Monday, September 22, 2008

I blame you Hossa...

So the opening of the NHL season will be in Detroit, the defending champions, and opening the event will be a band that has 9 arms and rules, Def Leppord. Presumably if we won we would be hosting the opening game, and get to have Def Leppord playing in Pittsburgh. Janne woulda scored that goal at the last minute (correction, Janne woulda made sure his team was never 1 game from elimination). In conclusion, Marian Hossa, when you come to Pittsburgh, you will not only be facing the anger of you leaving us for presumably greener pastures, but you will be facing the anger of taking the awesomeness of Def Leppord away from the faithful fans of Pittsburgh. Rot in hell Hossa, i hope Godard punches you when you come to Pittsburgh.

Here is the link to the Face Off Rocks announcement

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