Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pens take an ass kicking

Pens 3 Cryers 6

Not much to say about this game, We went into Killadelphia to get our ass kicked.

my observation:

Sabu needs to sit.

What he F is Silk doing on the ice when the Cryers on a PP, even tho he was a +2 for the game.
We need a T. Holstrom type of player to park his ass in fron of the net when the Pens are on the PP.

Tim Wallace has held his own while playing 10 mins and firing 3 shots at the Cryers netminder.
(this is starting to prove Vince's theory about Mikey the Dick not like Pessi)

Psycho is still playing like shit in his own zone.

Godard is willing participant no matter who wants to go.

As I said before, Thank God for the Islanders and next up Thrashers.

bet we will see MAF thursday.

man that was a lousy effort!!!!

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Jill said...

Sabu is a solid backup but when he is being asked to play durring a 13 game absence, its outrageous. Fleury is a given to play in net.

Wachovia center is never kind to the pens, last time I went there it was the game after MAF went down and it was 7-1...

I agree with a player who will camp out infront of other goalies, I can't rember the last time the pens scored a true garbage goal of attacking the goalie and forcing it out from under him.