Tuesday, December 23, 2008

THUD!!! 2-0 Lightning

Well, it was suppose to go all our way. Check it out!

Pittsburgh south was in da house.

Whitney's first game back.

The Lip, OH the almighty Lip has finally broke his careers longest goal drought.

IT was freakin 7 wins  Tampa Bay, come on every time during this so called  poor play lull we ahd the Thrashers or Islanders waiting to make everything right. So here they come Tampa "bottom of the  NHL barrel Bay". 

Thud!! Barry Melrose where the hell are you when we needed you. 2-0, yep thats right 2-0.

I'm embarrassed sitting in my own livingroom watching our beloved Stanley Cup Finalist being dished out a shutout . Now a whooping 15 shots on goal.  1 shot by our  defensive pairings and guess who took it, just don't guess GoGo,  Big Al did all his damage last night with 2 goals, so I guess he was getting ready for the Holidays. Ok ok i know the suspense is killing you, it was Pyscho(Orpik).

As for the Lip(0 shots) I don't know what is up with him, but he pretty much has looked like shit for quite a few games now. I think it is time that the face of the new Nhl starts to show the 2 dudes from Russia. 

Anyway, did I mention it was 2-0 and 15 shots,yeeeeeaaaa. MAF looked solid. I hope Vince doesn't decide to his ESPN rankings. I will see him Christmas night, I plan on smashing his keyboard.

 FU Mikey T. just felt like saying that since I haven't posted in a few days due to tons of commitments, just wish I has something planned for tonight. enough said for now, Santa is just around the corner, I'm hoping this team will be getting their shit together very soon or the playoffs might not be.

Happy Holidays to everyone, be safe!!!