Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Report from Camp

So far the line combos I've heard from today's opening session the first line were Crosby flanked by Satan and Fedotenko, Second line had Malkin with Staal and Sykora. Makes sense to me but you know and I know with Therrien these lines are not etched in stone. Talbot is looking like a the 3rd center with Matt Cooke at LW., actually I really like these two together and maybe flanked also by Dupuis. This leaves Kennedy, Taffe, Godard and our boy Janne battling for what is left. My feeling on this its way to early and Janne will have ample time to show Therrien and the NHL what the buzz is around here.


DrunkArmyFan said...

Just got back from the second session and I didn't really pay attention to who Janne was with, but I can tell you the guy is quick. I didn't see him score, but I'm pretty sure he impregnated the first two rows of fans.

Kevin said...

Drunk, tell me that the first two rows were filled with women,...is ther a sat morning practice ..I'm going to try to attend, maybe get some camera shots