Saturday, August 2, 2008

NO???? WTF and Janne Watch 2008

First of all, i noticed two people voted No to the is Janne jesus poll... You people who voted here is all the evidence you need...

Yeah, change your votes dumb asses.

Also, I would like to officially announce the start of the Janne watch 2008.

So i'm asking everybody to keep your eyes open and your cameras ready. If anybody happens to be at an open practice where janne is (which i assume is the most likely place to see Janne, but photos of janne in the wild would also be appreciated) snap some photos and send them over and i'll post them and give you credit, please email them to me at

And i noticed we got somebody from finland to visit...So if this is you, could you please post me some sort of translation to that awesome Janne song, which is called Pelimies, the one notable lyric I got from an online translator was "Meat is robust while meat is dull" which unless finish music is really odd, i'm betting that is wrong.

Finally, here is the real music video for the song in the jesus video, it's crazy hilarious...

I officially love Finnish people...

Check back tomorrow or monday for the Janne quote and pictures of the week

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nu said...

'Pelimies' apparently means 'player' in Finnish, "which can mean 'sports player' but is usually 'the other kind of "player"..."

Actual quote from a Finnish person:
OMG, that song cracks me up! The lyrics are so cheesy! Trust me, you're not missing much.

The gist: "I'm a tough player [in every sense of the word], gonna score tonight [in every sense of the word]".

And I do believe "tana iltana ei tuu pakejaa" is something like "not getting dumped tonight!"

Na na NA na na na na na.......