Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a game!!!

Couldn't wait for the buzzer to sound on this game. back n forth. the goaltending wasn't the greatest, but we got our money worth thanks to Chris Kunitz's hat trick. What a move on the breakaway!!! 

The Lip,Big Goof and CK had a huge game.

Powerplay was ok even though we scored 2, the refs gave us plenty of chances. I'm sure the bruins blogs will be whining.

I'm alittle concerned about this Garon guy, he scares me in the net. Hope MAF stays healthy or we will be in deep shit.

PK is looking pretty good of late 1/5 today.

Much better effort today than yesterday..very big 2 points, how many times have we said this already?


Skoz said...

Well I breathed a huge sigh of relief along with Garon when that final buzzer sounded. Huge offensive game. I'm glad Sykie finally buried one. Malkin needs a couple crazy Russian style games to get his mojo going again.. Oh yeah..Whitney who???

Huge win. Taking 3/4 possible points this weekend is huge. Should be a relatively easy win on Tuesday, atleast I hope so, I'll be in attendance..

Kevin said...

bring us a win..

Vince said...

You should bring a free janne sign