Friday, November 6, 2009

If I had my way..

Last year I was calling for the Ugly(Malkin) trade to LA for Kopitar and Dustin Brown. We could have had a up and coming superstar center and a top power forward. Kopitar's speed really showed last night. The trade would have taken care of a winger for Lip Crosby, could you imagine the damage Brown and the Lip would do as linemates, plus we have still another superstar center who just turned 22. My motto is when trading 1 star for 2, I make that trade everytime.

Our winning streak would still be alive.

Final thought, not that Kopitar is a looker, but that overall image of the team improves.

Vince's Take: Man that was brutal last night... That line might be the scariest line in hockey... I know everybody is gonna jump on the Lady Alex - Backstrom and Semen line, but honestly, the way that line was able to forecheck, scores and move the puck was incredible... I would love to see a penguins line be able to do that... Not that our top two lines are not good, but I have never seen them bang like that... The Kopitar line basically has a combination of the Physicality and forechecking of our Staal-Cooke-Kennedy line, with elite scoring ability of a line with Malkin and Crosby, let's just be happy that the only possible way we'd ahve to see this team in the playoffs is if they make it through the west, and at that point they'd be so beat up they woulnd't be nearly as scary...

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