Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some big ups to janne...

Thanks to fellow Janniac for the heads up on this article from the post gazette... Dave Molonari talks about the Blue Jerseys and Janne

I honestly would not be surprised if Janne becomes one of the top priorities for the pens to try and sign before Free Agency starts... Whether he wants to come back is another issue...

From nhlnumbers the other FA coming up this season:

Bill Thomas
Chris Minard
Craig Adams
Tim Wallace (RFA)
BizShitty (RFA)
Jeff Taffe
Connor James (RFA)
Hal Gill
Philippe Boucher
Rod Scuderi
Golgo (RFA)
Ben Lovejoy (RFA)
John Curry (RFA)

I'm sure a whole bunch of those guys will get resigned, but as for top priorities I would have to think that the main people they will make attempts at out of here...

Golgo, they will probably make an attempt at Sykora and Guerin, John Curry.... After that, it's pretty much a toss up, but Janne could be up there...


LargeTurkey said...

Molinari seems to really like Pesonen. I'm glad that someone with access to the team's coaching staff and management has pushed the Janne issue.

Vince said...

Pesonen has to be making waves within the organization with his play as of recently... Not only do his stats draw attention, but his overall play all the time is great... I really think that when Janne finally gets a chance to put up min on a top line (on the pens or not), he will really start turning some heads... I just don't want to be sitting here next year thinking to myself what a huge mistake the pens made by mistreating Janne...

Tin Puck said...

If the Pens let him go unsigned I think it's a crime. Especially with the cap the way it is. These are the kind of moves that are going to make or break a team as the cap starts dipping in the future.

Vince said...

LT, i agree 100% right now Janne has the potential at being a 20 goal scorer and we can def lock him up for 3 years at a low price... Right now the pens are obsessed with getting a big name player, which is good, but add one more guy making 5-6 million a year our depth becomes alot more shallow... Right now the Pens should want to keep janne around more than sykora in my opinion