Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stars respond....

Cryers pounded our Pens 6-3. The stars showed up for the boneheads. They scored even,shorthanded and PP. The Pens were 1/7 of PP

Marc- Andre Sieve wasn't very good today, can't think of one crucial save he made.

weak efforts on the shorty they gave up, Big Goof and Silk were clueless.

Ugly was outstanding today, were as The Lip not so good...

We need a lot more out of Shittank and Petersmurf.

Orpik was extremely quiet today with 0 hits

how bad was Captain Close's line. very!!! 4th line wasn't very good either..

Now we get to see how the Pens are going to answer this ass kicking.. 

Pens lead 2-1

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