Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet the new Janne...

Whenever Janne left I know the first thing that popped into everybodys mind, was "Shit, now i'll never hear pelimies at the Melon Arena..." , but the second thing everybody thought was... Man how are we gonna replace this undersized winger who excelled in the AHL... Well everybody I would like to Introduce you to.... Chris Bouque... Let's compare the two (AHL stats from last year)...

JanneChris Bourque
Games Played7069

Anyways, now the discussion begins... Is this our new janne in the NHL? Do we bestow pelimies on him as his official theme song (yes we have that power)? Who will be fired as a result of him not getting enough opportunities?

On the plus side the Crapitals fans are really pissed off that we snagged him off waivers since he was a #2 pick and is relatively young... Suck it crapitals...

Kevin's take: Little Ray Ray might be a nice steal for the Pens, in an article I was reading it mentioned Little Ray Ray was going to make the Craps roster only if the could have moved Mike Nylander, when that didn't happen the Craps had no choice, they had to try sneak Ray Ray down. Sorry, didn't workout to well for them. I hope he receives a fair shot at making the big club...

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