Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Both Pens in action.

Phantoms 5 WBS Pens 1-----Pens 5 Islanders 3

Pens at Long Island and Philly Phantom at WBS Pens.

early in both games it 0-0.

Just don't get it. Letang and Boucher maning the point on the second PP unit.

Pens 0-1 on the PP

Boucher is off for cross checking with 14 mins to go..

Big Daddy takes interference pen. short (5-3) man adv.

PP Goal (5-40) Im not sure who scored, but Trent Hunter just made it 2-0 Islanders
with a quickie and bouncing puck.

Talbot looks to be shaken up alittle.(slap shot to the left ankle)Janne better start packing his bags. I hate to see this, Max is the man.

WBS Pens have just killed their second penalty of the period.(0-0)

Fritz and Godard scrapper..pretty much even.

puck is bouncing crazy tonight.

Philly has just scored a (sh) goal making it 1-0

Isles take a boarding penalty, what mess of a PP or we going with now.

first unit looked decent, second unit still looks lost. PP 0-2.

Stacky just reassured us pens will come from behind in this one.

Come on guys, these are still the Isle. If I recall the last time in we sucked for 40 mins then turned it on to throw 18 shots in the 3rd, thats right we pulled it out. So until i see a 4 goal lead, I'm not worried.

You heard it here first/ Cookie and Malkin will get this tied up in the 2nd.

2nd period:

Sabu almost made a b00 b00, that would have made me throw up.

early second, i'm not sure which team is off to a great start this season.

Lip has played with 13 different linemates this season..

Philly Phantom has just scored their 2nd sh goal. 2-0 Philly

Malkin takes a High stick and Bill Gieren scores... 3-0 Isles

John Curry sucks(if you listen to the WBS games) ..hold your breathe.

report from Vince, he read the Lip lips and told Curry not to F-up!!!

6:50 to go in the 2nd, Isle go back on the PP..Dupuis was caught playing with himself.

wow we could have score 3 sh goals on that PK...

Phantom have just scored 3-0 over WBS...

Pens have done a good job of keeping pucks away from John Curry..

Ugly is flying, come on pens get on board!

Here we come 3-1.. Goal by Orpik? could it be yes Orpik..18 secs left in the second..So it wasn't pretty but either is Brooks..

That was a huge goal, you think the Isles are god we go again...

Atlanta Thrashers have become a whipping boy...Lady Alex has 3 goals through 2 periods

3rd period:

Maybe we will get a early PP

Ugly better pick it up...Lady Alex is breathing down his neck, 4 pts tonight so far 29 for the season.

Early 3rd WBS has made 3-1 Caputi has scored...

The Lip makes it 3-2....look out loretta!!!

Phantoms scores making it 4-1..

Ugly has just tied it up got to love it...Lady who?

Oh OH the dam has just broke and so did the backs of the lowly Isles.

Ugly has yet another 4-3 Pens.....

I know the league needs the Lip to be the Face of the NHL. IMO Ugly and Lady Alex are the Global NHL.

MT netter Ugly(5-3)..Game set and match..poor Islanders, the just don't get it. The Isles are so bad we only need to play 20 or so mins of hockey to get the win. Ug took this team on his back and told everyone to hold on to the bar, the ride is about to begin..

John Curry, glad you listen to the Lip, he would have F-u'd up.

Phantoms gave Wbs an ass kickin. 5-1..Ouch!! Janne was -4


Jill said...

vomit. things better get pulled together. Islanders = worst goal music.
solid fight. start it up boys.

laclips said...

It looks a lot better now! 4-3 Pens

Jill said...

i like it. i like it a lot.
Personally I'm not liking the Thanksgiving thrillers the Penguins give every year. If I recall, last year was the Ottawa game that was like 7-6 or something.
1st and 2nd periods are for chumps. heck the penguins only need the third. Hats off for geno.

Kevin said...

Yea Ugly should get all 3 stars.

Mark said...

I was only able to listen to a little bit of the game. How is Talbot?

Anyway, what a comeback. I love when Geno plays absolutely possessed. Awesome. He is insane.

Go Pens
C'mon wbs.

Kevin said...

No word on Mad Max yet, In today's NHL it will be the lower leg injury bull, but I'm sure we will know more come tomorrow..