Friday, August 22, 2008

Batman and his Boy Wonder and Chris Nichols take on our poll

Yeah i couldn't resist...

anyways, thanks to our new friends over at Steel City Sports Fan (Penguins Edition) I got this article about projections for lines for every team in the east. His take on the penguins...


Quick notes: The Marian Hossa experiment didn’t last as long as the Pens would have liked and Ryan Malone is with Tampa Bay now. Veteran sniper Miro Satan will be looking to establish chemistry with Sidney Crosby though, while Evgeni Malkin and Petr Sykora will likely resume their partnership that thrived in the second half of last season.

Could we finally see Jordan Staal moved to the wing on a more permanent basis (it didn’t happen much last year after we were teased with it during the ’06-7 campaign) to take advantage of his skill? Here’s hoping, although the Pens would really have to form a solid third line to risk losing the defensive jam that Staal brings to that unit.

Finnish winger Janne Pesonen is arriving at a perfect time to develop potentially long-lasting (wishful thinking?) chemistry with either Crosby or Malkin, while various options will likely continually be tried on the other line’s wing if Staal is back at his familiar L3 pivot spot. It might be a stretch to say Pesonen can step right into a top six role in the NHL on Day One, but that's certainly the hope of everyone involved.

Matt Cooke’s energy would obviously look good on the third line, while Ruslan Fedotenko or Pascal Dupuis are more than capable of filling a wing slot alongside Crosby or Malkin if Pesonen needs more time to adjust to the North American game before being given a prime time role.

The one thing i wanted to point out about people voting for 3rd or 4th line was that those lines are mainly reserved for grinders, guys who are really gonna fight to get and hold the puck. Especially since Janne is coming from a less physical league and is on the smaller size i can't see him go there. And personally I feel that he would not mesh with the Russian style of play that Malkin and Sykora bring, and that if he can get his flow going like we have seen in his videos, that him and crosby could put a show on for us (one could say a puck handling expo).

Anyways, that's how i see it, and i think those lines would be great, I'd love to see Staal back on the wing (where he played and excelled his rookie season). Also another thing somebody pointed out on the Steel City Sports Fan blog is that in the article posted earlier that if Janne does not make the 'Guinos that he will return to Europe rather than play in the NHL.

To read the original article and look at all teams line combos check here

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