Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't cry Philly, maybe in another time....

last year the Pens just came out and kicked the Cryers asses. This year the Cryers have been the better team from just beyond the goal line out. At the goal line the Cryers  must have forgot in the playoffs its goaltender dominance that will carry a team from series to series.

The Pens were clearly the better team in game one. Games 2,3 and 4  were decided by one player. Has Marc -Andre Fleury come of age? MAF should have been the #1 star in game 2, I can see why they gave it to Big Goof,  game 3 was just a total flop for everyone in visitors uni, Fleury looked rattled. Game #4 was a masterpiece from the Flower. Pens as a whole were out played badly, except for Marc, he will have won this series single handed. His performance last night in my eyes #1A in his playoff career, #1 was game 5 vs Detroit last year, he was unconscious in the Ot's.

Marc is going to need help, come on Pens, get on  board the Flower train.

Could we be watching the maturation of the next superstar goaltender? 

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