Sunday, May 24, 2009

Checkout this poll

The Post Gazette is runnning  a poll in which I think someone over there is smoking some primo weed. I can kinda see what they are trying create, but hopefully it isn't who is better The Lip and Ugly or 66 & 68. Now don't get me wrong Lip and Ug are making their mark in their era of hockey this post season in which the youngins who are growing up with them will argue to their death that Lip & Ug will be the greatest hockey players to ever walk this earth, I say when the Pens hoist the cup this year they will be compared to the young Oilers of the '80s. 

It is always fun to  turn these comparisons into good bar debates, you know the kind I'm talking about the drunker you are the smarter you become.  Just let the Pens enjoy this one, hell don't compare them to one of the top teams to ever hit the ice, they won't even be the best Pens team to win the Cup, they will be the best team to win the in 2008/2009.. As for the Poll, just take a look at the results..

Go Pens..Go Lip and Ug...

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