Saturday, August 23, 2008

66, 68, 71, 87... What number comes next in this series?

One of the big questions surrounding Janne Pesonen is what number he will wear in Pittsburgh.

In Karpat, he brought the number 20 up to similar levels as 87 is in Pittsburgh, for Team Finland he did some simple multiplication and sported the number 40. Now will Janne be looking to try something new, or go with an old favorite.

Currently nobody on the Penguins is sporting number 20 or 40, but according to Janne Pesonen's ESPN Player Card and The Hockey News Penguins Roster Janne Pesonen is number 98. Now, i have no idea where they got this from so i don't know if we can confirm it yet. Meanwhile Janne continues to be an enigma on the penguins main site, so I don't know if this is for sure or not.

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