Friday, May 8, 2009

What's the Call...

Just out of curiosity, what does everybody think should be the penalty for the Ovechkin hit on Gonchar... Try to take a step out of your penguins boots and look at it objectively...

Personally, I think it deserved more than a 2 min penalty, but a suspension is a bit drastic...

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LP said...

Bad call on the play.

I dont even know how the ref could have called this tripping.

The only reason he didn't get the kneeing penalty is because the ref would have to give a 5 mins major for injury and a game misconduct which would have put him out of the game (not that he was really into it tonight but still...) as early as in the 1rst period.

Terrible call.... probably wont be suspended, but maybe fined...If Kunitz got fined for what he did on Varlamov... AO definetly deserved to be fined for that.

My wish is that he gets 1 game, but that wont probably happen because Boudreau, Leonsins, McPhee will whine again like they did after every game of the series... And let's face if.. if we take AO out of the serie, it is less appealing to the public... less ratings and less $$$$... real jokes.

The only good think i can see about all of this is that now the caps can't really complain about officiating now... or else they would look like complete joke and whiner... they could use the pacifiers they bought a couple of months ago. Also the refs also missed 2 penalties on another capitals goal... it's becoming really ridiculous... in every game there was a penalty on at least 1 caps goal... oh well, I guess we will have to deal with it.

Anyways, glad to see Jannee own the league on his first game since his injury!!! Keep up the good work Janne, hope to see you with the big guys next year!

Go pens go! Grab the lead tomorrow and then send the crapitals golfing in Pitsburgh!

Go Janne Go!