Sunday, April 19, 2009

guess who is Crying?

and it isn't the Pens, its...... get ready for this...... Cryers D man Kimmo Pooponen. We will call him Poophead for short. Poop is whining more then our own Sid "the Lip".  As Poopy has it, The Lip is being treated differently than the Cryers, when they question the refs the big bad wolves yell at the poor Cryers.

As I see it, the Cryers are just out classed by our speed and forchecking, Marc-Andre has been nothing short of the MVP of the series, just ask Jeff Cryer Carter. 

Pyscho(Orpik) has more hits than the Beatles. He was credited with 14 hits alone in game 2.

The Cryers D men as soft, they can't handle our forchecking, our 3rd and 4th lines have been fantastic. 

Cookie Monster, Stone Hands and Pigman have more heart than the Cryers whole team.

Hell, wait till Ugly wakes up and really starts to play. Even tho he has 2 goals, they are results of bad bounces, and great breaks. other than that he has been pretty much invisible.

What an you say about the play of Mark Eaton, me personally, I feel Eaton has been our best D man since the new year.

I hear the whining and crying as frustration because the Cryers have no answer right now on how to deal with the Pens speed, physical play and Marc-Andre....

Today is going to be the Cryers day of reckoning. They either win or start cleaning the clubs. I see the latter..

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