Saturday, February 28, 2009

WBS @ Bridgeport

Janne "the Great"(18)(Goose,Letestu) has scored late in the first period to give the Pens the lead 1-0

Bridgeport D-feats the baby pens 3-2

 Engelland, (2) (GooseLetestu) score the second goal.

Late in the game the Pens had a 5 min PP, they did nothing with it...

The pens fall into 3rd place with the lose.

Because I forgot...

Janne gets demoted, buries one... Dupuis hasn't scored in 18 games and missed an open net against the Islanders and he's takes time between the 1st and 3rd line... FURS

Who will burnout first

Just hope it isn't me.

As the playoff race is heating up the teams in the hunt will be facing increasing pressure. I was just checking out the schedules, man there should be lay it on the hockey coming up.

Of course looking at our schedule to the playoffs, we just started out an important road trip with a win in Chicago. We still have 5 of the next 6 on the road then we come home for 8 in the row.

We have 3 games with FLA(1 home/2 away), Rangers(1 home), Carolina(1 away), Montreal(1 away), plus games vs Craps, Cryers, Jersey, Boston, Calgary. So this is going to get very tense, tho I like our chances.

Did you ever think with last year we would be put into this position so late in the season. There are going to be a lot of tired and beat hockey players when this is all done, to think I'm just talking about the end of the regular season.

Group Therapy soon to come!

Friday, February 27, 2009

That was a huge 2...

Not sure how much the Pens deserved 2 there, but they got it so who cares.... I must say, this chicago team is gonna be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Staal looked surprisingly good tonight, either he's playing for his job or trying to put on a good show for a trade, anything can happen at this point... Kunitz got goal that was Huets fault, but who cares, I liked seeing him have a presence in front of the net, we will need that down the line... What can i say malkins shot was a great set up, great finish, we deserved to win in OT (not in the 3rd, but in ot yeah)...

Anyways, that is a huge 2, brings us within 1 win of a playoff spot. Pens don't play until sunday, but tomorrow is a huge day, rangers, sabers, panthers, habs, and hurricanes are all playin so we will need to hope we get some help.

Some random thoughts:

- Pigman was out in the 3rd, no news yet, if he's hurt will there be another call up?
- Does anybody else feel like they'd rather have Thomas in there than Wallace, i was high on wallace earlier in the season but today he looked horrid, making big mistakes that caused opportunities for the Hawks...
- Can we please trade Hal Gill, i think he is out there for every goal that we ever let up... Come on, he played well last year down the stretch, this year he is horrid... I'd trade him for a corned beef sandwhich at this point...
- I'm thinking they should try out a line of Sid Staal and Kunitz....considering staal and kunitz's chemistry today, sid would be a def upgrade from pigman...

anyways, any other thoughts?

Kevin's take: PHEW!!

I agree, we did escape with our hockey lives last night blowing 2 two goal lead. The Hawks were flying after the first 20 mins. I thought the Staal line was by far our best line. The Hawks future looks bright if they can come up with a goalie.
Did you notice how calm Sarge was on the winning goal , time running out on the PP, if I was the only one yelling "come on hurry" Bob Errey will sell you the Lip's jockstrap. Gonch's pass to Malkin was just as soft and showed no urgency when all of a sudden seeing the back of the net bulge was sweet.

Kunitz , I gave a B+ for his play, even though his goal was a gift atleast he finished it. He had nice energy plus he seemed to mesh with Staal very well.

So we got out of a dodge with 2 , that is all that counts. The Stars are next. I think they can be had. They have injuries issues too, thou their goalie is alot better.

Like Vince mentioned is his post, tonight is a big night. Fla, Buff and Carolina are all on the road, The Ranger and Montreal play at home.

Hey Vince, where is the Janne video? How soon we forget.

Albany at WBS

Albany leads our baby Pens 3-2 at the end of the 2nd period.

Janne(17)goal and assist. Pessi also was the games 3rd star

Jefferys(7) and Bissonnette(5) scored in the 3rd for the win.

Curry was in net for the win.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to WBS

Janne has been re-assigned and they recalled Tim Wallace... That was stupid... Gotta keep fightin the good fight...Rumor has it that we could be making more moves tomorrow, hopefully we will deal multiple forwards for 1 forward and Janne gets the call...


Remember when we were sad that he was hurt?

Whitney was dealt to the Ducks for Kunitz and a prospect Tangradi... Not sure what to think of this yet...

Kevin's Take:

the 6'4" Tangradi is a power forward by trade, the results of this trade won't br for a few years. Tho my sources were telling me today Whits is having his other foot operated on during the off season. Kunitz is a Pascal clone, so you figure it out.

Remember when we were sad that he was hurt?

Whitney was dealt to the Ducks for Kunitz and a prospect Tangradi... Not sure what to think of this yet...

UPDATE: Another HUGE win for the Pesonation is that while Janne has stayed up to skate on the 4th line, Chris Minard has been placed on waivers. I like Chris Minard, I have been a supporter of him, but IDK if he can cut it in the bigs, he has gotten good time on good lines and hasn't done much... Even with his size, I was hoping that he'd be more of a menace in front of the net... So if this is the last time we see you in the Pens organization, the Pesonation wishes Minard well...

Crosby sits Janne skates

Practice today Crosby sat...Supposedly Janne was skating with the 4th line...Hopefully he gets time with the first line...more to come


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finnish Badass Scratched

Not only was Janne brought up to keep from kickin Sean Avery's ass tonight, he missed the morning lets hope that is the reason why he was scratched...

Super pest Sean Avery comes to town

The baby Pens with 2 games in hand on Hershey while only trailing the first place Bears by 3 points host the Hartford Wolfpack.

John Curry will be in nets for the Pens...

1st Period:

Gonzo(2)PP(Taffe,Caputi) 5:57 mins into the 1st....Pens 1-0

Avery has just scored tieing the game at 1-1

1-1 end of 1...

2nd period:

Hartford scores early in the second for a 2-1 lead

pens were kinda quiet in this period

Pens are out shooting the Wolfpack 29-20 after 2...

3rd Period:
Hartford scores an early shorthanded goal...3-1 Wolfpack

Pens out shooting the Wolfpack 35-22, but have just given up their second shorthand goal of the 3rd period...4-1 wolfpack

PP goal makes it.....5-1 Wolfpack  with about 5 mins to go...

Looks like the Pens will lose their second straight game. What has happen to this team. ahhh no Janne...

Let's get crazy Pesonation...

This is like that last game of college football, when the senior doesn't know if he will ever play the game again. This could be Janne's last chance to prove that he is capable of playing NHL hockey for the Penguins... We need the pesonation to go crazy here... If you know somebody going to the game, call them, text them, whatever, just tell them to support Janne in some way... Texting shit to the jumbotron, chanting his name (a nananana chant maybe) or make a sign... Janne needs to have a huge game here, he needs to prove he belongs, no more excuses, if Danny B gives him a chance he needs to take it...



Janne got the call... Not sure which line he is on, more to come... I'm betting that Danny B gives him more of a chance that the Late Mikey T ever did...


Bring in Avery 2.0

Our team is soft... We don't have an enforcer... Sean Avery is probably just as good as any of the wingers that we have... I think we should bring him in. I love Matt Cooke, but he is not filling in the shoes that Ruutu left him as the agitator/enforcer... We are letting teams push us around and run right over us, and trust me, with Avery with a Penguins logo on the front of his uni, that would not be happening... Locker room cancer my ass, I honestly don't buy into that, other than his on the ice antics and one off the ice antic he really hasn't raised that much concern in my book... Anyways, the Pens are bigger pussies on skates than the Icecapades, if we can get Avery on the cheap, I say go for it, we need more grit going into the playoffs. Hell even if we get a top tier winger, we are still a bunch of vag's... Sign Avery


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun with Web 2.0...

Not the only bitch...

We give Sid tons of shit here at PATP...some of it in jest, some of it serious... Over the last few days it seems that everybody has jumped on the "Let's bash sid" bandwagon and make Lady Alex out to be this stand up guy who promotes the nature of the game... Now i'm not gonna be like a capital fan and say that Lady Alex sucks... He's a great player, he's a great goal scorer... Is he the best player in the game right now... I personally would argue for Malkin because he is a better all around player, but I can accept arguments for Ovechkin as valid...

Anyways back to my original point... Right now everybody is calling Crosby a bitch, blah blah blah... Which I accept as true... But the thing everybody has to remember... OVECHKIN IS JUST AS MUCH OF A BITCH AS CROSBY... Remember when Ovechkin was losing every time to the Pens... He was makin as much noise as sid... Hell what about his temper tantrum when Chara put him on his ass (I still don't think it's a hook, but judge for yourself)

Last time I checked, Sid called out Lady Alex during the game, and she backed down... Right now Sid is not acting like a professional, but he is a great player, who is on a team playing sub-par hockey... You would be a complete joke to think that Lady Alex would not be acting the same way if he was playing on a team with such utter incompetence (especially after reaching the SCF the year prior)...

Anyways, I make fun of Lady Alex alot, but I understand he is a great player... But he is also a bitch and a classless player... They will probably sweep the pens because they are a better team this year... Anyways, i'm sure no capitals fans come here, but it's time they start to realize that their buddy is not this amazing stand up guy they make him out to be... So before anybody jumps on me, this article is not me trying to defend Sid for being a bitch or saying who is better than who... Also i'm not saying we should give sid a pass for his lack of captainatude and bitchyness...All i'm saying is that Ovechkin is a bitch too and Capitals fans suck...


Monday, February 23, 2009

Silver Lining

With the Rangers falling apart as we speak, The Habs aren't to far behind them. Now the Sabres have lost #1 Goalie Ryan Miller with a high ankle sprain. All we need is a little run, which I think we can make.

Today on "The Drive" Eddie Crow called The Lip a punk, saying he played like a little punk with his whining. They also questioned his leadership on a consistent basis.

Then Scott Paulson surrendered that the best Nhl player resides in the Capitol. Paulson said that Lady Alex was into the Lips head the whole game.

Another comment was made saying the Craps wanted to put any doubt who the better team is just in case they would meet in the playoffs.

Our goaltending is really starting to scare me. I still have this feeling we will make it and make some noise in the playoffs.

I think we should start off with the Islanders Wednesday...

Rangers Fire Renney

John Tortorella is expected to be named the New York Rangers head coach.

The Rangers fired Tom Renney after a 3-2 loss in overtime to the Toronto Maple Leafs.
New York has lost 10 of its last 12 games, I'm looking as the collapse of the Rangers as our Pens way to get in to the playoffs.

More Janne

Damian posts:

From Shelly Anderson's Penguins Chat Transcript.

icebirds: With Bylsma coming from the Pens farm team, is he more likely to give minor league players a chance on Crosby's wing when the get promoted to the NHL? I know alot of people were frustrated Therrian never gave Janne Pesonen a chance.

Shelly Anderson: I couldn't agree more about Janne Pesonen. In his four times with the NHL club since he signed over the summer out of the Finnish Elite Leaue, he never got a chance to show what, if anything, he could do as a top-six winger. Interm coach Dan Bylsma is the one who most directly has overseen Pesonen's adjustment to North American hockey, and Pesonen has played very well on a scoring line with Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, so it would be telling to see how he might employ Pesonen under a fifth callup. The problem is, the Penguins are healthier now than they have been all season, so it's hard to say when Pesonen's next shot might come.

New Assistant coach named

Wikes-Barre Scranton news:

Chris Cichocki (chih-CHOCK-ey) has been named interim assistant coach of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, it was announced on Monday.

Cichocki, 45, spent three-plus seasons as head coach of the Stockton Thunder of the ECHL, compiled a 93-121-33 record in 267 games behind the bench, and guided the Thunder to back-to-back Kelly Cup Playoff appearances in 2006-07 and 2007-08.

A right wing during his playing days, Cichocki spent parts of four seasons in the National Hockey League with the Detroit Red Wings and New Jersey Devils, compiling 23 points (11+12) and 27 penalty minutes in 68 career NHL contests.


MIXING IT UP: The Penguins saw 16 different players score goals during their nine-game winning streak (Wallace, Caputi, Jeffrey, Engelland, Cashman, Mormina, Pesonen, James, Johnson, Daoust, Letestu, Taffe, Bissonnette, Cote, Goligoski, Henrich).

HOME COOKING: The Penguins 20 wins at the Wachovia Arena this season are the secnd-highest total by any team, and their 42 home points (20-5-0-2) are second highest, behind only Grand Rapids' 49 (21-4-3-4).

OVERALL EFFORT: The Penguins have allowed 149 goals against this season, the fourth lowest total in the AHL, and have scored 198 goals, the second-highest total in the league behind only Hershey (217).

FIRST TAKE: The Penguins have posted a 25-8-0-1 record when they score first. Those 25 wins are tied for the fourth-highest total in the league this year (Hershey - 28; Hamilton - 26; Rockford - 26).

PK IS OK AWAY: The Penguins rank tied for first in penalty killing on the road, stopping 87.8 percent (122 of 139) opponent attempts. The Penguins have also scored six shorthanded goals on the road, tied for second most in the league (Rochester - 7).

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A win here would be Huge

Vince's recap:

First Period Recap:

wow we looked flat, if we do not do something real quick this game could get out of hand very easily... The NBC's announcers are basically going down on Lady Alex every waking moment... Could anybody understand anything that he was saying in that mumbling interview?

Also, Caps fans are weak... They just set a record for most sell-outs in a row...8...

Second Period Recap:

Vomit...I understand we are a soft team overall, but I don't understand why we let the capitals push us around so much...stand up for yourselves....

Third period recap:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The War of Northern Agression...

It's amazing how the other side re-imagines what really happens...

So, I was watching the game replay on Comcast Sports Net (FSN for Philly) for some reason and those commentators made the FSN crew look like Al Michaels in his Prime... They had an extreme Philly agenda and they knew shit about hockey...

The biggest thing, was on the Pens final goal, their reflection went something like this...

"Wow, Biron comes out and makes an amazing hockey play and the Penguins get lucky and get a goal and might steal this game from the Flyers..."


WBS vs RiverRats cancelled

Tomorrows game with the Albany Riverrats was cancelled do to a the teams bus accident.

BECKET, Mass. - Three players and employees of the Albany River Rats were seriously injured this morning after their team bus slid in snow and rolled on the Massachusetts Turnpike just before 3:30 a.m., Massachusetts State Police said. 

The injured people are a mix of players and team employees, River Rats coach Jeff Daniels said, but declined to identify any of them until families can be contacted.

Police describe the injures as serious, but Daniels said they did not appear to be life threatening.

"We were very fortunate and lucky," Daniels said.

Daniels said the bus rolled after hitting bad weather on a return trip from Lowell. It struck a guardrail, coming to rest on its side and partially on the highway. The discovery of the disabled bus prompted other motorists to stop their vehicles on the highway and then try to slow approaching traffic, Daniels said.

Some seriously injured suffered lacerations during the accident. 

Everybody on the bus was taken to Berkshire Medical Center. Four people were admitted for treatment and all aboard were being checked out by medical staff as a precaution.

"They've been great looking after us," Daniels said.

The bus was heading back to Albany after playing in Lowell, Mass. Wednesday night. It overturned just east of Lee. 

The coach and the rest of the team are still at the hospital this morning. 

The streak is over

the 9 game winning streak has come to the end for the baby Pens losing to the Hamilton Bulldogs 4-1. It was WBS first lost of the month of Feb.

Janne was held scoreless for the second straight game thou is sounded like he played a strong game.

With the game tied the Bulldogs scored 2 goals in alittle more than 2 mintues of the 3rd period.

John Curry lost his first  game in  what seems like ages, Curry had won 11 in a row.

Who doesn't like beating the Cryers

Once again, the Cryers self destruct against the Pens. The Cyers Marty Biron makes yet another bone head move against us costing the Cryers yet another game verses the Pens.

A great 2 periods for the Pens almost went up in smoke as the Cryers tied the game 4-4

when Biron self destructed late in the game. Huge 2 pt.

Lip,Ugly and Shittank were absolutely dominate today.

The Lip is a Cryer killer and  love it.

Thanks for the 2 Marty, can't wait to see you again.

Pens 3 Crunch 1

The Baby Pens are still rolling, they won their 9th in a row last night 3-1 over the Crunch. the Pens scored on  PPs from  Letestu(16) and Caputi(15), then Connor James(15) add a goal in the 3rd.

Janne was held pointless and had 5 shots on goal.

John Curry, who has been on fire of late got the win is now 22-7/ 2.32 ga avg.

Pens play the Hamilton Bulldogs @ 7pm tonight.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The O shows...

Wow....the offense showed up tonight, i'm hoping the D shows up on sunday... i'm way too drunk to give you an analyis, all i have to say is offense keep it up, d get in line


Time to start reading into things...

Letang isn't playing, Canadian news reported he was traded earlier today, it was BS...but why is he sitting...

Minard is playing instead of Bill Thomas who has been playing well as of lately, are the Pens putting Minard on display for other teams...

Honestly, at this point, out of any of the AHL players, expect Minard the most likely to be dealt come trade deadling. He cannot be sent to the AHL w/o being put on Waivers, so right now he is getting paid NHL money to do his best Duece Staley impression...

Another rumor that has been floating around was the Pens bringing back Colby Armstrong... This is an OK move, i just hope they don't give up that much for him. Colby is a pretty good player, but he is not a player that can come in and really spark things like a big name player could...

Anyways, NHL Trade deadline Looms... Right now i predict the pens make one or two minor moves, but nothing large. If Staal gets traded look for it in the off season...


Are we being too nice to Sid?

I briefly touched upon this on the message board for my inconsiderate post about how Sidney Crosby doesn't like sick kids, but I just wanted to get everybody's thoughts on this. Are we, as fans, too nice to Sidney Crosby?

Pittsburgh has some of the greatest sports fans in the world, but with that, we are also the most critical of our players... But for some reason that does not translate over to Sidney Crosby... When Big Ben has one bad game... ONE GAME... the Steelers nation (especially Kevin) come out in hoards talking smack about him, and how he's not good, blah, blah blah... Sid has some bad games, we either ignore it or start making excuses for him. This last time he was sick, yeah that sucks, but I'm sorry, as a great athlete on a team in fear of missing the playoffs you HAVE TO SHOW UP, especially when you are playing teams like Toronto. Especially in a city like Pittsburgh, where our star athletes time and time again have shown their true medal while braving injury and illness. Another popular excuse is, he has no wingers... There is some validity to this, but he still has to put up points if he wants to be this great player. It's not like Malkin is playing with Maurice Richard over there... Hell Lemieux had some linemates that could barely skate and they put up 30 goals...

Now, before the Sidney Crosby Fanboys/Girls jump on me for this post, let me say something, I like Sidney Crosby, I think he's a great player, I think he will do great things... I just don't think that we should just let his lack of effort or leadership down this hard stretch slide. Right now, he screws up, we defend him... Maybe if we treated him like we do our Quarterbacks he will have extra motivation and play better... Jump on me if you want, but you all know, that if the Penguins miss the playoffs nobody is gonna be bad mouthin Sid "The Great One" Crosby, but hey, next season when the Steelers lose a game we're gonna be calling for Dennis Dixon to start...

Go Pens...Go Janne...

PS: Sid looks cross-eyed in that picture at the top...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just an observation...

A week or so ago the Pens had a Charity bowling event for the Make A Wish Foundation... Now they showed some videos during one of the last two Pens game and I noticed something interesting, and thankfully they posted a Picture Gallery on their website to confirm my suspicions...

Sidney Crosby wasn't there...Malkin, Staal, Fleury, Gonchar, etc.. were all there, but i could not find one picture that had Sid in it... This leads me to believe one of two things...
  1. Sidney Crosby does not like or care about sick kids...
  2. One of the sick kid's wish was that rather than waste his time bowling Sid hits the ice and practices shooting the damn puck...
Anyways some of my personal favorites...

Satan can't even score in bubble hockey

This is what i'd look like as a fat pig...

I really wish i knew what they were talking about..."In Soviet Russia, Pins This High"

Letang is probably thinking "I can't believe i'm losing to this church bitch"


Monday, February 16, 2009

State of the Pesonation...

Well Pesonation...our screams have finally been answered... Mikey T has finally been relieved of his duties and has been replaced by Danny B from Wilkes-BarrE... At first glance this does not have huge effects on the current state of the Pesonation, but after closer inspection we can see that this is a huge step forward in our prayers... It is obvious that Danny B is fairly high on Janne, having play on the top two lines in WBS and having him on the top PP unit... Also he knows what Janne can do when given the chance... Now, i'm not saying that we're gonna wake up tomorrow and have Janne rockin left wing with the lip, but long term if the pens keep danny b around it may be good for a Janne re-signing and possible chance next season...

Now it is no secret that the FUMT grass roots campaign started here at Pesonen and the Pens, and slowly gaine momentum and landed us here... Now until Danny B starts pissing us off and we start our FUDB campaign... Presenting...

So if any of you are going to a Pens, WBS game or a Finnish hockey game..... bring a free janne sign... post these images on your blog, we really need to push this one... Let the world know that we want to see janne in the bigs... We here at Pesonen and the Pens can only do so much... Now we are calling on the members of the Pesonation... Asking for your support... Show the world that we are strong and that we are many... So make your signs... Take pictures of them, send them into us, post on your blogs, post on message boards... Let the entire world know that we are done with this injustice and we cannot take it any longer... FREE JANNE...

Images from the Pesonation

Thanks to fellow Janiac Brad from This Is Getting Old for sending in some Janne pictures... He recently took in a WBS game and came away with some memories...

No such thing as a quick fix...

The Pens lost... the 1st period it looked like they were man handling us... I don't know what to say about this team... Hopefully after some more coaching from the Savior we can get back on track... Interesting note, they said for the remaining portion of the season we have to go like 19-6 or something like that to finish with 91 points on the season... We lost to the Maple Leafs and the Islanders back to back... Wow...

Not sure if it's true but...

Funny story;pid=1303826;d=this
Malkin never really seemed like he had an attitude problem, but who knows... Anyways, later tonight when i get the time i will be posting a very special State of the Pesonation/Mikey T Funeral...

Edit: Link was taken is the story they are reporting...

Therrien is fed up with Malkin's attitude. He asks Malkin and Petr Sykora to come in to the coach's room.

"Shut the door, Petr. Sorry to do this to you, but I want you to translate this so there's no mistakes between me and Gino."

"Sure thing, Coach."

"Tell Gino if he doesn't buy into my system immediately, I'm going to bench him."

Sykora turns to Malkin, and translates it into Russian. Malkin responds in Russian. As he's talking, Sykora is getting visibly uncomfortable. He coughs nervously, then sighs. He's obviously trying to decide if he should translate exactly what Malkin said or to clean it up a little. After a second he turns to Therrien and translates:

"Tell that piece of shit if he ever benches me again I'll be on the next flight to Russia."

As Sykora finished the sentence, Malkin stood up and walked out of the room.


This story has come out as fan fiction... it's still funny as shit...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here He is

Dan Bylsma has been named interim head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, replacing Michel Therrien, it was announced tonight by Executive Vice President and General Manager Ray Shero. Stay tuned tomorrow for a very special State of the Pesonation



The Pittsburgh Penguins

have fired head coachMichel Therrien. Wilkes/Barre Penguins' coach Dan Bylsma will take over as interim head coach.


Well it finally happened... A grass roots movement that started here at Pesonen and The Pens, several months ago has finally came to fruition... Mikey T is gone... more to come

Sharks 2 Wbs Pens 5

Janne(16) has just scored a PP goal to give the baby Pens a 1-0 lead in the 1st. 

The Pens are looking for their 8th straight victory. With a win the Pens could move within 1 pt of the division lead.

The Sharks have tied the game at 1-1 with a goal alittle less than midway through the 2nd period.

Pens take the lead midway through the 2nd with a Tim Wallace(11) just scored...2-1

Letestu(15) has given the Pens a 3-1 lead with the assists going to  Janne and Jeff Taffe...3-1 at the end of 2...

Sharks score earrly in the 3rd..3-2

Alex "Goose"Goligolski(1) has just made is 4-2, with the assists to Janne and Luca Caputi

Adam Henrich(2) with about 3 mins left has given the Pens a 5-2 lead

Janne was #1 Star 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

One Nail....

It is starting to get tight,the mouth is dry and assholes are starting to twitch. Whatever the excuse is going to be that is just what they are, excuses. Toronto Maple Leafs have pounded us for the 3rd straight game. MAF had to be outstanding in the second period or the Leafs might have posted a 10 spot on us.

There is plenty of blame to go around twice in this game. Hard to believe we were up 2-0 after the first.

Silk and EatNpark looked horrid tonight.

The Lips line was dreadful.

We are so bad on the below the goal line cycle.

MAF(41 shots) is facing way to much rubber game in and game out.

This sucks, so much for character, who has it?

I dunno, I just hope the final nail doesn't come Monday @ 2pm

Fire F'n Mikey T or put me out of my misery....

Vince's Take: This team has no business in the playoffs... They give up a 2 pt lead to a shitty team, when their only veteran leader has returned... I'm sorry everybody, but my faith is on it's last thread... I don't know what happened, does our supporting cast suck, did we get too much of a sense of entitlement? I don't know... All i know is this team right now, does not deserve to waste the time of the tradition of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.... I hope we don't make a trade deadline move... Let's just get to the off season and lick our wounds and rebuild...

Bulldogs 2 WBS 3

Our high flying WBS Pens have defeated the Hamilton Bulldogs 3-2 for their 7th straight win.

John Curry won his 9th in a row and 20th of the season.

Cote(2) scored with a little less that 8 mins to go in the 3rd.

also scoring for the Pens were Caputi(14) and Wallace(10)

Janne was held scoreless again with 4 shots....

WBS outshot the Bulldogs 32-22

Green sets New NHL record...

Congrats to out to Crapitols Defenseman Mike Green, Green(22) has just scored a PP goal for a Nhl record 8th straight game.

The old record set by Boston D-man Mike O'Connell 1983/1984 of 7 games.

Green didn't start playing hockey until the age of 11

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Hossa effect

As the trade deadline approaches everybody who bleeds black and gold has to be wondering if Ray Shero can spin the same magic he did last year. Can Ray Ray bring somebody in that has the same effect that Marian Hossa did? That being said, first of all I would like to say that from what I know, there are no Marian Hossa-esque wingers that are going to be dealt come trade deadline (but i personally feel that he is one of the top 3 wingers in the league)... Anyways, what i think the bigger deal is, rather than getting somebody who can perform like Lady Marian, is somebody who can help raise the confidence of the rest of the Pens. Going into the trade deadline the pens were a really good team, after the trade deadline they were an excelent team (for an eastern conference team). Part of that was that Hossa was playing excelent (atleast come playoff time), but I think that a major part of it was the swagger that the rest of the team gained after gaining an excelent winger like Hossa...

Right now, the biggest winger on the Pens radar is St. Louis... Which when you compare to the wingers that we've had the last 8 years is probably not a bad pick up... Janne might be sacrificed, but I actually would not expect that... The players that I would watch come trade deadline are, for the big pens, Whitney, Staal, Talbot... And for the baby pens, I would keep you eyes mainly on Dustin Jefferys, I honestly do think that the pens will keep Janne and Minard around due to their tremendous upside for the baby pens Calder Cup hopes... Anyways we are going to start kicking this into high gear here, the playoffs are looming and the Trade Deadline is only a stones throw away...

Anyways, atleast can Yeo before the playoffs...PLEASE

Friday the 13th

I'm not going to go into detail on any of these Friday the 13th games, but with games in hand on our Pens.

Montreal was winning 2-1 at the midway of the second....(Monteal...2pts)

Here is the way it looks now.....

Rangers.... 66pts(26 games left)
Montreal....66pts(26 geames left)
Cryers....65pts(29 games left..ouch!!)
Panthers....64pts(27 games left)
Sabres....64pts(26 games left)
Carolina....57pts(27 games left)
PENS....57pts(26 games left)

we can't afford a secondary effort against a bad MapleLeaf team who has beat us twice already.

WELCOME BACK Sergi, hope it isn't to late..

Penguins re-assign Luca Caputi

Luca Caputi is goin back down to play with Janne... This is probably because Gonchar is coming back and Mikey T has a hard on for Billy Thomas... I'm not saying he's bad or anything, but he is never gonna be a top line player (although considering that Pigman and Dupuis are on the 1st line then i guess anything can happen)... Anyways, I thought Caputi showed some potential and I wish they would have at least gave him top line minutes... But alas in the Mikey T system you have to prove you can play minutes griding it out (even if thats not the type of player you are) in order to show that you deserve top line minutes... Maybe that is why Mikey T is incapable of developing talent, cause their skill regress when they play the roles he assigns them...

Man I hate Mikey T so much...

Kevin's Take:

These are the same coach's whom the other night had on our PP, Mark Eaton(428 games played and 18 goals..1 powerplay goal) and Bruce Oprik(350 games played and 6 goals..1 powerplay goal) at the same time. Bad enough they are even on the ice during a man advantage,but at the same friggin time, hell Mike Green scores more on one skate and both hands behind his back then these to also rans....I Hope we clean house with asshole coachs sooner than later..

FU Mikey T...FU Yeo...FU Shero

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is it just me....

Or does jordan staal look like he might have a little simple in him when he celebrates...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Pens win... Pens win... That game was a pleasure to watch... The Sharks goalie stood tall and put up a hell of a game, but luckily the pens were able to squeeze that one out. I am not saying we are going to start rolling now, but I saw something in that team today that I haven't seen all season. The jump they had in their step, the fun they were having on the bench... This is the type of moment they can hopefully ride into the playoffs. I still do not believe that this team is capable of winning the Cup, but I also predicted the Steelers would be lucky to be 8-8 this year. Let's keep ourselves in it and see what happens come trade deadline...

Marc Andre Fleury continues to play Dr. Jeckyl and Mr.Hyde with us. One game he looks completely useless, and games like tonight he looks like the elite goaltender that carried the pens to the Stanley Cup. I honestly think that he plays off the energy of the team, and when the team plays well, he plays well, and when the team plays like shit, he follows...

Before we continue celebrations, one thing needs to happen... CROSBY'S LINE IS A COMPLETE JOKE... Dupuis and Kennedy are both barely 3rd liners, let alone 1st liners... Crosby was on fire today and set Pigman up so many times it made me cry... Sadly, idk if we have the answer on this team right now... Satan and Staal looked really good today, maybe they both deserve a bump back up to the top 2 lines?

Go Janne...Go Pens...FUMT

Monsters 1 WBS 3

Totally dominating the Monsters winning 3-1, the Pens have won their 6 straight win.

Adam Berkhoel was in net for the win.

Goals by: Henrich(1).Taffe(19) and Biznasty(4)

Pens outshot the Monsters 36-17 

With the Hershey loss the pens are within 5 points of first.

Like going to a funeral....

Tonight the Penguins play the Sharks... I can't get excited for this game at all. After watching the Sharks complete 3rd period dismantling of the best team in the east last night, I have very little hope for the Penguins to accomplish anything against them... I hope to be proven wrong here, but judging from last night and last time we played them (one of the most dominating hockey games i have ever seen in my life), I have very little hope...

Kevin's Take: 

Looks like the Sharks will be starting in net Brian Boucher, that is a plus. 

9 of the next 11 games are on the road...that is a negative

Rangers/Montreal are collapsing...that is a positive

Buffalo lost  ThomasVanek...that is a positive

In happier news the Lake Erie Monsters are traveling to the Wachovia Arena tonight. The Monsters are 21-25-1-5 and are nearly 20 points behind WBS... The Pens need this win as they are still 7 points behind Hershey for the division and conference lead. I expect Janne to keep up his current pace and the pesonation to rally behind him...FUMT

Finally, over at the Confluence they posted an interesting article bashing shero... Good writing, sure beats the hell out of ours, but honestly, we've been saying all this shit for the past 3 months... I don't want to brag, but the anti-Ray Ray and MT bandwagon started within the Pesonation... Let's not forget that...

Go Pens...Go Janne...FUMT...FURS

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nice little tribute to Baby Pens

while the big club has been nothing short of total frustration this year steel city assult put together a tribute to the red hot Baby Pens. Janne has the 3rd and 5th goals.

Janne vs. Avery?

That's right, Sean Avery is joining Janne in the ranks of the AHL playing for the Dallas Stars affiliate the Hartford Wolf Pack. Anyways the Pens are playing the Pack at the end of the month and according to Jonathan Bomboulie according to Avery's Track Record Janne is just the type of player that he likes to fight...

Also, according to JB it seems that Minards call ups might be over, next time he comes up, he will have to clear waivers if they want him to go back down... And a top AHL tier tallent like him will not clear waivers...

Kevin's take:

Not sure if avery wants to mess with the Finnish Badass. Janne is a trained UFC combatent, who is instructed to take lives.

Go Janne...Go Pens...FUMT

Monday, February 9, 2009

Curry: Player of the Week

WBS Pens goalie John Curry was AHL named player of the week. John was 3-0 and stopped 80 of 84 shots.

I thought in camp Curry had out played Sabu only to see Curry sent down to the baby Pens.

Curry has a .919 save%  3 shoutouts with a 19-7 record with a  personal 8 game winning streak. 

with what Garon(which was nothing) has shown us in his only game in Toronto, could there be a call up in the future?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A simple way to sum up the season....

From the Empty Netters recap of the detroit game...

There's something almost unfair about Detroit's immense depth. They have guys like Hossa, Zetterberg, Cleary, Franzen and Holmstrom, all-proven 20-goal threats, on the wing. The Penguins have... Petr Sykora and? Who? Sidney Crosby had Tyler Kennedy and Pascal Dupuis on his wings today. They're fine third-line caliber player, but they shouldn't be on a line with one of the world's best players.

That statement in bold is pretty much a great way to sum up this disappointing season so far... When you think about it we have nobody else to put there... FUMT

Norfolk 0 vs Wbs 5

the Pens are entertaining Norfolk Admirals at 5:05 today.

the Pens are on a 4 game winning streak and 7-3 in their last 10.

Janne is coming off what the announcers are calling his best game of the season.

Alex Goligoski is going to be a welcome addition since the parent Pens don't feel they need him.

The baby Pens are 20 points better than Norfolk, so if the Pens are on their game this should be a blow-out.

1st Period:

After a sloppy start and giving Norfolk 3 PPs. The Pens has just scored 2 goals late in the first just 16 secs apart. Jeffrey(6)PP and Daoust(7) Pens 2-0

Admirals out shoot the Pens 11-8.

2nd Period:

Pens have been totally dominant in the 2nd. Daoust(8) and Letestu(14) was just set-up by Janne. Pens 4-0

Goligostki also has an assist tonight.

Pens outshot the Admirals 15-11

3rd Period:

Janne(15) scored the only goal of the 3rd for a 5-0 Pens win.

John Curry records the shutout stopping all 32 shots.

Janne has been hot of late with 2(G) and 2(A) in his last 2 games

Back to Reality

Too bad this game came at such a dire time for the penguins. We can't afford to have "positive losses". The Red Wings are an elite team that the Penguins cannot match with (let alone any team in the east). This game is pretty much the complete opposite of playing the CBJ, we can't really use this game as a basis for anything since they are so good and we are not. Anyways, i actually missed the game, i thought it was a 3 oclock game, it seems that i didn't miss much... Any thoughts from the Pesonation?

Saturday, February 7, 2009


What would janne do if he was in the NHL...

Pens don't want to make the playoffs...

Today the Pittsburgh Penguins have reassigned Alex Golgoski to WBS.... I honestly cannot see this move being productive at all... If Golgo stayed in the line up all year he'd be making a run at rookie of the year... I really want to see my team win, but when they constantly shoot themselves in the foot with all this bullshit it gets really hard... I have no idea what Ray Ray and Mikey T are thinking... Considering only one of our defenders is currently contributing points this is a horrible move...


Friday, February 6, 2009

Pens win...

The Pens beat up on Rick Nash...I mean the Columbas Blue Jackets tonight... Not gonna lie, they looked really good... Unfortunately, CBJ is not the type of team that you can exactly put up a statement win.

The only thing I have a problem with is that one of our top lines, had Tyler Kennedy and Pascal Dupuis on it... I am sorry that is just unacceptable. It is getting way too late into the season for this Mad Hatter "Change Places!" bullshit approach when it comes to making our lines. If we want to make a playoff run we need to start solidifying things.

Next two games we will really see a test of how capable this team really is. Unfortionatally prior incompitence does not leave us in the place to say "yeah we lost, but they played well..." Pens need to start moving... Honestly, at this point, anything short of an ECF appearance will most likely cost Mikey T his job...

Good to see Luca Caputi getting some chances... Chris Minard is getting the Mikey T treatment, i assume he'll be joining his "too good for the AHL not good enough for the NHL" cronies (Taffe and Janne) any day now...

Go Janne...Go Pens...FUMT


Kevin's Take:

A lot of positive's in this game.

Silk Letang is starting to step up yhe offensive part of his game, that is a real psoitive.

Our soft Pens really used the body in rubbing our the Jackets along the boards.

PP is looking better.

I like Vince can't imagine what F'n Mikey T is thinking putting Stonehands(Dupuis)and Pigman on the first line with the Lip.

MAF look really good again tonight.

But like the Lightning, the Bluejackets are bottom feeders in the NHL and for the second straight game the Pens faced a goalie in their first NHL game.(Rookie sensation Steve Mason is sidelined right now) But it is a win they needed to have and need to continue.

Florida has 3 games in hand, Buffalo 1 and Cryers 4..maybe the collapse of the Rangers might be exactly what we need. The last quarter of the season is going to get reaL INTERESTING with last 7 at home.

Rampage 3 vs Pens 4

 Scoreless first period. Pens outshout the Rampage 14-10

2nd Period:
Janne(14) has scored a PP goal to give the Pens a 1-0 lead early in the second.
(Jeff Taffe assisted on the Pesi goal for his 50th point of the season)

Rampage has tied the game 1-1 with a PP of their own.

Connor James(14) has given the Pens 2-1 lead

Janne gives the Pens a 3-1 lead late in the 2nd...
(Correction on the Janne 2nd goal, it was now credited to Nick Johnson(7), Pessi with the primary assist)

* this could be Janne's best game of the year. Pessi has dominated this game so far..

Rampage have scored 2 late goals with their goalie pulled to tie the game at 3-3

OT: Reid Cashman(2) has the winner with 42 seconds left in the OT, Pens win 4-3

Janne was the 2nd Star of the game with 1(G) 1(A) 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Sad Win...

Beating the Lightning is like beating a 1 armed man at guitar hero... Atleast it should be... Let's not get ahead of ourselves, we still suck... Mike Yeo and Mikey T should not be alowed to walk out of that building as Penguins... Hire Tomlin...

Be more like Chad...

I'm sick of Malkin crediting everybody but himself for him carrying this team on his back and making plays. Here at pesonen and the pens, we are looking into bringing in Chad Ocho Cinco himself to teach Malkin how to do a real interview...

Go Janne...Go Pens...FUMT

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Pens 4 Phantoms 1

Led by Tim Wallace's 2 goals(8,9) and strong goal tending by John Curry the Pens defeated Philadelpia 4-1. Also scoring for the Pens were Cashman(1) and Mormina(2).

Pens outshot the Phantoms 27-22

Tim Wallace has 5 goals in his last 3 games and was #1 star for the second straight game.

Janne was very quiet tonight with 3 shots and -1

It was WBS 30th win of the season.

The Pens win was their 3rd in a row and 7-3 in the last 10...

Even the Hockey News sees it..

Damian send us this little diddie straight from The Hockey News.

Farm Report: Luca Caputi has 30 points in his last 28 AHL contests and with the suspension to Tyler Kennedy the Penguins have rewarded Caputi with his first call up. As a young, skilled offensive winger on a team flush with superstar centermen, it only makes sense to regard this kid very highly. However, after seeing Michel Therrien's treatment of Janne Pesonen (sticking him on a checking line and giving him little-to-no ice time with Evgeni Malkin or Sidney Crosby), I do not see an early impact from Caputi. But watch out for this kid next season.

Mikey B makes Mikey T look like a piece of shi...

Ville Leino (the other finnish sensation brought to the NHL this year) finally got his first start in the NHL. Not only did Mikey B give him 12+ min of play time, but he was placed as a winger on the Pavel Datsyuk and Marian Hossa line. Anyways, not only did Ville get a start...but he picked up his first goal...and it was sick.....

For those of you that don't know, Ville Leino was the break out star from last years 2nd place team in the SM-Liiga, Jokerit. He finished the season with 28 goals and 49 assists (77 pts), while Janne finished with 34 goals and 44 assists (78 points). Ville is one year younger than Janne.

Honestly, this is not a suprise. It is no secret that the Red Wings know how to get the most out of their European tallent, and that Mikey T has developed nobody since he has been here (and no, he didn't develop crosby or malkin, a raw egg coulda developed them into good hockey players). Maybe we can all hope that Ville does well and maybe gets the Penguins organization wondering if Janne has the same tallent...

Go Pens...Go Janne...FUMT

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Crushing defeat...

Much like Santonio Holmes put the Cardinals dreams of super bowldom to rest, the Penguins may have just thrown a td on Janne's dreams of being an NHL superstar by recalling alleged prospect of Luca Caputti... Other than having an awesome name Luca doesn't bring much to the table... Maybe when he doens't score 5 goals in the 3 min that Mikey T gives him, they will give Janne another shot...

Eric God-who?

We have already proposed that we replace Mikey T with Mike Tomlin... Now we are going to suggest another NFL Off Season addition to the Penguins... Everybody claims we don't have enough grit... We have godard, and he's ok, it seems that he loses about as many fights as he barely wins... Well we have one solution...

Has there ever been a #92 on the penguins... I can see it now... the greatest 4th line ever...

RW - #92 James "Silverback" Harrison
C - #15 Mike "Big Daddy" Zigomanis
LW - #20 Janne "The Last Zion" Pesonen

I guarantee nobody would fuck with Janne...

What this means to the Penguins nation...

At first thought somebody could easily write off a 6th Super Bowl win as something that bares little to no effect on the next few months of Pittsburgh Penguins hockey, but I for one firmly disagree. Right now Pittsburgh is going to be one of the best places to be an athlete. The Steelers are done for the year, the Pirates blow, and the Penguins are the only ones to pick up the load. The Pittsburgh fans over the next month are going to be high off a Super Bowl, and will be looking for something to keep that high going. If the Penguins are able to rally off of that energy that is going to be in the air there might be hope yet. Forget the past two losses, forget the 1st half of the season, the time is now...Pittsburgh is on fire...time to keep it going...

All i know is the Penguins should all start smoking whatever Holmes is smoking, because he made one of the most clutch plays in Pittsburgh sports history...

On a final thought... The NFL is hocking Trophy Towels... They are not terrible towels so the proceeds do not goto the Allegheny Austic School... And they look gay...

Go Steelers...Go Pens...Go Janne...


Here at JanneNation, we didn't mention our beloved Steelers for a reason. so here is a early morning after tribute, thou it is short not much will be need to said ... After another heart stopper Ben put us on his should for one last drive which he has done many times before teaming up with Ton for SIX!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pens 4 Leafs 5

This game had it all... Bad goaltending, Bad defense, Orpik on a Pens PP, thats right what in God's name was Orpik manning the point on a Quins PP. This game was so out of sorts even a rare goal off the stick of Satan couldn't help the Pens.A Pigman fight.

This team could be in deep shit shortly if they aren't already. This so called trap they are playing needs alot of work with 9 goals against in the last 2 games. Now we can't fault the trap completely here. The D just let guys hang around the net way to long. Why are we playing a back-up goalie at this point when MAF has been outstanding his last two games. MAF needs to be between the pipes as simple as that.

While the season slips away, there is still time to sneak in. They are only 2 pts out, now the schedule will get a little tougher as we are going to see what character the pens have.

Please when we fire F'n Mikey T.. Please make sure Yeo goes with him. One last plee...Keep Orpik off the PP..