Thursday, November 27, 2008

Janne Claus brings Christmas Early

Sorry about the lack of updates today, old people who provide thanksgiving rarely have computers and the internet, and we were basically technologically marooned for the entirity of the day. Anways, as I'm sure that all of you have figured out that Janne Claus has brought us all an early Christmas present this year, tomorrow night Janne will be in his second appearance as a Penguin. Not sure how long Max's injury will keep him sidelined but if it is for a few weeks this could be a huge opportunity for Janne to show what he can bring to the table. Anyways, tomorrow he will most likely be seeing more time than his last trip to Pittsburgh since he won't be sharing time with Minard this time. No idea what line he will appear on, most likely as a winger, I could see him workin w/ Cooke and Staal on the second line assuming that they keep the Malkin-Sid-Sykora line (aka sick as fuckin hell line) together. I honestly do not want to see him play w/ Sid because I feel like both of them are pass first guys, so that may get alittle tedious... Anyways stay tuned for more up to the minute Janne Pesonen news and notes


satownsend said...

Awesome. Hopefully he plays Saturday against the Devils since I am going to that game. :)

Kevin said...

satownsend take some pics if you can..

Kevin said...

satownsend take some pics if you can..

Kevin said...
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satownsend said...

Will do.

LargeTurkey said...

AWESOMEE. Finally he has returned. Should we rename this day easter?

Merx said...


Ali said...

I knew you would be excited so I just HAD to come over and check your site out...

Very entertaining blogging -- keep up the good work!

Obelix said...

Just waiting the game start here in Finland...Pessi rulez tonight ΓΌ

Mark said...

Okay. Just putting all the fire power on the top line does not count as a game plan. HCMT needs to come up with something. We still have 3 other lines that need worked out. BUT I will say that I don't really mind the Janne, Satan, and Zig line.

I wasn't able to watch, just listen. I need some filling in. Talbot played? Janne up long term? Janne's 2nd game up a success???

Go Pens
Terrible loss tonight

Jill said...

how did janne play? I only got to catch the last 2 minutes of the game due to the fact that my game started at 830.. Trying to find cheap tickets for tommrow to see if I can get my first Mellon Arena Game! But there seems to be not a lot of tickets so, i guess its gonna have to wait. Although I did scare the people in the pizza shop i watched the end in when I screamed HOLY CRAP JANNE! when thye showed him on the bench (=

The Big K said...


Janne barely got on the ice.

LP said...

Seriously... the game was filled with penalties... so not much Janne action... he jumped on the ice 10 times for a total of 6 minutes... nothing to get excited about. I havent eard his name called a lot of times, but he didnt register a shot and finished with a +/- of 0... Let's hope he plays a litle bit more tomorrow.

And no, Talbot is not inured, he is feeling great (quoting him)... Janne took Fedotenko's spot... i think Therrien is anppyed with the lack of production Fedotanko is giving...

For the lines, i would do the following :
Kennedy - Crosby - Satan
Sykora - Malkin - Pesonen
Cooke - Stall - Dupuis
Godard - Zigo - Talbot

Kennedy on first line? Yeah..
But why?? because hes a SPEEDSTER!
Im am almost sure he is the only one (except malkin, and maybe pesonen, have to see him skate) that can match Crosby's speed... He goes behind the net, in front of the net... i am sure he would be a great match for Crosby.. And he can also makes passes that could feed Satan.

I would see Pesonen with Malkin and Sykora because he would be making the plays for those 2 snipers and i think it would be a great line.

Cooke/Stall/Dupuis.. can play both style of games... offense AND defense and can shake things up a lil bit with Cooke.

4th is well 4th line.. Talbot and Zigo could be use un specific situations.

Let me know what you think.

Hope to see Pesonen play against the Devils!

Go pens go!
Go pessi go!