Saturday, October 10, 2009

Champs Roll..5-2

I'm not sure what kind team Burke is trying to build in Toronto, lets just say they got a lesson on how to play hockey from the Champs.

The Lip led the way with 2 goals, as the Champs went 3 for 5 on the PP. Captain Close(Staal) scored in his second straight game. Ugly had another strong game with a couple of assists..

The way I saw it the Leaf have some major issues...Lets look.

There first line would be any other teams second line.

The young goalie was can't give the defending champs gimme goals..

The Leafs only heart is that of a goon...they showed no fore check or D...

They can't play an up tempo game type of game that the Champs play.

So far the Coyotes's speed has been the only issue that the Pens had problems with....Their team speed was a bit much for us the other night.

What can you say, Pens showed tonight they are / will be the team to beat again even tho it could have been at the hands of a NHL's bottom feeder...

Note: Cryers choked again leading 2-0 with less than 7 mins to play when Teemu Selanne went off score 2 goals to tie it, then smoked Emery with the game winning shootout funny

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