Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just some numbers

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members of Jannenation and Pens bloggers everywhere. As we recover from last night doubleheader, just kick back stuff yourself with whatever traditional meal your family will devour today.

I was just thinking last night where we would be if it not for the likes of Ugly and the Lip, I was wondering why this team is always battling from behind(they are doing a great job), I know it has become the norm it the NHL this year, but why? Sooner or later the good teams will not allow these type of comebacks. I don't have the time an energy to go through every team out there, so I just looked at the our Pens.

Just some Offensive numbers, WARNING!!! WARNING!!! These numbers are OFFENSIVE.

Staal(aka, faired hair boy) last 4 games/1 assist
Cook(Cookie Monster) last 5 games 1 goal/2 pts.
Fedotenko(The Tank) last 4 games 0 goals/ last 10 games 2 goals
Satan(The Evil one) last 8 games 1 goal
Dupuis(Stone Hands) last 13 games 0 goals
Sykora(Papa Smurf) last 8 games 1 goal
Max(Mad Max) last 6 games 1 assist
Kennedy(Pigman) last 7 0 goals
Zigomanis(Big Daddy Ziggy) last 17 games 1 goal

Godard is even worth my breathe, but this isn't in his job description.

Plus i won't get into the g/minders. MAF has been very erratic. Sabu done his job well, except for last night. Curry did what he was asked to do for the 30 mins he had played.

any thought on this? Ok lets get ready for some football!!! and some good grub..

Be safe everyone.

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