Sunday, August 10, 2008

Janne Shirt site...get them while they are hot!!

We had some requests about Janne shirts, I finally found some at link below. This seems like a nice site for karpat hockey collectables. So check it out.


PesonenLegend said...

i'd really really really love to get my hands on a karpat pesonen jersey. problem is i cant read finishh... if you know a way to get one of these, please share the wealth.

Kevin said...

I' looking into some translators...try to locate a finnish to english translator or maybe one of our Finnish visitors can help out..

DrunkArmyFan said... kind of works.

DrunkArmyFan said...

scratch that... this site gives much better translations:

the only downside is it can't translate an entire page at one time for you.

I don't think this site ships to the U.S. and the only method of payment I can translate is Cash on Delivery.

Kevin said...

Thanks drunk.