Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-Game Recap...

Pens 3 - Sabers 4

On the game:

i'll fill this in more later, it's late and I want to goto bed...but I'm gonna have to agree with Mark...
Just putting all the fire power on the top line does not count as a game plan. HCMT needs to come up with something. We still have 3 other lines that need worked out.
Curry was very eh...i'm starting to worry about our goaltending...

On Janne:

Janne did not get much ice time, but has defiantly showed that he can play up to the NHL level. In the first period he stole a sabers won face off and powered it to middle ice where he sent it into the offensive zone (something he didn't do enough of in the pre-season) and then controlled it there. Also, it would have become a goal if Malkin was able to make the pass (not blaming him, just saying it got broken up). Anyways, honestly, Janne did just about as much as Fedetanko would have done... Anyways, I hope they keep him up tomorrow and have him another go, but I'm not sure at the likeliness of that...

Anyways on a complete side note, LargeTurkey made quite the entertaining post on the comments...

Finally he has returned. Should we rename this day easter?
Have a good weekend, go pens, and go janne

Kevin's Edit. 

First off with a little more than 6 mins of ice time for Janne not much can be said other than he never looked out of place during his few shifts.

The Pens played role reversal last night playing for the first 40 mins than leaving Curry and the Sabres to virtually play alone. Outshot 10-3 in the 3rd, but once Buffalo  killed the 50+secs 2 man adv it seemed to be lights out. 

I was very disappointed in the play of Psycho(Orpik, just look at his eyes) and Silk(Letang).  The both of them looked like it was their first game at a strange position leaving Curry out by himself trying to weather what looked like the Sabres storming the beaches of Normandy.

Mad Max seems to have made a nice recovery from what looked like to be a painful injury. You know the lower leg injury just above the foot and below the leg. What is funny that must all think we a pretty studpid when we watched Mad max take the shot the other night to figure we could have know what part of the body was injury, looked like a throat shot to me.

So lets get ready for the Devils and maybe little more of Pessi in this game if he is still with us.

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