Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thanks to the Rangers..

the Cryers have lost a chance at home ice in the first round. I have always seen home ice being the most important in the first round, opening round tends to have scares and  surprises. Once teams start to advance I look at it as if you  are going to win a champioship you must be able to win on the road. ala Detroit last year, the Pens stole their Stanley Cup clinching game in Detroit only to lose game six and the cup at the Igloo.

I see this series as a slight edge for the Pens, as long as Biron is in the net for the Cryers we wait for self destruction.
Cryers are ranked 6th at 22.4%
Pens  are 20th at 17.2%

Cryers ranked 6th at 83. with  16,000 shorthanded goals...
Pens ranked  at 82.7 and have been on fire as of late, just ask Carey Price.

I feel we are going to get our fair share of PPs and we need to cash in on them...

My god this is a dream come true for me, let us keep it from becoming a nightmare!!

The only team I hate as much as the Cryers are the Eagles..hmmmm, may as well add the Phillies to that list..

Lets Go Pens!!!


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