Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winger for Sid?

From hockeybuzz (take it or leave it)...

Make no mistake about it...The Penguins are stilllooking for Sid's winger right now and word is that they have had discussions with San Jose regarding Cheechoo, Minnesota regarding Gaborik and Atlanta regarding bringing back Colby Armstrong.

Armstrong's name will always be linked to Pittsburgh...I don't know why everybody thinks he is the answer to our problems, he's not even a 20 goal scorer... Cheechoo is pretty good, having a bad year, maybe he can re-energize his career in pittsburgh...Gabby...we've been over him already... I doubt the Pens will make a move today since it will leave them up shit creak in TB, so we'll most likely have to wait till tomorrow


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Skoz said...

The obsession with Colby is so stupid. Great guy but in no way is he the answer to our problems right now.

Cheechoo talks our interesting though...