Thursday, May 7, 2009

Full Bore...

Do our Pens have a better game than last night's game....The Igloo was rockin. Pens out hustled and out played the Craps badly, they looked tired and slow. If it wasn't for goalie Varlamov  who knows what the score would have ended up. Ugly was all over the place with the addition to Mad Max, who injected some kind of energy to the line. With saying that, I must admit Satan played the best game in a Penguin uni since his arrival. 

I also had thought that playing Silk was a big mistake, I was wrong, he was solid and got the fortunate bounce off the D-man's skate on the overtime goal,  but hell he played one handed all night.

Is this Varlamov kid for real? he has been the best player in this series so far hands down.

Has mark Eaton developed into the Pens best defenseman?

We need Ugly to step it up again, you think Mom and Dad brought the best out of him Wednesday?

I'm looking for the the Craps defense to wave the surrender flag if they experience the same type of game tomorrow. They may be big, but they are slow and other than Mike Green they look like they are stick handling in mud... 

one last there a more chilling experience than listen to the anthem at a Chicago Blackshawks playoff game...only thing that would give me more chills than that is  an 7th game Stanley cup winner in OT on your home ice.

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