Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lovejoy is called up.

Not sure what this means, Ben Lovejoy was called up today from WBS Pens. The 24 yr old defenseman comes to the Pens after play some of his best hockey for the baby Pens. Ben had 4 goals and 10 assists(14pts) +/- +14 and 36 penalty mins. Ben also as nice size at 6'2" and 214 Lbs.

Eaton sucks and Boucher has a concussion, Silky and Psycho are on for alot of goals against in recent games. Silk works the corner well but is not big in stature, so maybe they are looking for some size to clear the crease. I dunno.

What does everyone else think of this move?


yinz'r'us said...

With the current injuries and the fact that we've got some time before playoff season I don't think it's a bad idea to give Lovejoy a try. I hope they start to give Pesonen a little more ice time too.

Merx said...

I agree with yinz......If he is playing good and we have all of these injuries, doesn't hurt to give the guy some experience and add some size to our lineup. He also has a pretty sweet/funny last name which can make for some good nicknames and blogging.

Stephanie said...

Gill is out with a right shoulder injury.

I think all of these guys being called up is a real positive for both sides -- they get their feet wet and Penguins will continue to have amazing depth!!!