Friday, August 15, 2008

EA Sports Snubs Janne

Last year NHL 2008 from EA Sports was rated the best sports video game, and from the reviews coming before it's release it seems as if it is poised to repeat.

In order to get their fans wet, most video game companies release tid-bits of low level details in the weeks going up until the release (NHL comes out on september 9th i believe). Last week, EA Sports posted all the players from each teams rankings. The Penguins rankings can be found here and the rest of the NHL teams can be found here.

Now the big issue is that on the pens roster...THERE IS NO JANNE!!!! I am assuming he is probably on the AHL roster on the game, and if worst comes to worst the last few iterations of NHL have had the SM-Liiga teams in it, so you can bring Janne over from there.

Also, seriously, Janniacs, sign the faux petition about getting Janne shirts in the post prior to this one. Seriously...

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