Sunday, April 12, 2009

Janne hunts Bear...

title sound kinda corny doesn't it?, I know...Janne  single handedly beat the bears with a 2 goal(31,32) and 1 assist 3rd period as the Pens won the final game of the regular season in Hershey 5-4.

Hey Vince Look....

The Wbs star/leading scorer of the year ended the year with 82 points. Sounds to me like Pessi was getting tuned up for his first crack at the AHL Playoffs and Pesonennation will be there.

So the 3rd place Pens face the 2nd place Bridgeport Soundtigers Friday night in round 1 of the AHL playoffs.

Lets go Pens!!!

Lets go Janne!!!

Just did some looking at the playoff schedule in the AHL. This only makes in a warped way. The only explaination must be arena booking and looks like one teams has nowhere to play... to freakin funny..

Pens and SoundTigers play..

2 in Uniondale,NY then game 3 is in Scranton, game 4 in an away game. So the in the first 4 games 3 are away games. Then they are the only series that plays a possible Fri(game 5),Sat(game 6) and Sunday(game 7). This makes no sense to me, The Philly Phantoms don't have anywhere to play right now. Ahhhhh so be it, life in the minors.

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