Saturday, December 20, 2008

Both Pens in action

RiverRats 3 WBS Pens 4 .... Mapleleafs 7 Pens 3  

has just scored his 7th goal to tie it 1-1 vs Albany Riverats, the Riverrats have just made it 2-1. 3 goals in the first 4 mins. Janne has just set-up Minard for his 20th goal late in the 2nd give WBS 3-2 lead. Janne was 3rd star tonight

Ugly(15) has scored the only goal or the Pens as Toronto totally dominated the 1st period. MAF has looked like cow shit so far. 3-1 Leafs and who outshot the Pens 16-5.

Leafs make it 4-1 as Ugly has made what could bonehead move of the year so far.  

How sick am I of the Lip making the spin move and the shot. It seems to be the move alot of players are trying. I saw someone from Chicago score on it so it does work every once in awhile.

Ok this is getting sickning Leafs PP goal makes it 5-1 as a result of a Leaf playing smart hockey to not fall for Godard's attempt to lure him into a fight, as a result Godard goes off and Leafs score..nice going. 

So Cookie Monster gets into a tiff. PP Pens.. late in the 2nd. 

We are getting smoked, The Leafs look like the Wings in the finals from last year.

Check this out, after 2 Leafs 33 shots and our Powerful Pens 13, can't blame this on Sabu.

I'm going to save ink,Sabu is in the net now.. I will comment no more on a 6-2 Leafs lead in the 3rd.

7-2 Leafs on a Lip penalty

7-3 final, I must have missed something, did the Islanders or the Thrashers relocate?


Skoz said...

Yeah smart move. Send your goon on the ice to drag someone across the ice, drop his gloves, and go to the box. Way to get momentum on your side.

Terrible game in all aspects. Defense, offense, goaltending.. all terrible tonight.

Jill said...

i fell asleep in the second it was mud city. Malkin trying to be a one man team for the record does not work. sorry Geno.

Better point; Ill be seeing Janne in action on the 26th! WOOO!

Kevin said...

Jill Kewl, send us some pics if you call

Jill said...

The tickets are a gift from family so I have no clue where their at yet, but they should be decent. I find out tomorrow.
Is Whits still down in the AHL for conditioning? Ive been out of the hockey world for a week or so due to test cramming before break..
Ill make sure the camera makes the trip to the game.

Kevin said...

Yea Whitney was send to WBS for conditioning purposes. He set-up up Janne's goal last night.

Vince said...

There really are not bad seats in the Wachovia Center, but to give you an idea, i payed 36 bucks for my seats when i went and sat up against the glass...

Anyways, the pens sucked yesterday...