Saturday, April 25, 2009

Calling out

I seem to have this nack of criticizing players only to have them take their performance to the next level the following game.  Marc-Andre and Ugly  know what I'm talking about.

ok, here it is, WTF is wrong with our top two line wingers...1, I say 1 even strength goal so far in 5 games. Outside of Pigman, who I see him as our best player so far in the series, is our 3rd line winger, only one other winger has an even strength goal. Hell, big Goof is the only other winger to even score.

where have Kunitz, Shittank, Cookie, Petersmurf and most recent but I will cut him a break for lack of action Satan gone?

you read into the numbers 4/30 13.3% on PP, you think some of this could be the problem?

Maybe Mad Max on a wing flanking The Lip or Ugly couldn't hurt.. 

Lets Go Pens!!! 

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