Thursday, April 30, 2009

Round 2

I don't see this series going as along of the Filthy series. While Caps have world class talent in all phases of the game. Between the pipes is where the playoffs are won or lost, just ask any Queen Henrik. Rangers were up 3-1 then the Caps took over, The Queen  was pulled two straight games because he had suck so bad. he doesn't get all the blame tho.

 Caps rookie G-man Simeon Varlamov, who just turned 21 a few days back has been thrown into the fire because of  incompetent goal tending by one Jose Theodore. While Varlamov played very well in the series against the Rangers he will be facing a completely different kind of team in our Pens.

See the Rangers O is horrid.  They don't have any world talent plain and simple. While Varlamov future looks bright he hasn't been baptisted yet. Well get ready Simeon cause here it comes. 

The Caps have a very young team with a very young goal tender, they will become better just not this year.

Pens will return to the Eastern finals.

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