury. Gill was injured in the Ottawa game last Saturday.

With that news it looks like Ben Lovejoy is going to be around for longer than he anticipated. 
Good luck Ben!!

Jeff Taffe and Tim Wallace have been recalled. Maybe Big Daddy isn't ready to return as soon as I thought.

Another bump in the road...

Janne was reassigned today... I see this as good and bad... Atleast down there they will give him some time to play unlike when he was up here... I really do think Janne might have some potential but it seems that this Penguins organization is not going to give him his chance... According to some sources Janne lost his chance to play after going offsides early in the 1st... Meanwhile we kept Letang and Orpik on after they were on the ice during every goal... Anyways, Janne needs ice time...he is not going to get it in the NHL right now.... Atleast he can get it in the AHL... Fuck you Mikey T

Monday, December 8, 2008

Penguins vs. Sabers...

Sabres 4 Pens 3

Kevin's post game:
To late for a post, but I'm done throwing up. Blowing yet another 2 goal lead. The play of Psycho and Silk has really made me sick. Mad Max and The Lip were worthless tonight too. Got to give the Sabres credit. The worked their ass off as the pens had 8 pp chances. tell me what does Janne have to do get a chance to play(2:55). They need to just send him back if Mikey Dickhead feels he is not worthy. Ben Lovejoy play pretty good, though he did get rocked. I dunno.. well let us hear your frustrations, I'm going to bed.

Get ready Pesonation...tonight is the first time we will see Janne out there with some practice under his belt. All past occasions he had very little practice and was rush delivered to Penguins ice... Tonight we will really get a good look at what Janne is capable of... This is assuming that Mikey T didn't try and sabotage Janne like he has been doing all season by telling him the wrong location of the practice and sending him on numerous coffee runs...

Anyways, Pens vs. Sabers tonight at 7...suck it down...go pens...go janne

Kevin Edit: 
Gill is out tonight..that explains the Lovejoy recall. Maybe just maybe Janne may get ice time. If not I will personally will call Shero to demand a trade, We can trade the coach right? Bet everyone thought I was talking about trading Pessi. I'm curious to see how Lovejoy handles himself, I have seen him play a few times, the kid has looked good.  Last time here the Sabre's gave us 4 3rd period goals in a 5-2 loss. Then up in Buffalo the Pens returned the favor as the Sabre's scored 3 3rd period goals in 5-3. John Curry was in net that night. Sabu should be between the pipes tonight, he was handed  his first regulation loss of the season Saturday in Ottawa.   

Penguins Fans are everywhere....

Recently actor Vinnie Jones got into a bar fight where he had a beer bottle smashed into his head. Normally some British actor would be the main headline for this post and it wouldn't be found on Penguins blog... but if you watch the video closely you will notice somebody is wearing one of those busted 90s 3rd Jerseys...You know the one that looks like a team from a European team... Anyways video below...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lovejoy is called up.

Not sure what this means, Ben Lovejoy was called up today from WBS Pens. The 24 yr old defenseman comes to the Pens after play some of his best hockey for the baby Pens. Ben had 4 goals and 10 assists(14pts) +/- +14 and 36 penalty mins. Ben also as nice size at 6'2" and 214 Lbs.

Eaton sucks and Boucher has a concussion, Silky and Psycho are on for alot of goals against in recent games. Silk works the corner well but is not big in stature, so maybe they are looking for some size to clear the crease. I dunno.

What does everyone else think of this move?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pesonation spreads its wings...

Just wanted to give a plug out to one of the biggest contributors to the Pesonation and his new blog... Pittsburgh and Donnie Iris fans should check out his new blog Dahntahn with Donnie

Party on Pesonation and if any more of you decide to spread your journalistic wings make sure to give us a holler

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pens vs. Sens

Tomorrow the Penguins will be playing the Senators the first time since playing them in the poor mans Finland (aka Sweden). Anyways according to the Pens website, Pesonen is expected to play on the 4th line, which Minard will be on the 3rd line. I am hoping that Janne will get a little more time out there, he defiantly made some good oportunities last game and it's only a matter of time before he buries it... Go Pens and Go Janne

Pens 2 Sens 3/ WBS 7 Albany3

Jeff Taffe leads Wbs to a 7-3 victory over Albany. Taffe had 2/g 2/a= 4 pts.
Jean-Michel Daoust also had 2/g 2/a. Adam Berkhoel made 25 saves in the wins

1st Period:

Sabu is in goal.

how bad are the sens 3rd jersey

First 5 mins are pretty uneventful, no shots for the Pens..

Jannne's first shift of the game and has to take a faceoff..Janne was on for about 30 secs.

Nice save on Afie by Sabu..

8:00 mark... Sens are taking the play to the Pens and Sabu has been tough.

10:00 mark...Pens are starting to find their legs skating much better.

12 min... Sens make another rush, Janne plays some nice D

still 0-0 13:00

Sens 8 shots Pens 3.

1:46 left in the first still not alot of action from the Pens.

sa-weet finish to the end of the period, Silky gets rocked, Pyscho rocks, Silky rocks and is rocked again. Nice finsh. Silky earned his money on that shift. You got to love Pyscho, one tough dude.

Sens 12 shots Pens 6.

Nice period by Sabu.

End of 1 0-0

Janne 1:36 ice time...they are testing him dickweed MT

2nd Period:

First 3 mins not much going on..

Goal Spezza(9), Sabu makes nice save but a wrap around goal . nice goal.

Sabu was out alittle to far.

1-0 Sens.

Silky makes nice pass to Cookie and then Engine, he rattles the post.

Goal Spezza(10), some nice work down low.. Silky missed chance to clear behind the net..

2-0 Sens

Nice fight for Godard vs Neil

Rutuu takes a pen. Pens on a PP.

few nice chances by the Lip. so far nothing

Pyscho just crushes Spezza...

Spezza hooks Malkin and Pens get another PP late in the 2nd..

Goal Engine(9), Lip and Ugly on the assist. Lets see if we will start picking it up..

2-1 Sens

Pens are starting to roll..

Goal Spezza, off od Silky's ass..Hat Trick for Spezza..

3-1 Sens with 32 seconds left in the 2nd..

end of 2.....

have to be rolling here. let me know how the 3rd plays out..

Pigman out 4-6 Weeks...

That's right...the Pigman is out for 4-6 weeks, I hope the penguins can find a way to generate one or two goals in one or tworandom games during that period of time. It is true that Minard did look like he had a stronger game than Janne yesterday, and trust me that Minard Fan-boy John Bombulie over at the WBS Penguins insider was all over that... But here are the facts... Minard Played 10+ min...Janne played 5... Minard played on the same line as Malkin (one of the best players in the game)... Janne played on the same line as Godard (quite possibly our most useless offensive player in terms of point produciton)... So far there has been no news on a demotion and they are usually quite quick about that, so we may be looking at a situation where they keep both of them up and healthy scratch them at varying times... I would like to see Janne get a real chance at some point... Real chance meaning that he doens't just get 6 min of ice time in the 1st and 2nd period... Stay tuned.

Kevin's Edit:
V-man I totally agree with you, Its a bummer Pigman is down with a knee, maybe MT and his cronnies  will put their heads together to figure out how Janne is going to be used, this is the time for Freddie S to see if our beloved janne has what it takes to play NHL hockey. By keeping Janne up he will finally get some serious practicing to try to hone some of his game with whom ever they decide to team him up with. Just hope is more that just a few shifts and a few mins a game. 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pens vs. Huricanes

Tonight Pens vs. Huricanes....this team is a mess, we should win...I have heard from one member of the Pesonation who will be at the game....hopefully Janne puts on a show for the...

For those out of market Janne Fans...You can watch Janne and the Pens here....

Update 7:42 - Janne got his first NHL shot on goal i believe...

I didn't know Easter came but once a year?

Due to Inguries to Big Daddy Zigomanis and Pigman, both Minard and Janne have been recalled. BDZ is expected to play so not sure if both Minard and Janne will dress tonight. More updates as the day moves on....

UPDATE 1:32 PM: Kennedy is out BDZ is listed as Probable, not sure how this would relate to Minard and Janne both dressing though...I have heard some ramblings about another healthy scratch of either The ShitTank or Frenchy LeBeard (Dupuis for you who don't know that one yet) but I can't confirm anything yet, but I would expect The ShitTank to be scratched before FLB, because he brings absolutly nothing to the show. Expect line combinations to be reported around 4 or 5....

Update 5:28 PM: The expected lines tonight are as follows...


This basically means that janne will see very little time toinght... Not sure about BDZ thought he was supposed to play but i guess not. This might work in Jannes favor as he will be paired with somebody he is used to playing with, so we'll have to wait and see...

Kevin's Edit: If Janne is a 4th liner tonight we might see them used more than usual with playing back to back games on the road. We need big Daddy tonight because the Pens will be facing the third best FO man the league has to offer in Rod Brind'Amor 62.5%. Big Daddy leads with 62.9%.

Come on Jannenation lets make some noise. BTW my computer is fixed thanks for asking.. LETS GO PENS!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Both Pens in action tonight

Pittsburgh vs Rangers tonight at 7pm and Wbs Pens at Worcester Sharks 7 pm. I'm hoping the parent Pens make a statement tonight against one of the Eastern Conferences top teams the Rangers.

Wbs will be facing the Sharks for the first time this season, If the Sharks have any resemblence to their Nhl big brothers the Pens might be in for a long night.

Janne returns to action in his first game since being reassigned to WBS.

Vince's Reaction:

Not sure what to take from this game... I wish we played yesterday so i could blame that we were tired... The Pens are like Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde... It was nice to see some different guys contribute goals, but honestly, other than goaltending the Rangers are not better than us we should have taken advantage of the opportunity and gained 2 points on them...Other rumor is that either Zig and/or Pigman are hurt... If Zig is hurt I doubt they will call up janne, prolly somebody like Taffe cause he is a center, if Pigman is hurt, we could see either Janne, Minard, or Conner James... Since Janne recently got the call i would actually bet on one of the other guys getting a chance

The Mouth agrees with Pessination...

Mark(The Mouth)Madden has agreed with Pessination that Mikey (BobbleHead)Therrian has approached the using of Janne all wrong, Especially after he comment on how he would give Janne a test to see what he has. The Mouth also feels THAT Janne does have something to offer and COULD help the Pens out. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

Penguins Forwards Power Rankings

After Kevin's latest reporting on the pitiful nature of some of our forwards I thought I would revert to typical ESPN power ranking style... I'm hoping for this to become a standard article every few weeks, so please post your comments and ideas...

EDIT: Hey so i'm thinking every few weeks of setting up a ranking poll so the power rankings can represent the feelings of the Pesonation... Give me your comments to tell me what you think...
Sorry for the formatting, just scroll down a bit and it's all there..

RankNameNotable StatsComments
Sidney Crosby
It's hard to argue at this point in time that Sidney Crosby is not the top foward for the Pens. In the last 3 games he has 6 goals and 9 points, and has really taken his game up to another level. If he can keep this up the entire season there really is no stopping him. His inability to tear shit up without Malkin on his line is alittle worrysome but hopefully other people on this list turn it up... As of right now Sids performance as of late puts him just one notch above Malkin
2Evgeni Malkin10G-29A-39PIf only we could have 1A and 1B...but that's not how ranking works. Anyways....ugly here is currently leading the league in scoring, in the past 2 games he has only recorded 4 points (all assists), but I can easily seem him rebounding from this. His ability to score sans Sid may give him the ability to move into the top spot in future power rankings
3Mike Zigomanis64% FOAAlthough not a goal scorer it is hard to ignore what Big Daddy Zigomanis has brought to this organization. His domination on face offs has probably resulted in several points and helped keep several points off the board. He has mediocre stats (1 goal, 5 Assists), but that is not what he is for... If he can keep his faceoff% up he will be a huge help come playoff time
4Matt Cooke2G-7A-9PMatt Cooke does not have the stats of a good deal of our forwards but he brings alot more to the table. Considering the one game he didn't play in this last stretch was our least energetic game of the season so far, him being ranked this high should not be much of a suprise... I do think that at some point this season he should get an opportunity to play up with the big boys, and when/if this happens I think we can count on the Cookie Monster to be hittin twine on a more regular basis
5Miroslav Satan9G-9A-18PThis is where the list starts to get alittle pitiful... Yeah in the past 5 games he has 3 points (1 goal and 2 assists), but he has showed us that when he is performing he can be a very valuable person in front of the net. In one goal against the blues he showed his potential for sniping from the outside... His rank in the future is completly up to him, but if this incompitence continues his ranking will be going down quicker than a drunk sorority girl.
6Tyler Kennedy6G-9A-16PYeah, I'm personally not very high on Pigman, and I don't think he is that great, but it's hard to ignore what he has brought to this team so far. I hope he is able to keep this up and bring his game up to another level, but I personally expect him to kind of hang around this general area on the power rankings all season...
7Maxime Talbot4G-2A-6PTalbots stats are not very impressive, but he has shown an impressive ability to mesh with sid like very few players have been able to do. In addition to meshing with Sid, unlike anybody else listed on this list so far, Max defienlty proides a huge moral boost to the team and is defiently an off ice leader. I think if Mikey T is able to leave Max working with Sid for a longer period of time, Max's stock could be on the rise in the comming weeks...
8Petr Sykora5G-8A-13PYeah I don't have much to say about ol Streaky here, every once in a while he shows potential... In those few games where Sid and Malkin decided to start tearing shit up, he recorded 0 points... Hopefully he is able to get his chemistry back with Malkin in the near future and remain more consistent... He is another guy who could be on the up or down in the near future.. .
9Eric GodardFights AlotGodard has 1 assist... But that's not what he is here for... Although he technically contributes the least ammount of points for any penguins forward, he atleast does what he is expected to do, he fights when it is necessary... He is a good fighter... I couldn't justify putting him near the top cause he does what he is supposed to do well (a la Big Daddy Z), but I also couldn't put him at the bottom... I theorize he will float around here for the rest of the season
10Jordan Staal7G-5A-12PJordan had a few games where he really looked like he was about to start tearing shit up, but in the past 5 games he has been held to 0 points... Jordache needs to start producing on a consistent level, or atleast enough that we can get a good winger in a trade with him...
11Ruslan Fedetanko4G-4A-8PSimilarly to the top 2, the bottom 2 were very difficult to decide. I put the Shit Tank at #11 because he has showed some signs of light a few times in the season, but similarly to the rest of the Penguins line up he has a fair deal of consistency problems... The Shit Tank is somebody I can see getting sent away...
12Pascal Dupuis2G-2A-4PFrenchy LeBeard here is a great skater, a great two-way player, and fairly good on the penalty kills... Unfortionatally that is about all he brings to the game. He has excellent positioning, but cannot finish. The reason I put him at the bottom is because he brings the absolute least ammount to this team... Once again, if only we could have an 11a and wait, that's being too nice... 14a and 14b... but once again, that is not the nature of ranking...

Dave Molinari Discusses Janne...

Today on the Penguins Q&A Dave Molinari discusses Janne Pesonen not receiving a fair chance to prove that he can contribute to the pens. An interesting stat, he only tallied around 6 min in the Sabers game, and 7 min in the Devils game....

Read the entire Q&A here

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Pics from a member of the Pesonation

Thanks to Scott for sending us pictures from his trip to the Pens walloping of the New Jersey Devils...just a reminder Pesonation, send us your penguins related pics and we will post them on the site...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pens 4 - Devils 1...Janne reassigned...

The Penguins finally play a full 60 min, and it showed, they really looked excellent tonight... I really thought Janne showed huge strides from when he played in the NHL during the pre-season... Sadly, Janne was re-assigned to WBS following the game... True Janne did not have any points or goals, but honestly, he seemed to provide the same exact thing that Dupuis and Fedetanko bring to every game. We will see how this plays out in the future, and I am almost sure this is not the last time we will see Janne in Pittsburgh...

Kevin's Edit:
I get the feeling they don't really know what to do with Janne, I have to believe they need to give him some serious ice, not the 13 mins total out of the 120 mins played while he was up. The reason he was recalled was that Mad Max's injury was going to hold him out of the Buffalo game. When the Max dressed you knew Jannes playing was going to sparse. Tonight looked more like a goodwill jester for the inconvenience of hitchhiking so soon since there were back to back game.

Janne did look alittle more comfortable this time up. Maybe the next time up he will be able to have a few practices under his belt

Janne's and the Pens Feed

Pens vs. Devils

Tonight the Pens will be squaring off with the Marty B-less Devils, hopefully we can make quick work of them and get back on track. According to the speculated lines on the Pen's website Janne will remain w/ Malkin and Sykora, so hopefully he gets to see more time. The Insider on Pittsburgh sports was saying that there were a bunch of scouts from other teams around to see Janne, not sure what to make of this, but let's just hope this dream doesn't end soon after it began. I really don't foresee a trade in the near future unless Janne was just a part of a package deal, since he really can't command much on his own. Anyways let's just hope tonight he makes a compelling argument to keep him around... From what I have seen so far he is not much of a step up or down from Fedetanko, and costs significantly less money... We should just put the tank on waivers and keep janne up here...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-Game Recap...

Pens 3 - Sabers 4

On the game:

i'll fill this in more later, it's late and I want to goto bed...but I'm gonna have to agree with Mark...
Just putting all the fire power on the top line does not count as a game plan. HCMT needs to come up with something. We still have 3 other lines that need worked out.
Curry was very eh...i'm starting to worry about our goaltending...

On Janne:

Janne did not get much ice time, but has defiantly showed that he can play up to the NHL level. In the first period he stole a sabers won face off and powered it to middle ice where he sent it into the offensive zone (something he didn't do enough of in the pre-season) and then controlled it there. Also, it would have become a goal if Malkin was able to make the pass (not blaming him, just saying it got broken up). Anyways, honestly, Janne did just about as much as Fedetanko would have done... Anyways, I hope they keep him up tomorrow and have him another go, but I'm not sure at the likeliness of that...

Anyways on a complete side note, LargeTurkey made quite the entertaining post on the comments...

Finally he has returned. Should we rename this day easter?
Have a good weekend, go pens, and go janne

Kevin's Edit. 

First off with a little more than 6 mins of ice time for Janne not much can be said other than he never looked out of place during his few shifts.

The Pens played role reversal last night playing for the first 40 mins than leaving Curry and the Sabres to virtually play alone. Outshot 10-3 in the 3rd, but once Buffalo  killed the 50+secs 2 man adv it seemed to be lights out. 

I was very disappointed in the play of Psycho(Orpik, just look at his eyes) and Silk(Letang).  The both of them looked like it was their first game at a strange position leaving Curry out by himself trying to weather what looked like the Sabres storming the beaches of Normandy.

Mad Max seems to have made a nice recovery from what looked like to be a painful injury. You know the lower leg injury just above the foot and below the leg. What is funny that must all think we a pretty studpid when we watched Mad max take the shot the other night to figure we could have know what part of the body was injury, looked like a throat shot to me.

So lets get ready for the Devils and maybe little more of Pessi in this game if he is still with us.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Janne Claus brings Christmas Early

Sorry about the lack of updates today, old people who provide thanksgiving rarely have computers and the internet, and we were basically technologically marooned for the entirity of the day. Anways, as I'm sure that all of you have figured out that Janne Claus has brought us all an early Christmas present this year, tomorrow night Janne will be in his second appearance as a Penguin. Not sure how long Max's injury will keep him sidelined but if it is for a few weeks this could be a huge opportunity for Janne to show what he can bring to the table. Anyways, tomorrow he will most likely be seeing more time than his last trip to Pittsburgh since he won't be sharing time with Minard this time. No idea what line he will appear on, most likely as a winger, I could see him workin w/ Cooke and Staal on the second line assuming that they keep the Malkin-Sid-Sykora line (aka sick as fuckin hell line) together. I honestly do not want to see him play w/ Sid because I feel like both of them are pass first guys, so that may get alittle tedious... Anyways stay tuned for more up to the minute Janne Pesonen news and notes

Minor Updates on somebody getting called up...

So as of right now Talbot is being listed as day-to-day... Unfortionately in the new NHL w/ full disclosure of injuries we really have no idea how serious (if at all) his injuries are. Over at the Wilkes Barre Penguins Insider (they have a new site btw and it's nice) John Bombulie talked about who would get the call up briefly. He said it will most likely be Minard or Janne, with Bisonette, Caputi, and Connor James being the underdog picks. Not sure, I know Minard has been relatively quiet in the last few games, but I could easily see them bringing him up for this. Who knows what will happen, but I'll try and stay as up to date about this as possible....

Just some numbers

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members of Jannenation and Pens bloggers everywhere. As we recover from last night doubleheader, just kick back stuff yourself with whatever traditional meal your family will devour today.

I was just thinking last night where we would be if it not for the likes of Ugly and the Lip, I was wondering why this team is always battling from behind(they are doing a great job), I know it has become the norm it the NHL this year, but why? Sooner or later the good teams will not allow these type of comebacks. I don't have the time an energy to go through every team out there, so I just looked at the our Pens.

Just some Offensive numbers, WARNING!!! WARNING!!! These numbers are OFFENSIVE.

Staal(aka, faired hair boy) last 4 games/1 assist
Cook(Cookie Monster) last 5 games 1 goal/2 pts.
Fedotenko(The Tank) last 4 games 0 goals/ last 10 games 2 goals
Satan(The Evil one) last 8 games 1 goal
Dupuis(Stone Hands) last 13 games 0 goals
Sykora(Papa Smurf) last 8 games 1 goal
Max(Mad Max) last 6 games 1 assist
Kennedy(Pigman) last 7 0 goals
Zigomanis(Big Daddy Ziggy) last 17 games 1 goal

Godard is even worth my breathe, but this isn't in his job description.

Plus i won't get into the g/minders. MAF has been very erratic. Sabu done his job well, except for last night. Curry did what he was asked to do for the 30 mins he had played.

any thought on this? Ok lets get ready for some football!!! and some good grub..

Be safe everyone.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Are the bags packed?

Is talbot out for a long period of time? Who will replace him... Will it be.... Will we be giving thanks for something other than.... Up to the minute updates throughout the holiday.... Pesonen and the Pens does not rest on holidays... Stay Tuned...

I hope he didn't forget his stick and skates.

Both Pens in action.

Phantoms 5 WBS Pens 1-----Pens 5 Islanders 3

Pens at Long Island and Philly Phantom at WBS Pens.

early in both games it 0-0.

Just don't get it. Letang and Boucher maning the point on the second PP unit.

Pens 0-1 on the PP

Boucher is off for cross checking with 14 mins to go..

Big Daddy takes interference pen. short (5-3) man adv.

PP Goal (5-40) Im not sure who scored, but Trent Hunter just made it 2-0 Islanders
with a quickie and bouncing puck.

Talbot looks to be shaken up alittle.(slap shot to the left ankle)Janne better start packing his bags. I hate to see this, Max is the man.

WBS Pens have just killed their second penalty of the period.(0-0)

Fritz and Godard scrapper..pretty much even.

puck is bouncing crazy tonight.

Philly has just scored a (sh) goal making it 1-0

Isles take a boarding penalty, what mess of a PP or we going with now.

first unit looked decent, second unit still looks lost. PP 0-2.

Stacky just reassured us pens will come from behind in this one.

Come on guys, these are still the Isle. If I recall the last time in we sucked for 40 mins then turned it on to throw 18 shots in the 3rd, thats right we pulled it out. So until i see a 4 goal lead, I'm not worried.

You heard it here first/ Cookie and Malkin will get this tied up in the 2nd.

2nd period:

Sabu almost made a b00 b00, that would have made me throw up.

early second, i'm not sure which team is off to a great start this season.

Lip has played with 13 different linemates this season..

Philly Phantom has just scored their 2nd sh goal. 2-0 Philly

Malkin takes a High stick and Bill Gieren scores... 3-0 Isles

John Curry sucks(if you listen to the WBS games) ..hold your breathe.

report from Vince, he read the Lip lips and told Curry not to F-up!!!

6:50 to go in the 2nd, Isle go back on the PP..Dupuis was caught playing with himself.

wow we could have score 3 sh goals on that PK...

Phantom have just scored 3-0 over WBS...

Pens have done a good job of keeping pucks away from John Curry..

Ugly is flying, come on pens get on board!

Here we come 3-1.. Goal by Orpik? could it be yes Orpik..18 secs left in the second..So it wasn't pretty but either is Brooks..

That was a huge goal, you think the Isles are god we go again...

Atlanta Thrashers have become a whipping boy...Lady Alex has 3 goals through 2 periods

3rd period:

Maybe we will get a early PP

Ugly better pick it up...Lady Alex is breathing down his neck, 4 pts tonight so far 29 for the season.

Early 3rd WBS has made 3-1 Caputi has scored...

The Lip makes it 3-2....look out loretta!!!

Phantoms scores making it 4-1..

Ugly has just tied it up got to love it...Lady who?

Oh OH the dam has just broke and so did the backs of the lowly Isles.

Ugly has yet another 4-3 Pens.....

I know the league needs the Lip to be the Face of the NHL. IMO Ugly and Lady Alex are the Global NHL.

MT netter Ugly(5-3)..Game set and match..poor Islanders, the just don't get it. The Isles are so bad we only need to play 20 or so mins of hockey to get the win. Ug took this team on his back and told everyone to hold on to the bar, the ride is about to begin..

John Curry, glad you listen to the Lip, he would have F-u'd up.

Phantoms gave Wbs an ass kickin. 5-1..Ouch!! Janne was -4

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Janne Rumor updaets...

From Denis Lemieux on the Penguins Message board:

Since training camp the Penguins plan with Janne Pesonen was to give him 8-10 weeks in the minors to let him learn the North American game then reevaluate their plans for him. In 18 games this season Pesonen has performed well recording 21 points but indications are the front office views Pesonen as a playmaker only which hinders his chance to be a regular in the Penguins lineup. While the Penguins may not see Pesonen as a good fit, other teams around the league may. Pesonen's agent has been rumored to be exploring potential destinations and in the past month the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders and the LA Kings have been scouting WBS and sources tell me Pesonen was among the top targets they were scouting. The Kings had scouts in attendance when the WBS Penguins played the Portland Pirates and the San Antonio Rampage in October.
Interesting Rumor
With those three teams believed to be showing some kind of interest, a fourth team may be in the mix. I received a tip today (unconfirmed) that a scout believed to be employed by the Chicago Blackhawks was in attendance at the Wilkes Barre – Lake Erie game today and I’m told this scout only paid attention to Pesonen and when Pesonen was off the ice, the scout did not take notes. Waiting for confirmation on this but the Hawks have been linked to Ruslan Fedotenko and Mark Eaton in recent weeks.

Not sure what I make of this...Inside pittsburgh sports has a streak of off the wall rumors which never come true...

Fear of Janne...

Image curtosy of The PensBog (i can't believe i didn't find this earlier)

Over the past couple weeks, the main Janne topic of conversation between Kevin and I is a major question that we really have not brought up to the blog....If there are no injuries or trades, who would Janne replace on the current penguins roster?

I'm not saying we have this team made up of superstars, but pretty much everybody brings something of quality to the table as of right now, and I can't see anybody getting benched. Even the guys who aren't that great of hockey players bring something to the table in their energy or back checking ability. Anyways i'm gonna go through the lower group of players and give reasons why and why not they could be benched for the J-Man

1) Pascal Dupuis
I think it's fairly obvious over the past few months that this blog has a nice bit of distaste for Dupuis ability to finish on key passes and key goal opportunities. Some people may say he was one factor between us and a Stanley Cup. Although he has very little ability around the net, he actually has a fairly good shot from the outside, but he rarely uses it. Also, he is a very good 2-way player, and beneficial on the PK. Another thing with him is we know he can play an entire game. Although Janne is doing well in the AHL, it still can be a question if he would be able to match the 60 min enegery of a guy like this or our next player...

2) Tyler 'Pigman' Kennedy
I always think of tyler kennedy as a young Troy Polamalu...running around the field with little direction, allowing his athleticism and energy to make the majority of his plays. Kennedy needs to let his skill form a little more and rely on skill more than just the hop in his step before he can be considered a very good player. Even more so than Dupuis, it is very unlikely that if Janne came up he would be able to match the intensity that Kennedy brings every game for 60 min.

3) Eric Godard
I do make fun of Mikey T's obsession w/ being "Tough," but you do need to have a little toughness going on. Straight up, Godard brings nothing to the table but his fighting as of right now. Last year he only had 2 goals, so dont' expect too much from him there. But in terms of replacing his ability to manage the violence on the ice, Janne won't even come close...

4) Max Talbot
I was about to finish this article, but then I thought of adding Max here. Yeah I know, I love Max, he is probably one of the funnest penguins around. Max has some nice skills around the net, and is a great line mate for Sid. Oddly, I do kind of see him and Janne having similar styles of play (max is alittle more physical)... I do think he would be the least likely out of any of these players to get traded or benched so Janne can play but I thought it might be an interesting point to bring up for discussion. Since out of all of these guys, Max will be commanding the most money on the market next year, he may be a viable person to replace with somebody who is cheaper and can do the same thing he does...

Anyways, in conclusion, I do not believe any of these players will be sat or sent away for Janne to come up and play (unless janne starts on a 50 goals in 50 games streak or something of equal ridiculousness to that), I just wanted to bring up the main point that as of right now, we dont have any major holes in our game. I really think that as of right now, Janne's best chance would be if somebody gets injured... Well anyways, love to hear all of your comments on the issue...Go pens

Janne Pesonen Picture of the Week...

Yeah I know that I haven't had a chance to do this at all recently, mainly because I ran out of pictures... but i found a new one that i thought was funny...

To me it looks like that dude is hitting on Janne, and he is having nothing of it...

EDIT: Apparantly that is Villo Leino another SM-Liiga player who i signed a contract w/ detroit last it is confirmed, he is a homo...most likely in some f-ed up love triangle with Marian Hossa and Ty Conklin...heard it here first people

Rumors swirl...

Over at the insider on pittsburgh sports, there is an article about the Penguins shopping Janne Pesonen, possibly in a deal to bring Havlet to the pens. I have no information on the validity of possibility of this statement, but I will try and stay on it and keep everything up to date. I really can't imagine that they would send him away w/o giving him a chance to show them what he can do, especially since if he could do something he would cause a relatively low cap hit...unlike a player like Havlet

EDIT: I am working around some of the sources that I have made after becoming a member of the Pittsburgh blogging community, so if I hear anything I will make sure to post it. Stay tuned....

EDIT 2: I was in contact with Seth Rorabauch (the author of the Empty Netters Blog over at, he informed me that although he doesn't have any real sources on the matter, he could not imagine them moving Pesonen this early unless something major comes along. I am now starting to think this is just one of those fleeting rumors that doesn't hold any water, but I will be vigilant in trying to confirm this.

EDIT 3: I talked w/ Dave Molonari of Penguins Q&A this morning and he basically told me that he does not like to deal in rumors (he is a reputable journalist unlike myself, so probably a good idea) but he has felt that Janne should be given his fair shot in the NHL soon... Until I hear more I am going to assign this myth to the BUSTED categorie