Saturday, April 4, 2009

Should be a good one

Tonights game should be a doozy. Pens at the Canes 7pm. Two of the hottest teams in the nhl doing battle. Anyone one who is unfamiliar with the Canes they actually have mirrored the Pens turn around. I think, but not sure the Canes can clinch a playoff spot with a win.

*2nd time around coaching change in December put Paul Maurice back behind the bench.

*deadline trade brings Erik Cole back..wala they start to roll.

*They have some quailty player in Eric Staal(our captain close's brother),Whitney and remember the name Ruutu w/24 goals this season.

*Both goltenders are hot also. MAF and Aaron Ward(March player of the month)

*plus we will be facing a team with a 10 game winning streak on their home ice.

*Really the only difference I see is they do't house a superstar as we in Ugly and the Lip.

I see this game as a biggie, esp. with the Pens playing tomorrow at 5pm at Florida.  Figuring the game won't be over til around 10 pm. Then boarding and travel to Florida they prolly won't get in to bed til 3-4 am. You know this game is going to physical to say the least. I'm really worried about how tired we will be for tomorrows game.

lets see how Disco Dan handles this....

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Damian M. Romano said...

Cam Ward.

I'm heading there around 6 for a little pregame heckling of the Caniacs.