Friday, December 5, 2008

Pigman out 4-6 Weeks...

That's right...the Pigman is out for 4-6 weeks, I hope the penguins can find a way to generate one or two goals in one or tworandom games during that period of time. It is true that Minard did look like he had a stronger game than Janne yesterday, and trust me that Minard Fan-boy John Bombulie over at the WBS Penguins insider was all over that... But here are the facts... Minard Played 10+ min...Janne played 5... Minard played on the same line as Malkin (one of the best players in the game)... Janne played on the same line as Godard (quite possibly our most useless offensive player in terms of point produciton)... So far there has been no news on a demotion and they are usually quite quick about that, so we may be looking at a situation where they keep both of them up and healthy scratch them at varying times... I would like to see Janne get a real chance at some point... Real chance meaning that he doens't just get 6 min of ice time in the 1st and 2nd period... Stay tuned.

Kevin's Edit:
V-man I totally agree with you, Its a bummer Pigman is down with a knee, maybe MT and his cronnies  will put their heads together to figure out how Janne is going to be used, this is the time for Freddie S to see if our beloved janne has what it takes to play NHL hockey. By keeping Janne up he will finally get some serious practicing to try to hone some of his game with whom ever they decide to team him up with. Just hope is more that just a few shifts and a few mins a game. 

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