Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Pics from a member of the Pesonation

Thanks to Scott for sending us pictures from his trip to the Pens walloping of the New Jersey Devils...just a reminder Pesonation, send us your penguins related pics and we will post them on the site...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pens 4 - Devils 1...Janne reassigned...

The Penguins finally play a full 60 min, and it showed, they really looked excellent tonight... I really thought Janne showed huge strides from when he played in the NHL during the pre-season... Sadly, Janne was re-assigned to WBS following the game... True Janne did not have any points or goals, but honestly, he seemed to provide the same exact thing that Dupuis and Fedetanko bring to every game. We will see how this plays out in the future, and I am almost sure this is not the last time we will see Janne in Pittsburgh...

Kevin's Edit:
I get the feeling they don't really know what to do with Janne, I have to believe they need to give him some serious ice, not the 13 mins total out of the 120 mins played while he was up. The reason he was recalled was that Mad Max's injury was going to hold him out of the Buffalo game. When the Max dressed you knew Jannes playing was going to sparse. Tonight looked more like a goodwill jester for the inconvenience of hitchhiking so soon since there were back to back game.

Janne did look alittle more comfortable this time up. Maybe the next time up he will be able to have a few practices under his belt

Janne's and the Pens Feed

Pens vs. Devils

Tonight the Pens will be squaring off with the Marty B-less Devils, hopefully we can make quick work of them and get back on track. According to the speculated lines on the Pen's website Janne will remain w/ Malkin and Sykora, so hopefully he gets to see more time. The Insider on Pittsburgh sports was saying that there were a bunch of scouts from other teams around to see Janne, not sure what to make of this, but let's just hope this dream doesn't end soon after it began. I really don't foresee a trade in the near future unless Janne was just a part of a package deal, since he really can't command much on his own. Anyways let's just hope tonight he makes a compelling argument to keep him around... From what I have seen so far he is not much of a step up or down from Fedetanko, and costs significantly less money... We should just put the tank on waivers and keep janne up here...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-Game Recap...

Pens 3 - Sabers 4

On the game:

i'll fill this in more later, it's late and I want to goto bed...but I'm gonna have to agree with Mark...
Just putting all the fire power on the top line does not count as a game plan. HCMT needs to come up with something. We still have 3 other lines that need worked out.
Curry was very eh...i'm starting to worry about our goaltending...

On Janne:

Janne did not get much ice time, but has defiantly showed that he can play up to the NHL level. In the first period he stole a sabers won face off and powered it to middle ice where he sent it into the offensive zone (something he didn't do enough of in the pre-season) and then controlled it there. Also, it would have become a goal if Malkin was able to make the pass (not blaming him, just saying it got broken up). Anyways, honestly, Janne did just about as much as Fedetanko would have done... Anyways, I hope they keep him up tomorrow and have him another go, but I'm not sure at the likeliness of that...

Anyways on a complete side note, LargeTurkey made quite the entertaining post on the comments...

Finally he has returned. Should we rename this day easter?
Have a good weekend, go pens, and go janne

Kevin's Edit. 

First off with a little more than 6 mins of ice time for Janne not much can be said other than he never looked out of place during his few shifts.

The Pens played role reversal last night playing for the first 40 mins than leaving Curry and the Sabres to virtually play alone. Outshot 10-3 in the 3rd, but once Buffalo  killed the 50+secs 2 man adv it seemed to be lights out. 

I was very disappointed in the play of Psycho(Orpik, just look at his eyes) and Silk(Letang).  The both of them looked like it was their first game at a strange position leaving Curry out by himself trying to weather what looked like the Sabres storming the beaches of Normandy.

Mad Max seems to have made a nice recovery from what looked like to be a painful injury. You know the lower leg injury just above the foot and below the leg. What is funny that must all think we a pretty studpid when we watched Mad max take the shot the other night to figure we could have know what part of the body was injury, looked like a throat shot to me.

So lets get ready for the Devils and maybe little more of Pessi in this game if he is still with us.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Janne Claus brings Christmas Early

Sorry about the lack of updates today, old people who provide thanksgiving rarely have computers and the internet, and we were basically technologically marooned for the entirity of the day. Anways, as I'm sure that all of you have figured out that Janne Claus has brought us all an early Christmas present this year, tomorrow night Janne will be in his second appearance as a Penguin. Not sure how long Max's injury will keep him sidelined but if it is for a few weeks this could be a huge opportunity for Janne to show what he can bring to the table. Anyways, tomorrow he will most likely be seeing more time than his last trip to Pittsburgh since he won't be sharing time with Minard this time. No idea what line he will appear on, most likely as a winger, I could see him workin w/ Cooke and Staal on the second line assuming that they keep the Malkin-Sid-Sykora line (aka sick as fuckin hell line) together. I honestly do not want to see him play w/ Sid because I feel like both of them are pass first guys, so that may get alittle tedious... Anyways stay tuned for more up to the minute Janne Pesonen news and notes

Minor Updates on somebody getting called up...

So as of right now Talbot is being listed as day-to-day... Unfortionately in the new NHL w/ full disclosure of injuries we really have no idea how serious (if at all) his injuries are. Over at the Wilkes Barre Penguins Insider (they have a new site btw and it's nice) John Bombulie talked about who would get the call up briefly. He said it will most likely be Minard or Janne, with Bisonette, Caputi, and Connor James being the underdog picks. Not sure, I know Minard has been relatively quiet in the last few games, but I could easily see them bringing him up for this. Who knows what will happen, but I'll try and stay as up to date about this as possible....

Just some numbers

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members of Jannenation and Pens bloggers everywhere. As we recover from last night doubleheader, just kick back stuff yourself with whatever traditional meal your family will devour today.

I was just thinking last night where we would be if it not for the likes of Ugly and the Lip, I was wondering why this team is always battling from behind(they are doing a great job), I know it has become the norm it the NHL this year, but why? Sooner or later the good teams will not allow these type of comebacks. I don't have the time an energy to go through every team out there, so I just looked at the our Pens.

Just some Offensive numbers, WARNING!!! WARNING!!! These numbers are OFFENSIVE.

Staal(aka, faired hair boy) last 4 games/1 assist
Cook(Cookie Monster) last 5 games 1 goal/2 pts.
Fedotenko(The Tank) last 4 games 0 goals/ last 10 games 2 goals
Satan(The Evil one) last 8 games 1 goal
Dupuis(Stone Hands) last 13 games 0 goals
Sykora(Papa Smurf) last 8 games 1 goal
Max(Mad Max) last 6 games 1 assist
Kennedy(Pigman) last 7 0 goals
Zigomanis(Big Daddy Ziggy) last 17 games 1 goal

Godard is even worth my breathe, but this isn't in his job description.

Plus i won't get into the g/minders. MAF has been very erratic. Sabu done his job well, except for last night. Curry did what he was asked to do for the 30 mins he had played.

any thought on this? Ok lets get ready for some football!!! and some good grub..

Be safe everyone.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Are the bags packed?

Is talbot out for a long period of time? Who will replace him... Will it be.... Will we be giving thanks for something other than.... Up to the minute updates throughout the holiday.... Pesonen and the Pens does not rest on holidays... Stay Tuned...

I hope he didn't forget his stick and skates.

Both Pens in action.

Phantoms 5 WBS Pens 1-----Pens 5 Islanders 3

Pens at Long Island and Philly Phantom at WBS Pens.

early in both games it 0-0.

Just don't get it. Letang and Boucher maning the point on the second PP unit.

Pens 0-1 on the PP

Boucher is off for cross checking with 14 mins to go..

Big Daddy takes interference pen. short (5-3) man adv.

PP Goal (5-40) Im not sure who scored, but Trent Hunter just made it 2-0 Islanders
with a quickie and bouncing puck.

Talbot looks to be shaken up alittle.(slap shot to the left ankle)Janne better start packing his bags. I hate to see this, Max is the man.

WBS Pens have just killed their second penalty of the period.(0-0)

Fritz and Godard scrapper..pretty much even.

puck is bouncing crazy tonight.

Philly has just scored a (sh) goal making it 1-0

Isles take a boarding penalty, what mess of a PP or we going with now.

first unit looked decent, second unit still looks lost. PP 0-2.

Stacky just reassured us pens will come from behind in this one.

Come on guys, these are still the Isle. If I recall the last time in we sucked for 40 mins then turned it on to throw 18 shots in the 3rd, thats right we pulled it out. So until i see a 4 goal lead, I'm not worried.

You heard it here first/ Cookie and Malkin will get this tied up in the 2nd.

2nd period:

Sabu almost made a b00 b00, that would have made me throw up.

early second, i'm not sure which team is off to a great start this season.

Lip has played with 13 different linemates this season..

Philly Phantom has just scored their 2nd sh goal. 2-0 Philly

Malkin takes a High stick and Bill Gieren scores... 3-0 Isles

John Curry sucks(if you listen to the WBS games) ..hold your breathe.

report from Vince, he read the Lip lips and told Curry not to F-up!!!

6:50 to go in the 2nd, Isle go back on the PP..Dupuis was caught playing with himself.

wow we could have score 3 sh goals on that PK...

Phantom have just scored 3-0 over WBS...

Pens have done a good job of keeping pucks away from John Curry..

Ugly is flying, come on pens get on board!

Here we come 3-1.. Goal by Orpik? could it be yes Orpik..18 secs left in the second..So it wasn't pretty but either is Brooks..

That was a huge goal, you think the Isles are god we go again...

Atlanta Thrashers have become a whipping boy...Lady Alex has 3 goals through 2 periods

3rd period:

Maybe we will get a early PP

Ugly better pick it up...Lady Alex is breathing down his neck, 4 pts tonight so far 29 for the season.

Early 3rd WBS has made 3-1 Caputi has scored...

The Lip makes it 3-2....look out loretta!!!

Phantoms scores making it 4-1..

Ugly has just tied it up got to love it...Lady who?

Oh OH the dam has just broke and so did the backs of the lowly Isles.

Ugly has yet another 4-3 Pens.....

I know the league needs the Lip to be the Face of the NHL. IMO Ugly and Lady Alex are the Global NHL.

MT netter Ugly(5-3)..Game set and match..poor Islanders, the just don't get it. The Isles are so bad we only need to play 20 or so mins of hockey to get the win. Ug took this team on his back and told everyone to hold on to the bar, the ride is about to begin..

John Curry, glad you listen to the Lip, he would have F-u'd up.

Phantoms gave Wbs an ass kickin. 5-1..Ouch!! Janne was -4

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Janne Rumor updaets...

From Denis Lemieux on the Penguins Message board:

Since training camp the Penguins plan with Janne Pesonen was to give him 8-10 weeks in the minors to let him learn the North American game then reevaluate their plans for him. In 18 games this season Pesonen has performed well recording 21 points but indications are the front office views Pesonen as a playmaker only which hinders his chance to be a regular in the Penguins lineup. While the Penguins may not see Pesonen as a good fit, other teams around the league may. Pesonen's agent has been rumored to be exploring potential destinations and in the past month the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders and the LA Kings have been scouting WBS and sources tell me Pesonen was among the top targets they were scouting. The Kings had scouts in attendance when the WBS Penguins played the Portland Pirates and the San Antonio Rampage in October.
Interesting Rumor
With those three teams believed to be showing some kind of interest, a fourth team may be in the mix. I received a tip today (unconfirmed) that a scout believed to be employed by the Chicago Blackhawks was in attendance at the Wilkes Barre – Lake Erie game today and I’m told this scout only paid attention to Pesonen and when Pesonen was off the ice, the scout did not take notes. Waiting for confirmation on this but the Hawks have been linked to Ruslan Fedotenko and Mark Eaton in recent weeks.

Not sure what I make of this...Inside pittsburgh sports has a streak of off the wall rumors which never come true...

Fear of Janne...

Image curtosy of The PensBog (i can't believe i didn't find this earlier)

Over the past couple weeks, the main Janne topic of conversation between Kevin and I is a major question that we really have not brought up to the blog....If there are no injuries or trades, who would Janne replace on the current penguins roster?

I'm not saying we have this team made up of superstars, but pretty much everybody brings something of quality to the table as of right now, and I can't see anybody getting benched. Even the guys who aren't that great of hockey players bring something to the table in their energy or back checking ability. Anyways i'm gonna go through the lower group of players and give reasons why and why not they could be benched for the J-Man

1) Pascal Dupuis
I think it's fairly obvious over the past few months that this blog has a nice bit of distaste for Dupuis ability to finish on key passes and key goal opportunities. Some people may say he was one factor between us and a Stanley Cup. Although he has very little ability around the net, he actually has a fairly good shot from the outside, but he rarely uses it. Also, he is a very good 2-way player, and beneficial on the PK. Another thing with him is we know he can play an entire game. Although Janne is doing well in the AHL, it still can be a question if he would be able to match the 60 min enegery of a guy like this or our next player...

2) Tyler 'Pigman' Kennedy
I always think of tyler kennedy as a young Troy Polamalu...running around the field with little direction, allowing his athleticism and energy to make the majority of his plays. Kennedy needs to let his skill form a little more and rely on skill more than just the hop in his step before he can be considered a very good player. Even more so than Dupuis, it is very unlikely that if Janne came up he would be able to match the intensity that Kennedy brings every game for 60 min.

3) Eric Godard
I do make fun of Mikey T's obsession w/ being "Tough," but you do need to have a little toughness going on. Straight up, Godard brings nothing to the table but his fighting as of right now. Last year he only had 2 goals, so dont' expect too much from him there. But in terms of replacing his ability to manage the violence on the ice, Janne won't even come close...

4) Max Talbot
I was about to finish this article, but then I thought of adding Max here. Yeah I know, I love Max, he is probably one of the funnest penguins around. Max has some nice skills around the net, and is a great line mate for Sid. Oddly, I do kind of see him and Janne having similar styles of play (max is alittle more physical)... I do think he would be the least likely out of any of these players to get traded or benched so Janne can play but I thought it might be an interesting point to bring up for discussion. Since out of all of these guys, Max will be commanding the most money on the market next year, he may be a viable person to replace with somebody who is cheaper and can do the same thing he does...

Anyways, in conclusion, I do not believe any of these players will be sat or sent away for Janne to come up and play (unless janne starts on a 50 goals in 50 games streak or something of equal ridiculousness to that), I just wanted to bring up the main point that as of right now, we dont have any major holes in our game. I really think that as of right now, Janne's best chance would be if somebody gets injured... Well anyways, love to hear all of your comments on the issue...Go pens

Janne Pesonen Picture of the Week...

Yeah I know that I haven't had a chance to do this at all recently, mainly because I ran out of pictures... but i found a new one that i thought was funny...

To me it looks like that dude is hitting on Janne, and he is having nothing of it...

EDIT: Apparantly that is Villo Leino another SM-Liiga player who i signed a contract w/ detroit last it is confirmed, he is a homo...most likely in some f-ed up love triangle with Marian Hossa and Ty Conklin...heard it here first people

Rumors swirl...

Over at the insider on pittsburgh sports, there is an article about the Penguins shopping Janne Pesonen, possibly in a deal to bring Havlet to the pens. I have no information on the validity of possibility of this statement, but I will try and stay on it and keep everything up to date. I really can't imagine that they would send him away w/o giving him a chance to show them what he can do, especially since if he could do something he would cause a relatively low cap hit...unlike a player like Havlet

EDIT: I am working around some of the sources that I have made after becoming a member of the Pittsburgh blogging community, so if I hear anything I will make sure to post it. Stay tuned....

EDIT 2: I was in contact with Seth Rorabauch (the author of the Empty Netters Blog over at, he informed me that although he doesn't have any real sources on the matter, he could not imagine them moving Pesonen this early unless something major comes along. I am now starting to think this is just one of those fleeting rumors that doesn't hold any water, but I will be vigilant in trying to confirm this.

EDIT 3: I talked w/ Dave Molonari of Penguins Q&A this morning and he basically told me that he does not like to deal in rumors (he is a reputable journalist unlike myself, so probably a good idea) but he has felt that Janne should be given his fair shot in the NHL soon... Until I hear more I am going to assign this myth to the BUSTED categorie

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pesonen all-star game?

Right now Janne is at around 18-30 votes for a birth in the all star game.... I know that Janne gives so much to us, and it would be great for us to give something back to him. I would like to ask that this christmas we give janne claus a present... I know he will never make the game, but let's atleast get him more votes than Stamjokes....

Click here to vote

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wbs Pens lose yet again.

Pens 2 - Monsters 4

Chris Minard scored his league-leading 16th goal with less than three minutes left in the first frame. From below the goal line, Pens forward Janne Pesonen threw a behind-the-back pass in front of the net, right to the stick of Minard, who put the puck over the shoulder of Weiman to give the Pens a 2-0 lead.

Janne had 1 assist
in a 4-2 loss to the Lake Erie Monsters, The Pens lead 2-0 after one with goals from what seems like the only two player who knows where the net is Jeff Taffe and Chris Minard.

2nd period seem to be their undoing when the Monsters scored 4 unanswered goals.

3rd period saw the Pens out shoot the Monsters 18-3 with nothing to show on the scoreboard.

So it looks like Janne,Taffe and Minard will have to circle the wagons themselves. Looks like it will be a long season for them.

Berks had been playing well of late ended up giving the Monsters 4 goals on 15 shots. ugh.

#3 Keith Magnuson

On November 12th the Chicago Blackhawks retired the #3 for the late Keith Magnuson, Keith week killed in a vehicle accident, I think is was in 2003(correct me if I'm wrong), driving the vehicle was former NHLer Rob Rammage.

I remember seeing Magnuson play(you couldn't miss him because of his flaming red hair), nobody gave more on the ice. He wasn't blessed with the skill that would make him a joy to watch, but Keith was fun to watch seeing him play the game like it should be played. He was your prototypical stay at home defenseman . He was rough not only from a skills stand point(14 goals in 1442 games), but he was rough as to how he handled the d/man positon. He wouldn't back down from a challenge. Keith stood up for his mate time and time again only to get his ass kicked. Taking boxing lessons one off season you would have thought Keith would improve and maybe win a few, but no, it was amusing to see him fight. His desire to me is what stood out the most.

Pesonen and the Pens give you a final farewell salute to you, Keith Magnuson.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

WBS Pens lose

Pens 2 - Marlies 3

For the second straight game the Baby Pens have fizzled on the PP, as a result the Toronto Marlies defeated the Pens 3-2. Marlies G-man Justin Pogge played a strong game in net buy stopping 33 of 35 shots. I don't have much on the game since I thought it was a 7pm game I didn't listen to it at 4pm.

Janne ended the game with 2 assists +1 1(shot) and a high sticking penalty, just his second minor of the season.

Anyone who can add to this posting feel free.

Pens lose to Canucks

Canucks 3 - Pens 1

Suffering their first regulation lost in 9 games, the Pens lost to the Canucks 3-1.

What was being hyped as the showdown between Pens captain Lip and Vancouver's G/tender Roberto Luongo lasted a less than 5 mins when Luongo left the game with what is being reported as a groin injury. Canucks back-up G Curtis Sanford and son was called to action, but there was little action by the Pens.

The game started with some buckshot as Cookie Monster sent a Canuck player ass over tin cup, when it was all said an done after a few fights. Cookie's alumni game was over quicker that is had started(25 secs into the game).

From there on Vancouver played a very solid road game with 2 goals Pavol Demitra and a goal from Daniel Sedin.

The Pens tried to pull some of their old magic and wait to the last period to rev it up and it almost looked they would pull it off with a Early 3rd period goal by Big Daddy Zigomanis beating Sanford just 22 secs into the period.

That was the first regulation lose for the Pens in 9 games. They are winless in their last 2 home games losing to the Wild 2-1 in a SO.

Ugly and the Lip were held scoreless for the second time in three games.

A gift from Janne Claus

Here is a little pre holiday treat from

highlight(week 11/15) video of your own Pittsburgh Penguins.

Thank you Janne Claus.

Friday, November 21, 2008

WBS Pens 3 Griffins 2

WBS Pens 3    Grand Rapids 2    SO

Janne and Mark Letestu have scored in the shoot out to lead WBS over the Grand Rapid Giffens(Detroit's minor team)

                            Shootout Video from Obelix

Adam Berkhoel had a strong first period, But Grand Rapid scored a shorthanded goal on the Pens 3rd PP of the period  at 19:44. The goal  broke Berkhoel's shutout streak(202:44), Berks had 3 games in a row, plus 19:44 of the 4th game. 

Janne was held without a shot after 2 periods.

The Pens had a few chances on the PP but couldn't convert.  Pens were 0/4 on the man advantage.

Griffins outshot the Pens 13/9

2nd period 
saw each team score a goal. Connor James scored for the Pens just as their penalty expired making it 1-1.

Giffin's Helm scored his second of the game. 2-1 Giffins.

Pens have had 6 PP's with nothing to show for them.

Giffins are out shooting(24-18) and out playing the Pens.

3rd period.

With Berkhoel standing on his head the Giffins continue to press. Another strong game by Berks.

Pens will have their  9th PP.

JANNE has just set-up Minard (15) to tie up the game at 2-2. Finally a PP GOAL!

We go to overtime. with alot of space playing 4-4, I'm afraid this will give a major advantage to Grand Rapids.

Janne has just drawn a penalty in OT. 1 min PP for the Pens. hey  I didn't know this rule. A 1 min PP are you serious?

Pens take a penalty with a 1:22 left in OT.

Pens kill the penalty and go to a shoot out....

AHL also has 5 man shootout. Didn't know that either.

Janne shots first

Grand Rapid shoots

Grand Rapid shoots


Grand Rapid

Pens win 2-0 in shoot out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Janne Claus Delivers

Pens 3 - Thrashers 2

Janne Claus appears on the blog, and delivers. Penguins win a game they should have dominated. I watched most of the 1st period closely then was watching the 2nd and 3rd off and on while watching the steelers. Anyways, Sabu looked fairly good again, let in a few dumb goals. Sid the Kid made an appearance making one of his signiture falling on his ass goal. I know one of our readers Mark was going to the game so we may be getting some exclusive pictures... If Janne Claus thinks we have been nice this year of coarse...


Mark posted a pretty good analysis from being at the game in the comments section... My favorite comment, when referring to listening to a recording of the national anthem, "I felt like I was at a Knoxville Ice Bears game."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You better watch out...

As the holiday season dawns upon us I would like to introduce you to our newest member of the Pesonation...Janne Claus...

So remember, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, i'm tellin you why...Janne Claus soon enough, will be coming to town... Anyways, expect throughout the rest of the Holiday season Janne Claus may start making some appearances telling us who has been naughty and who has been nice...

Yet Another Shutout

Crunch 0 WBS Pens 3

Well it was all quiet on the Janne front tonight, held off the scoreboard first time in 4 games, thou Janne did register a couple of shots.Tthe Pens played a strong game getting goals from Stone, James and Grove to go with yet another shutout from Adam Berkhoel. Berks stopped all 33 shots fired at him for his 4th shutout in his 10th game. I believe this was Berkhoel's second consecuitive shoutout. Maybe with Curry backing up Sabu, Berks will acutally be allowed to see how far he can run his current hot streak.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Streaks Die tonight...

Pens 1 - Wild 2 (SO)

Tonight Malkins dream of breaking Marios record of consecutive point streak ended, as did the Pens' 5 game winning streak. Not much to be said here, the Pens played a pretty good game, but the other net minder was just too good tonight. This loss doesn't worry me at all, the Pens are clicking on pretty much on all levels. The one thing i do find funny is probably 2 of our worst wingers (not saying they are terrible but they are not our best...and i'm talking about Dupuis and Satan) are sharing time on one of our top lines... Anyways...your thoughts?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pesonation is making some noise.

We are starting to hear that Finnish Flag is making its appearance at the Wachovia Arena. We can only imagine the WBS area is hunkering down as Jannenation is taken foot hold in the AHL city. We are looking for proof that the area is Pessified. Janne has been on a recent tear as of late with 3 goals in the last 3 games. Anyone who attends the game feel free to email us any Finnish Flag pic you can come up with. We will post with your credits.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crunch 4 Pens 3

Finally WBS Penguins finally posts a picture of Janne...

GOAL!!Pessi(5) opened up the scoring for the 3rd straight game, as the Pens lead the 11-3 Crunch 2-1 end of 1. Jeff Taffe scored the 2nd goal.

Check out Janne's goal and the Biznasty vs Nasty Mirasty fight

The Crunch scores the only goal of the 2nd period. 2-2 end of 2

The Crunch scored a PP goal with about 6 mins to go in the 3rd.

Janne set-up the tying PP goal off the stick of Minard(14) with about 3 mins to go.. 3-3

Crunch score with 36 ticks in the game to defeat our Pens 4-3.

Janne ended up with 1 goal 1 assist +1 AND 5 shots. Janne was 2nd star today. second game in a row where the Jannster was a star.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Its a Pens sweep. 5-2 and 3-0

Sabres get a first period goal from Jason Pomgrande to lead the Pens 1-0 early in the 2nd period.

BREAKING NEWS: Janne scores PP(4) goal to get the Baby Pens rolling, its 3-0 in the second period. Final from WBS 3-0 Pens Andy Berkhoel has his 3rd shutout and Janne had the GW goal and was 3rd Star

Sounds like there are about 6 ppl in the crowd tonight, this game has turned into B...O...R...I...N...G

Ugly(7) has just scored a PP goal to tie it 1-1. yah!

Couple of meanless penalties, *yawn* Pigman takes a 2 min at the end of the 2nd. Goal Thomas Vanek(this kid can score) 2-1 Sabres with 43 secs in the period.

Pens with a late 2nd period PP. Penalty will carry over to 3rd..

Just saw the interview with Goose, he needs a rug to get him back to age of 23/24, he looks around 35.

3RD PERIOD has started just as B...O...R...I...N...G as the first period. with about 14 mins to go, is a *yawner*

With about 12 mins to go Cookie Monster just crushes a Sabre, Is anyone awake?

Sabres are playing a very good road game, But can they finish it?

Ok , the stage is set, Pens on the PP with about 9 mins to go.. do I see 2-2 in the future?

Miller just spears Staal in the nuts..ouch!

Goal Goose(4)!!!! it is 2-2, nice pass from the LIP.

Cookie Monster to the Engine(6), Goal!!!! 3-2 Pens

Tank(4) Goal!! from Ugly 4-2 the route is on....

Cookie, Engine and Pigman have been a rockin.

MAF has been solid.

Staal(7) the MT NETTERS(hey that is one of the best blogs going)5-2

Ugly is player of the game and leader scorer with 29 points.

Some sick Janne goals...

So WBS Penguins youtube page finally got around to posting highlights of the game I was at in which Janne had a nice breakaway goal and a nice shootout goal... Breakaway goal at 1:34 and shootout at 1:54

BizShitty on waivers

BizShitty has been placed on waivers according to the Tribune Review i'm fairly sure he has to clear waivers to be sent down to Wilkes-Barre... IDK if this is going to result in a call up (or if we want it to considering Bizshitty has been a healthy scratch 10/16 games) but you never know... I'll keep my eyes and ears open and report anything i hear...

UPDATE: BizShitty cleared waivers, not much of a surprise there...I don't expect this to lead to another call up, but you never know

Friday, November 14, 2008

Penguins to debut new jersey...

The penguins will be debuting their 3rd jersey tonight against Buffalo at 7:30 PM. The pens really need to get their D and their Goaltending in order here. It seemed like at the beginning of the season our O was doing shit, and our goaltending and D were keeping us afloat, now it's the opposite. Hopefully mikey t can get our D and G to come around like he did with the O so we can have the full OGD going, rather than the GD or the O.

Anyways, in addition to new Unis, our goaltenders will both have new masks. Marc-Andre will have a mask which is mostly blue and yellow and features an old Penguins logo, his No. 29, the date of the Winter Classic, initials honoring his four deceased grandparents and a fleur-de-lis on the chin. The Brick Wall Danny Sabs will be paying hommage to a late great of the game of hocky, ex-penguins goaltender Dunc Wilson...

yeah the pens sucked back then so that obviously wasn't a playoff beard...NOW THATS THE KIND OF DETERMINATION I WANT TO SEE...treat everygame like the playoffs...hopefully Danny Sabs brings that same determination that Dunc Wilson brought with his facial hair to the game with his new Threads...

To be fair, The Lip (that's sid if you haven't caught on yet, i wanted to call him The White Mike Tomlin because of his interview style but Kev's nickname was shorter) may be a few months into his playoff beard for all we know...

I must be slipping in my old age...

Due to conflicts of interests (Big pens playing the same time as baby pens) Kevin and I have not been up on our Janne Performances... anyways, in the Baby Pens' last game (4-2 loss against the Binghampton Senetors), Janne opened the game with a goal...NOW WE ALL KNOW what that means....

Sadly he ended up -1 on the day...

Melrose Fired for poor Suit Performance...

Today the Pittsburgh Penguins - South fired Barry Melrose... Many people feel that the main reasons around this were because of their poor start, but my insider sources have informed me it was because of Poor suit performance. When Pittsburgh-South hired Barry Melrose they were hiring the guy with the awesome suits from ESPN:

Also he did wear a white suit quite often but i can't find a picture of it...

Anyways, when he became the pittsburgh-south coach...

Here he looks like

WTF is up with that flesh colored suit...

He is on his way to the NYC Stock Exchange for his first day as a trader:

This suit is just pitiful...


Here he has the fiery instinct that they wanted...but not the threads to back it up...the guy behind him is so disgusted he refuses to look at him...

Yeah so you get the point...anyways the current interim coach is Rick Tocchet, i expect this only to last a few weeks until they get a deal together with don cherry...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Flyers 4 Pens 5 Final

Goals by Cookie Monster in the first and Ugly and Lips in the second had made it 3-0 Pens, the Filthy Cryers then called a time out to snort some coc. That drug move by Cryer's coach Stevens as the Cryers score two goals a little over 1 min apart by Carter and a shorty by Gagne.

Gagne scores his second shorthanded goal of the period. Score is now 3-3 , what is it with teams blowing big leads anymore. about 4 mins to go in the 2nd.

Eaton takes a penalty with about 1 min to go, following face Cryers ring the post..Whew!!!

Goal Cryers on the Eaton PP. Lupul scores make it with 4 ses in the period 4-3 cryers.

2nd started out like it was going to be a blow out and turns into a nightmare. I dunno, doesn't make sense, I can't explain it, I don't want to think about it. *shrug.

Ok lets get ready for the 3rd. This is where Staal shines, right? I can't hear you, I asked right? Come just relax, I know the Filthy Cryers will blow this one.

Pens pull it out with a nice goal in the closing minutes of the 3rd then Golgo has an amazing shootout goal and then in typical Cryer style, Hartnell chokes...

Just some thoughts

On the one comment board Mark made the comment, "I'm just a lil frustrated right now with the fact that a golden player like Janne is still in WBS..." and i was gonna post my response to the comment section but i figured i'd just post it here:

Somebody on offense is bound to get injured... I know that is terrible to think, but in such a physical game with such a long season it is almost impossible that our entire offensive core will last the entire season. We just have to hope it isn't malkin or crosby mainly, but I could easily see somebody getting injured and out for a month giving Janne and/or Minard a chance, then it's up to them to prove that they can cut it in the big leagues...

Personally, and honestly this is not because of my bias towards Janne, but I really don't think Minard has the chops to cut it in the big leagues... The big question for him was speed, and when i say that I am not talking about his speed which is fine... I am talking about the speed of everybody else. With him it seems that when the Defense is playing at NHL level, he can't score, and since he doesn't bring much to the table but his sniping ability he is pretty much useless. I think he is a fine player at the AHL level, and I would love to be proven wrong and have his abilities translate to the NHL, but I truely do not see that happening...

Based on this, I would say that once there is an offensive injury we will most likely see Minard get the call first (unless he continues laying eggs in the AHL), but if he doesn't bring success to the table we will see him sent down for janne, and I truely feel that Janne has a good deal to bring to the table in the NHL... Chances are he will not automatically crack the top line, but i would LOVE to see Janne - Staal - Cooke... janne moving the puck, staal in front of the net, and Cooke outside waiting to fire...

Anyways those are my thoughts...

Another step towards a sweep...

The pens take on our cross state rivals the cryers tonight... We may see a WBS call up today, but on defense, since our D core is slowly being depleted.... From what i have been following there are several defenders down there who are capable of filling in on a game by game basis. This will be fully dependent on Scuderi's health... Anyways, if our offense can play like it did against detriot and our D and goaltenders can get back in form I expect this to be an easy game for the pens to walk away with 2...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sure it doesn't mean much but IT SURE FEELS GREAT


This feels good, this feels really good. Yeah it doesn't take away anything from last seasons lost, it doesn't make us better than them, but it feels good. If anything, I'm mainly happy and hoping that this will give us the confidence boost that we have been needing. Staal really looked like he may have found his stride. Cooke looked like a machine. Although i don't like them, you have to admit, whenever the red wings move the puck it is like watching the closest thing to perfection in hockey... Anyways, we got the cryers comin up, hopefully we will be able to handle them. Also i hope mikey t doesn't decide to mix these lines up again (unless this mix up includes janne) before the next game...

But we must sit here and ask our self... What got into the pens that spurred that comeback... It was almost like there was an angel watching over them.... A messiah maybe?

Anyways...go pens

Pens 7 Wings 6

Well the Lip scored the opening goal around the 4 min mark with nice work from Satan and Max, then the Wings woke up  to score the next two. Pens held an early 4 shots to 2 advantage. The first period ended up 12-4 in favor of Detroit. 

We need to stay out of the penalty box if we are going to survive in this game.

*Osgood can be had. We need chances
*Scuderi to a slapshot to the left ankle, Rod was taken to the dressing room.
*Hossa assisted on the Detroit PP goal( this guy has magic hands)

2nd Period...

Wings on the PP, cross ice pass,Orpik stops with his skate, Samualson picks it up nice pass to Franzen easy goal 3-1.

Sydora pick up a loose puck shot it ni front, Max was tied up, but puck bounces off his skate pass Osgood. 3-2

Pens play is a little better after the Talbot goal.

Wings started to possess the puck and once again Hossa was involved. the wings were rockin and rollin and a blast from Pavel Datsyuk with Thomas Holmstrom screening MAF, Goal! 4-2

3RD Period:

Pens start back on their heels as Datsyuk is all alone to the right of MAF.
Wings seem to pick-up where they left off in the 2nd frame.

The Lip goes to the penalty box.

Wings on the PP. Goal by Zetterberg. Nice drive to net. 5-2.

Pens are faced with the dreaded 2- man advantage.. Goal Ugly 5-3. Nice shot!!

Whoa whats this a Staal sighting, GOAL!!! what a play by Cookie Monster!!! me like Cookie.. 5-4 We are in this again. oops spoke to soon..

Goal by Hudler on a blast through MAF 6-4 WTF! come on Marc you should have/need to stop that.

Ok, 5mins to go in the game, lets give a whirl..

Staal GOAL! 6-5 I knew Osgood could be had tonight, just didn't know the MAF would be had too.

frantic finish here we come...Pens flying everyhwere. The Lip a wild backhand. save Ozzie.

MT net faces the Wings.
Staal the HATRICK!!!! woot.. off the blast from Malkin. in all kind of traffic. 6-6. Where has this Staal been?

OT baby, wonder what the red lappel pins all the coaches are wearing means. What Charity?

Big Daddy Ziggy is the draw master!!! 

Pens on the PP. whoa baby, I need some oxygen.. the PP is a cooking.... no goal.

Goal!!! Pens wins Feddy wins it. 7-6.. what a game, I don't know what more to say, I'm posting as I'm watching and my head is spinning like Osgood. WOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!

I have to go Pee i'm so excited..good night !!! Pens win 7-6 in OT

Monday, November 10, 2008

Can you feel the energy

Our top poster(Obe) have yet delivered once again.

Legendary Finnish ice-hockey commentator mr. Antero Mertaranta in World
Championships game FIN - USA 12th of May 2008:

"At first Teemu Selanne (Anaheim Mighty Ducks) scores 2-2 and after that
Mikko Koivu (Minnesota Wilds) scores 3-2"

I can't make out what he is saying, but you can just feel his energy.

Thanks Obe...


On Tuesday we will be returning to the sight of one of the greatest playoff hockey games I have ever watched...

The other big thing is that we will finally be getting a shot at Hossa... Although I am sure the Pens nation will attacking Sister Marian, I myself will not be degraded to that level. He made a decision that he felt was best for him, and honestly, it will most likely pay off (either with a Stanley cup or he'll at least get an even bigger payday in FA next year).... I would have loved to keep him, and I was sad that he left, but you cannot blame him for his decision... He wants to eventually be a #1 somewhere, he wants to be the show... By taking a 1 year deal, he will play one year get a big long contract, eventually be the talk of a town and sportin a C... That would have never happened if he stayed here...

Anyways, i'm not going to read into this game too much... I'm not going to tout it as the definitive measure of who is going to end up on top this year... But I am hoping it will be a good game...

From the Penguins perspective.... It has seemed like every few games the pens get on the brink of breaking wide open and living up to their potential, and I think playing a team like the redwings might be the catalyst we need. If Malkin can get back into rythem and our first line can do what it did against the oilers, and now with Staal hopefully back in the loop, and Pigman and Big Daddy Zigomannis looking good we could be on the brink of dominance here...

We have had trouble with big western conference teams this year and I'm hoping they don't make us look like little girls like the sharks did...

In other news Max Talbot expresses his distaste with hossa

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Euro Hockey Tournament Results

Obe has posted results from the Euro Hockey Tournament.

Team Russia has won the Euro Hockey tourny.

Russia - Czech Republic 1-0 (0-0,0-0,0-0,0-0,1-0)
1-0 Danis Zaripov, penalty shoot-out

Finland - Sweden 0-2 (0-0,0-1,0-1)
0-1 Oscar Hedman (Dick Axelsson, Marcus Nilson)
0-2 Mika Hannula (Dick Tärnström)

"There are all the best world-class players from European area at the moment (like Crosby or Malkin are at the moment in NHL). This is a tournament which will be played here in Europe every year. Like a Canada Cup was a earlier."

Thu 6th of November:

Finland - Czech: 5-4
Russia - Sweden: 1-0

Sat 8th of November:

Czech - Sweden: 4-1
Russia - Finland: 6-2(our second favorite country)

Thanks Obe.

Pens 4 at the Islanders 3 SO

Kevin's Edit: Sid the Lip will play tonight against the Islanders. 

I wasn't able to watch the game last night but I did catch the highlights on the NHL Network. I must say all the Pens goals were pretty nice, especially Staal's goal and not to be out done, Sykora had a sweet SO winning goal.

Ziggy showed some life the on attack, couple of real nice helpers. Go Ziggy.

Pigman(T.K.) scored a couple of nice goals. It would be nice to see him catch fire til the Lip and Ugly(he did have an assists) get it going.

Has the Nhl teams adopted their own version of the Nfl's prevent Defense. The Islanders are yet another team that had 3rd period leads evaported after playing two strong periods. How do you get outshot 18-1 in the third after pretty much having your way for 2/3 of the game. Thanks New York..

The Pens visit Long Island tonight to take on the hapless NY. Islanders. The Islanders have only won 2 home games in the 7 played. It is being reported that Sid the Lips will be a game time decision. The Lip has been bothered by the infamous lingering undisclosed injury. Give figure,I dunno. Pens are currently riding a 2 game winning streak. Ugly is leading the league in scoring with 4G and 17A= 21 pts.

Hershey 3 vs WBS 4

Kevin's Edit: 

Janne seems to have very limited ice time tonight, maybe his hand is bothering him. no report

Pens gave up an early 3rd period goal and then held on to beat the AHL's best team 4-3 despite being out shot 32-17.

despite being out shot 16-7 the Baby Pens lead Hershy 3-1. Thomas,Filewich and Jeffrey. Janne has 0 pts and is +-/-1

two teams traded goal in 2nd..4-2 Pens. **D-man Danny Richmond has 3 assists through 2 periods

The Hershey Bears come to town to play out Pens, Hershey has lost only 3 games so far this season, Tho the Pens went into Hershey and defeated them 5-4 early in Oct.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Lowell 0 at Baby Pens 4

Kevin's Edit:

Chris Minard got the Baby Pens off an running soring 2 early PP goals. Minard's second PP was a tip-in off the shot of Janne, it was Minard's league leading 13th goal. All four goals were scored in the first period. Stone and Wallace also scored for the Pens. Janne finished with 1A and 3 shots. Andy Berkhoel produced his second shut-out of the Lowell Devils. Berkhoel stopped all 26 shots and also had an assist on Wallace's goal.

Well the Baby Pens finally come home to face the Lowell Devils tonight. In October the Baby Pens defeated the Devils 5-0, lead by the Ahl's top scoring line and the goaltending of Andy Berkhoel, who stooped all 46 shots fired at him. Janne had 1G 1A as the top line scored 4 of the 5 goals.

Pen's learn the heimlich...

Pens 5 - Oilers 4

Pens find a way to not choke last night and barely pull off a game that they should have won. The first two periods they looked like a team that was ready to roll back to the SCF, then come the 3rd period they looked like a high school team. They gave up a 5 on 3 goal... That's all i have to say.... Fleury went from amazing to terrible, some of those goals he gave up were terrible and he could have easily avoided them... Anyways, who cares, we got 2...

EDIT: I think Satan is reading our blog and is responding to kevins comment that he is not a 1st liner...

Kevin's Edit: 
scoring to goals against some washed up bum goaltender doesn't excite me much. Satan is the Pens version on Anforney Smith. He is not a first liner. He will share from the fruits that Lips and Ugly  produce. I want Satan to prove me wrong, Mirslov if your reading this send us a signal. We should have crushed the Oilers

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pens 2 Bridgeport 3

Bridgeport scored 2 PP goals 25 seconds apart in the 1st period which led to a 3-2 victory over our Baby Pens. Once again the only line scoring for the Pens is the AHL's hottest scoring line of Taffe, Minard and Pessi. Taffe ahd a 1st period goal and Minard, who leads the league in goals scored early in the 3rd period. Janne had 1 assist and was a +1 also with 1 shot.

This concluded a 7 game road trip in which the Pens ended up a respectable 4-3.

John Curry was the G/tender  

Blogger Salute to: OBELIX

Our initial featured Blogger/Reader is Obelix, Obe as I like to call him resides in Finland. Obe has been with us almost from the get go, he is also one of our top contributors on Janne and the Pens. Obelix, We Salute You!!

"I found this old and emotive picture from my archive. It was taken in year
1975 when I was 12 years old and a goalkeeper in team Oulun Karpat (= same
team from which Pessi came to the Pens). Our team's best result was fourth
in Finnish National Junior League (also in year 1975)."

Go Oulun Karpat, go Pens!!!
Best Regards: Obelix

Pens to Debut 3rd Jersey tonight...

Penguins are debuting their 3rd Jersey tonight at Dick's Sporting Goods at the mall at robinson... I'll post pictures as soon as they are available or somebody sends me some... Can't wait to see one of them with #20 on the back...


Thanks to ICETHETICS (if you have never been here before it's a really sweet site)... I have some pictures of the new Pens Jersey's, we were expecting them to be slightly different from the winter classic jerseys but alas they are the same...

Don't know why the pictures aren't working just go over to icethetics and check it out, you should read that site anyways

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New feature at Janne and the Pens

Any of our readers/bloggers who have a hockey background, feel free to send us some action pics and a bio on yourself. we will feature a player a week.

My email:

Baby Pens travel to Bridgeport

Tomorrow night the Janne train keeps on a chugging as the 5-3 pens travel to play the 7-3 bridgeport Soundtigers. This is the second game between the two teams with the Soundtigers winning in Wilke-barre 4-3 in a shootout.

Janne rallied the Pens in the first game with a goal and two assists. Janne also had a shoot goal.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hockey Network Commercials..To Funny

For anyone who has the Hockey Network you had to have seen these commercials. They continue to crack me up. For those who don't have THN here they are.

Pens Rumored to be Shopping Sydor

The Ottawa Sun has reported that the Pens are shopping D-man Darryl Sydor, Sydor is 36 years old and makes around 2.5 mil.

I really don't expect much in return for Sydor, with his age there might be a team out there that could a steady journyman defenseman. With the emergence of Golo and Latang there won't be any room for this granddad on the bench. I'm guessing they are try to make alittle cap room and maybe pick up a draft pick of something. 

Darryl has played in 6 games this season with 1 goal and 1 assist.

Has anyone else heard this rumor? or  if you can confirm this how about dropping us a line. 

Minard, Pessi reassigned, Lead WBS in win

Well it was a short lived party for our favorite Fin, today the pens re-assigned Chris Minard and Janne bck to the Baby Pens. Then they turn around to lead the Pens to 4-3 victory over the Houston Areos. Minard(goals 8,9 and 10) had the hat trick and Pessi recorded 2 assists. It sounds to me like there weren't any long faces from either player.

I guess we start from square one with Janne, he didn't take the St. louis arena by storm, but he held his own. I kinda felt this was a temporary call up with Dupuis injured. So we shall wait to see what the future holds.  Lets Go Baby Pens/Pens!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Subway Sandwich of the Game...

Pens 6 - Blue 3

Well it's official the Pittsburgh Penguins are 1-0 when Janne is on their roster. Janne did not have the breakout game we all hoped he would, but he has been practicing with this team for one day so we need to give him time to get some chemistry... One thing that we all noticed due to the shameless subway advertising was the physicality of the North American game is no biggy for Janne, as he won the prestigious Subway Sandwich of the game (he also had a good hit in the 1st period by the blues' bench that was really good)... Anyways there will probably be some pictures up tomorrow which we will post, but all in all it was a good night, Janne got a lot of face time on the camera, and got a solid amount of time in the 1st and 2nd period, so the "Great Depression" is seemingly over for the time being and we are moving into an era of great prosperity...

EDIT: Janne is -1 currently but the goal wasn't his fault... and all in all this was the most complete game the pens have played this season

Kevin's Edit: 
Tonight the Pens played  their second complete game with their first being the Carolina game. Satan had a nice game with 1 goal and 2 assists. We finally seen Janne in a Pens uni. Janne, as he wasn't a force on the offense as we had hoped, I'm sure better days are ahead. Pessi did have  a couple of nice hits along the boards during the first and second periods. We are not not sure where he will fit in right now, just hope the brass gives him a chance to practice and get use to his new diggs. So now we wait till Thursday to see the continued improvement of Janne. Oilers better beware Janne and the Pens are 1-0...