Saturday, April 4, 2009


The battling Pens didn't deserve this fate, losing in OT 3-2. We played well enough to grab 2, atleast we got 1. Marc-Andre and Ward  were great. 

Carolina had way to many breakdowns only to be bailed out by Cam Ward.

The line of Captain Close, Pigman and Shittank were dominate. That prolly was the best game I've seen from Pigman, he had great energy. 

I figured the Lip(to many turnovers) and Ugly would be the keys of this game...NOT!!!  Lip had a break away that seemed to be forever and Ugly blew a opp with a no goal penalty shot in the 3rd. Maybe the Lip needs to show him how to go to his backhand for something different.

Now with a quick turn around we go into Pantherland. Hope the boys can dig deep for this one.

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