Monday, September 22, 2008

Sarg is out for WEEKS?

Just heard on the way home from work Sergei will be out for WEEKS after his shoulder being injured Saturday night. So what is with this" out for WEEKS crap"? Is it 2 WEEKS or 152 WEEKS ?? Why is all these injuries so secretive ?? In the Nhl  injuring your right foot  is  being reported as a left foot injury. By actually coming out and saying Goncher's shoulder is hurt, whether is being seperated, slightly seperated  or maybe jammed who will really know, maybe Tomlin's jaw dropped when Ben was reported to have a shoulder seperation or are they afraid that Shawn Rodgers will show up at the Pens camp and throw an accidental head into Sergei's passing shoulder. Ugh!!! just forget it. Lets just go with WEEKS.  One positive out of all this negitive we will get a nice dose of seeing what  Latang, GoJo  have in their games.

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