Monday, August 18, 2008

Janne Pesonen drink (First official Pesonen and the Pens contest)...

In the wake of sidney crosby turning 21 a bunch of bars thought up their own Sidney Crosby inspired drinks. Now if that wanna-be-janne is good enough to inspire a drink, why the hell not Janne.

This brings me to the contest. What I am asking for everybody to do is post a drink recipe named after/inspired by Janne Pesonen. Post the recipe, and how it relates to Janne. Once i feel like we have enough I will close the contest, post what i feel are the top 10, and start a poll for about a month, giving people time to make the drinks at their own home and vote. Who ever is leading at the end of the month will win some sort of online gift certificate. So yeah, start making drinks people, post your drinks in the comments section.

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