Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tough Weekend for WBS

Baby Pens had an opportunity this weekend to make a major move in the East. Playing the 5th and 7th teams in their division I think they felt good about both games.

Well scoring just 2 goals in 2 games isn't going to cut it and lost both games 2-1.....Even as hot as Janne has been lately there wasn't a star from WBS in the two games. 

You would think 70 total shots on goal would produce a few more goals than the 2 they scored this weekend.

Pens were always pretty potent on the PP, this weekend they were 1/11..that go along with that they gave the opposition 14 chances of their own resulting in only 2 goals.

The D has played well...the goaltending has also been strong...the scorers have seemed to have gone south. In the last 3 games Janne has 4 goals + a shootout goal, the rest of the team 1 goal +1 shootout goal.

Hopefully the couple of home games they have this week will be what the doctor ordered..

BTW....Janne is tied for 5th in the AHL scoring race. 

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