Thursday, November 26, 2009

PATP Trade Block

A new feature here at PATP, the Trade Block, will discuss Penguin players who could be sent away, and what they would bring in... We are not saying who should or will get traded, we are just trying to step back and take a look at the situation. Our goal is to just give general ideas of who the pens might trade, so if you are looking for crazy Staal for Kovulchuk trade proposals I suggest you hit up HFBoards

The first installment of this series will be discussing the great Kristopher "Silk" Letang. If I were Silky I would be afraid everytime the phone rings. I like Kris, I think he's a good player, I think he will be a very good player as he matures. With a career plagued with inconsistancy, the rise of players such as Gogo, The Great Martain Skoula and Ben Lovejoy, and his pending RFA status (with high asking price), Kris Letang's trade status is looking better than ever. The big thing with him is what he would bring in. I have a hard time seeing a 1 for 1 deal with him a la whitney for kunitz. I think the goal with moving him is we can't get any more of these borderline top-6 forwards. In order to get us somebody with that always important scoring touch, I think he would have to be packaged with a good draft pick (2nd or 3rd round), or a mid-top prospect/AHL player. With the injuries that have been plaguing the penguins I doubt we would sacrifice our defensive depth this early in the season, so I think with him it will be more of a wait and see type thing.

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