Friday, September 26, 2008

Pens win 5-4

Here is the video highlights, Janne's goal is around the 2 min mark... and yes he does the big double fist pump...

The pens won 5-4, I didn't get a chance to watch to much of this, i listened to the first period and it seems like we were getting out worked for a bit. I saw a bootleg of Janne's goal (long story) and it looked really nice, this is defiantly gonna help out Janne's case. Bissonette started more fights and got his ass kicked again, so yeah, i'm really thinking he will need some time in the AHL, more so than the J man.

Anyways, decisions on T-shirts will come after the Europe trip because i theorize they will keep janne on the team cause they are playing Karpat's (janne's old team) rival Jokerit, and having him in finland will be a huge draw.




Pessi said...


Nice web-site, u just got to love it. Nice posts and love the clips u have posted too. Lets hope he makes it in the 2nd line n I think i has got everything to do it and pens would then get the most of him. Dunno if it is realistik thoug...

Mark said...

He needs to be up in the NHL. It would be such a waste of talent to have him in WBS.

I haven't been this excited about a Penguins season in a long time.

Go Pens