Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WBS Pens eliminated

The Baby Pens were beat and eliminated by the Hershey Bears tonight in game 7.

After winning 3 home games in a row and taking a 3-2 series lead they were shutout in games 6 and 7.

The O disappeared not scoring a goal sometime in the 2nd period of game 5.

It will be interesting what will happen with Janne, will the Pens resign him and at least a fair shot at making the team next year. 


Skoz said...

This sucks. Now its just the waiting game until we see what happens with Janne. Wow, all season it was nice knowing we had him down in the minors and he was still assosciated with the organization. Now the thought of losing him just blows.


Obelix said...

Game over - unfortunately. Janne's season was in all very good and we can now only wait his next movement - whatever it is (Pens, NHL or something else somewhere else). Anyway now we are waiting him to Finland for summertime. Go Pens tonight!!!