Friday, May 8, 2009

Glad to see Satan step it up...

I've been totally impressed with the play of Satan. He is keeping it simple and playing with alot of heart with limited ice time. Miro even brought back a pass on the 5th goal that would have made Miro proud.

the role players stepped it up tonight with Mad Max scoring the winning goal, Shittank has played well in the 2 wins. 2 goals in the home wins.

What can you say about the D men, they aren't the highly skilled but play within their limits and have basically shut down the Lady Alex.

I have to confess, I really thought Mike Green was going to be dominate, I know he young with a lot of skill...the only thing he has shown so far is how soft he is.

Final thought.... Looks like Varlamov is cooked. Craps are still a few players away, they can't hang with the warriors that the Pens bring to the ice. We will find out tomorrow what kind of heart the Craps have.

The biggest assist could go to Yanni for the concert here on Tuesday.....

Rumor from Vince that Gonch is out 4-6 weeks...  

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