Friday, December 5, 2008

Pens vs. Sens

Tomorrow the Penguins will be playing the Senators the first time since playing them in the poor mans Finland (aka Sweden). Anyways according to the Pens website, Pesonen is expected to play on the 4th line, which Minard will be on the 3rd line. I am hoping that Janne will get a little more time out there, he defiantly made some good oportunities last game and it's only a matter of time before he buries it... Go Pens and Go Janne

Pens 2 Sens 3/ WBS 7 Albany3

Jeff Taffe leads Wbs to a 7-3 victory over Albany. Taffe had 2/g 2/a= 4 pts.
Jean-Michel Daoust also had 2/g 2/a. Adam Berkhoel made 25 saves in the wins

1st Period:

Sabu is in goal.

how bad are the sens 3rd jersey

First 5 mins are pretty uneventful, no shots for the Pens..

Jannne's first shift of the game and has to take a faceoff..Janne was on for about 30 secs.

Nice save on Afie by Sabu..

8:00 mark... Sens are taking the play to the Pens and Sabu has been tough.

10:00 mark...Pens are starting to find their legs skating much better.

12 min... Sens make another rush, Janne plays some nice D

still 0-0 13:00

Sens 8 shots Pens 3.

1:46 left in the first still not alot of action from the Pens.

sa-weet finish to the end of the period, Silky gets rocked, Pyscho rocks, Silky rocks and is rocked again. Nice finsh. Silky earned his money on that shift. You got to love Pyscho, one tough dude.

Sens 12 shots Pens 6.

Nice period by Sabu.

End of 1 0-0

Janne 1:36 ice time...they are testing him dickweed MT

2nd Period:

First 3 mins not much going on..

Goal Spezza(9), Sabu makes nice save but a wrap around goal . nice goal.

Sabu was out alittle to far.

1-0 Sens.

Silky makes nice pass to Cookie and then Engine, he rattles the post.

Goal Spezza(10), some nice work down low.. Silky missed chance to clear behind the net..

2-0 Sens

Nice fight for Godard vs Neil

Rutuu takes a pen. Pens on a PP.

few nice chances by the Lip. so far nothing

Pyscho just crushes Spezza...

Spezza hooks Malkin and Pens get another PP late in the 2nd..

Goal Engine(9), Lip and Ugly on the assist. Lets see if we will start picking it up..

2-1 Sens

Pens are starting to roll..

Goal Spezza, off od Silky's ass..Hat Trick for Spezza..

3-1 Sens with 32 seconds left in the 2nd..

end of 2.....

have to be rolling here. let me know how the 3rd plays out..


Obelix said...

Two good reason to have a party today: Finland's Independence Day and Penguins game. Go Finland, Go Pens, Go Pessi.

Skoz said...

Hopefully Janne will be celebrating his Independence from WBS...

Skoz said...

Oh I (Mark) got a new name...

Vince said...

Welcome i wish i was at home so i could do some fun janne Independence photoshop

Jill said...


Obelix said...

I watched the game live from internet - Crosby and Malkin were very good, Pessi played also well during his couple of minutes. Unfortunately Pens lost the game :(

Skoz said...

I had a stream that kept getting delayed so I had to listen to Mikey Lange. He gave props to whatever line Janne was on at the end of the game... I think Talbot was on that line at the time. I think that Janne could make things happen with Superstar... I dunno.. what do you guys think..

Kevin said...

Skoz, I have that belief too, but will he have that chance? Knowing MT he will give him a one shift chance. I'm guessing if they leave him up during the Pigman injury duration he will have the time to come accustom to his surroundings. With the Pens eing on the road when Minard and Pessi were called up I'm not sure what kind of quality practices they get.Esp with 3 games in 4 night/afternoon.

Kevin said...

Obe, what feeds work best for you over in Finland?