Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guerin...I dunno what is going to happen

Bill Guerin joins the Pens. How do we feel about this? One thing his stay is probably going to be short lived.

When I first heard this i was you got to be kidding me, I started to M F Shero,who same guy who brought Chris Kunitz in, so far thumbs up to Ray Ray on that move, not only has Chris been excelling but it also seems to have lit a fire under  Jordach. 

After hearing what we gave up for the old kute I took the  M out of M F. Here is how our part of the trade works.

We give the Islanders:

5th round pick if we don't make the playoffs.

4th rounder if we make the playoffs and lose in the first round.

3rd rounder if we win 1 playoff series.

I can live with that.  basically we gave nothing for BG(Big GooF). I just hope Lip and and whoever is the other winger can slow their play down so BG can catch up.

I do believe this could have huge PP implications. With Kunitz and BG in front of the net there should be some pretty havoc for the other goalie contend with.

For every negative there might be a positive. So once again we wait to see is this a negative or a positive.  BG has 3 goals in his last 23 games, so we start out with the negative, Bill, now let us see the positive. 

We does everyone else think?


Kevin said...

I forgot to put in my post,nothing against the Lip, I do like the ideal of his veteran leadership he will bring to this club.

Skoz said...

Veteran leadership along side Sid is a great combo.

We really did give up pretty much nothing for BG. Things seem to be somewhat falling into place for the Pens right now. Kunitz has been great and will hopefully continue to go to the net and genterate offense, no matter what line he is on. Hopefully BG will have the same type of luck with us. BG also brings some grit to the ice, which will be nice when guys start taking shots at Sid. I dunno, the deal is great, its just waiting to see how it works out for us..

Vince said...

This move reminds me of when we brought Gary Roberts in, all it was to do was to add grit and a few other goals, but it leaves the pressure of carrying this team on the shoulders of the current players (unlike when you bring in somebody like Hossa)... I was angry when we first did this cause i thought we made a rash decision but then i learned that we didn't give up much, considering our drafting skill, who cares...