Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stupid Bounce..

Yea, the Cryers played "STUPID" last night. Hartnell is a bonehead. They didn't get any bounces except for the  bounces thrown out by Psycho(Orpik) and CK.

3 of our 4 goals were a result of bounces. bad bounces that went along with the bouncing the Pens did on the Cryer's face.

 pre playoffs, The Philly Faggots talked about not taken stupid penalties. HA...HA...The operative here concerning the Cryers  is "STUPID". I thought the game was closer than the 4-1 score. Just how can you play any team let alone the Pens with their top line fire power and give them 9 PP. Sure we only scored on 1PP even tho the time spent in offensive zone was substantial. Killing off 9 attempts wears your energy down, espically when one of your top Pk's is the culprit of such "STUPIDITY". I love it, it was exactly what I expected of the Goofs.

Pens lead 1-0


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